Jan. 11, 2022

How to Overcome Your Money Mindset Blocks with Courtney Hill

How to Overcome Your Money Mindset Blocks with Courtney Hill
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Are your money blocks holding you back from selling with confidence?

In today’s episode, Courtney Hill is sharing how to overcome your money mindset blocks.

Courtney Hill is a Mindset & Business coach & host of the She’s Limitless podcast, helping online coaches sell with confidence & ease. She began her business in 2018 & in 10 months, left her full-time Nursing job. She has since helped hundreds of women discover and live into their limitless potential through entrepreneurship. 

So if you’re ready to bust through your money mindset blocks to attracting an overflow of abundance, tune into today’s episode.


●  The most common money mindset blocks entrepreneurs’ experience that is holding them back.

● How to overcome your money mindset blocks attracting an overflow of abundance.

● How money blocks are created & how to gain awareness of what your blocks are.

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Hey hey, Kathryn here! I’m so glad you’re tuning in. If you’re new to the show, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know I’m all about keeping it real with you. Showing you all the sides of entrepreneurship (& life). I mean it’s all connected, right? 

And we are starting January 2022 of pippin hot my friends. Money is a theme this month & I’m bringing on guests who are going to share how to make more of it.

But before I dive in, I want to share an exciting opportunity with you. In November I hosted a private training showing coaches & consultants how I launched & scaled one of my businesses to close to a million in sales without using outbound engagement tactics or lead generation.

Like cold DMing, engaging on other people’s posts hoping they pay attention, or trying to prospect potential clients in FB groups. 

It was a total smash, and everyone loved it. So much so, I decided to run another live just the other day! And there is a link in the show notes if you want to catch the replay. 

Now let’s dive into the good stuff for today. We have a special guest on the show. Courtney Hill. Courtney Hill is a Mindset & Business coach & host of the She’s Limitless podcast, helping online coaches sell with confidence & ease. She began her business in 2018 & in 10 months, left her full-time Nursing job. She has since helped hundreds of women discover and live into their limitless potential through entrepreneurship. 

So without further adieu let’s welcome Courtney to the show.


00:36 Kathryn

Hey, hey, I'm super excited to have Courtney on the show today to share all things around money mindset. So without further ado, I'm just going to turn it right over to you, Courtney. So you can share who you are, what you do and who you serve.

00:50 Courtney

Awesome. Thank you so much for having me today. My name is Courtney Hill, and I am a mindset and business coach. So I work with online coaches, to help them show up and sell with confidence and ease so that they can sign clients consistently in their business. A lot of the coaches I work with have learned the strategy side of things and now are working to implement the strategy and are coming up to roadblocks around money around, you know, limiting beliefs about sales and themselves. And so I really helped them to overcome those so that they can continue to move forward and have the strategy that they are implementing be effective in their business. I'm also the host of this, she's limitless podcast, which I launched just back in October. And we talk about all things around mindset and business there.

01:35 Kathryn

Love it. Love it. I absolutely love the title of your podcast, because I'm all about Yeah, striving for that limitless possibility and going after your dreams and busting away a lot of the blocks that we do face and entrepreneurship. So I do want to dive a little bit into the whole mindset around money, because I do know it is a big block that a lot of people face and sometimes don't even realize that they have those blocks until they're faced with them. Yeah. So what would you say are some of the biggest sort of money blocks that people have? With, like the clients that you're working with?

02:08 Courtney

Yeah, so definitely, it's a huge thing that comes up for all entrepreneurs, especially because money is such a huge part of business, right? Without the exchange of money that you don't have a business. So, so many, but I guess some of the most common ones are, I have to work really hard to make money, nobody will be able to afford my services, I'm not worthy of receiving X amount of dollars, it's awkward to talk about money, it's awkward to ask people for money, I feel guilty if I make a lot of money. So those are some of the most common ones that I see showing up.

02:42 Kathryn

Yeah. And so those types of blocks, like you said, like it does prevent people from maybe even having confidence in selling, right, like it can show a lot of in the lack of confidence in selling or even receiving money.

02:56 Courtney

Absolutely, that's where I see it show up most often is when you're going into those sales conversations, and it comes time to talk about the money, or even just the thoughts that you have around how much you're charging for your services. So so many different areas of your business, I would say every area of your business. If you have money blocks, they're going to show up when you start to take action in your business. But oftentimes, we don't notice them until we go to do things in our business. Right? I know for myself, before I started my business, I had no idea what a money mindset was, like, I just thought, Okay, I'm going to start this business. I'm just gonna give me the steps tell me what to do. And I'll be good to go. And then you take action. And you're faced with these thoughts. And you're like, oh, my gosh, right.

03:40 Kathryn

Totally. Yeah. And it's so true. Like when I mean, when I started my business five years ago, my brick and mortar, same sort of thing was like I came from corporate 15 years, so I never really had to think about it and I there and then I started this business, and it was like exactly that. Like, will people pay the price for this? Is this price too high? You know, even asking for sale? Or talking about even cash in your business? Like how much is the business burning? Like, going like, I feel if you talking about what my business is making, I don't want to share that. And the pricing thing, I want to dive a little bit into that, because I do know that a lot of the entrepreneurs that I work with a lot of my listeners are like those purpose driven, impact driven people who just want to help people. Yes, want to help and serve. And so the price thing is always, you know, there's always that issue there with Am I under charging? Am I and I don't even think that they think they're under charging. I think they're just setting this price because it's affordable. But let's talk about affordability and price because I believe price is relative and that everybody has their own perception of like what's affordable and not but I would love to get your insight on just pricing services as a business owner and having the confidence to do that. Yeah.

04:58 Courtney

Yeah, it's funny. I was just talking to a client about this the other day, actually, because she had brought up this feeling of I feel like nobody can afford my services. And I believe the truth is, no matter what it is you're charging, there are people out there in the world who can't afford it. There are some people who will think it's absolutely crazy that you're charging that amount. And some people, it'll be no problem. But I think one of the biggest things that can be helpful when it comes to charging for your services is detaching what you're charging from what you're worth as a human, because the truth is, you're not worth any dollar amount, right? There's no dollar amount that you could put on yourself. And I think it gets tied to that a lot. I think a lot of people tie what they're charging to, you know, themselves, right? I mean, there's so much messaging out there around charging your worth, right, make sure you're charging what you're worth. And I don't necessarily believe that that's the case, I believe in, what you're charging is what the transformation that the client is going to receive is worth. And so I always try to get clients to shift perspective into thinking about, okay, what is the transformation, they're going to receive worth, right and three, six months from now, a year from now? What is it worth for them to have their entire life changed. So I think that can be really helpful is just attaching what it means about you as a human and what you're, you know, your own worth and value?

06:15 Kathryn

Yeah, totally. Because I think especially with like, the personal brand side of things, is that exactly that is that we hear that charge your worth, or charge that you think your value is, but I know that I know, self worth, low self worth, or this idea that we need to work hard to prove our value in this world also plays a massive factor in our services that we offer the price and everything right. And that whole money mindset, I feel like is so intertwined in that as well, and get sort of muddled, right, it's like exactly that separating, like you said, separating what you offer, attaching the value to the transformation. We started, I remember, I sold a product line at first. And it was like the same thing I had some people come and be like, Oh, this is too expensive. But then I had other people being like, well, this is too cheap. It can't be good. Yeah, it's like, yeah, you have the i Oh, that's why we say price is relative, that you're going to have people out there that can pay for it.

07:17  Courtney

Absolutely. Yeah. And I think recognizing, too, that when you're working in the online space, you're going to come into contact with a variety of different people with a variety of different experiences and backgrounds and mindsets around money. And so I think it's important to, to think about that, too, when you are in your sales conversations, right? We have no control over what the other person on the other end believes to be true about money or what their current situation is.

07:41 Kathryn

Yeah. And I love that you bring that up. Because I've also I also know, as a sales person, and someone who sells services now, and I a lot of clients that I work with will say, you know, they have their belief of money, and they almost project their belief of money on to the other person on the other side of the phone, but they also have their own belief around money.

08:04 Courtney

Exactly. Yeah. So that reminds me as well. So I grew up very much in poverty. And so through my life, I mean, there's been a ton of money beliefs that I've adopted, and that I've had to work through when I started my business. But one of the things that I used to do when I first started was I would go into sales conversations. And I would think about the amount I was charging and automatically assume the person couldn't afford it. Because I would be like, Oh my gosh, like my mom would never be able to afford this. This would like break the bank for her. Who on earth is going to pay me for this. Right? So I was projecting my own money beliefs on the person before I even spoke to them.

08:39 Kathryn

 Yeah, totally, totally. And even regions, I remember having clients say, you know, well, I'm, you know, this person's from this country, and predominantly is not a first world country, though. Like, how are they able to afford it? And it's like, you've already now put a block up? Yeah, in terms of what you even think that they can pay for. And they, you know, I see lots of people from all over the world, buy programs and courses and coaching and investing. So we just never know, like you said, who was on the other end of that call? What would you say to somebody who's going into a call that might be projecting their money beliefs onto somebody else or creating almost that resistance before they even get on that call to talk to them?

09:24 Courtney

Yeah, I think bringing awareness to that before you even get on the call is really, really important. I'm a huge believer in giving yourself space before your sales conversations to raise your energy get into the right headspace, you know, review testimonials, that sort of thing to get yourself in the right headspace. And so that's one of the things that would be helpful is to bring awareness to any sort of limiting thoughts or beliefs that are coming up for you around the money and knowing that if that's already the energy you're bringing into it, when it comes time to talk about the investment that's going to rub off even if you're not saying it in your way words people feel energy on the other side of things. And so I think doing the work prior to getting on the on the phone or however you're speaking to that potential client is really important.

10:11 Kathryn

Yeah, yeah making and I always say that you know the energy, they're going to feel that regardless, even if you're not confident in even the investment itself, if you have doubts about that, they're gonna feel that the minute you pitch, I remember the first time I did a webinar, like two and a half years ago, and I had a friend on sitting on just to like, listen and hear and she said, the minute I went into the pitch, she was like, your energy totally shifted. She's like, I could feel it. And they couldn't see me because I had like the slides up, right. But she could tell like the how awkward I was going into that pitch. And yeah, just the different energy that people will feel it.

10:51 Courtney

Exactly. Yeah. It's not even about the words you're saying. But like your tone, your you know, if you're talking slower talking faster, stumbling on your words, like people can totally feel that.

11:02 Kathryn

Totally, totally. Um, I want to talk about the working hard mentality for money. Because I think that's another big belief, I attract a lot of high achievers, overachievers, who have worked really hard their whole life to earn, earn their money. So where does that come from?

11:20  Courtney

Yeah, so, I mean, I think it can be different for everyone, of course, but a lot of the times these beliefs around money come from childhood, right. And what we saw what we heard what our parents modeled, and our society as a whole, right is like, the harder you work, if you think about any job that you've had, I'm sure that like, if you were really hard worker, you were rewarded, or if you worked longer hours, you got overtime pay, right. So it's been so deeply ingrained in us from a really young age that if I work harder, I will make more money, or it's the only way to make money is if you work hard. Like if you were told that as a child to I remember my parents ingraining in me, like you have to sacrifice and work hard in order to be successful. And so I think it really comes from all these years of conditioning.

12:08 Kathryn

Yeah. So how do we like, like, what are some techniques or tips that people can start to sort of one, be aware of their own money, blocks, money mindset stuff? And then how do we work through that?

12:23 Courtney

Yeah, so to bring awareness, awareness is always the first step and key right? Two ways. So one, you can one of the things that I love to do is having clients or women that I work with, look back at some monumental money moments. So just thinking into your childhood into your past and asking yourself, okay, what are the main things that stuck out to me that I remember about money being told about money, seeing my parents talk about money, or the things that they did with their money, and then that will start to bring up like, some of the beliefs or some of the things that you were taught from a really young age. The other way to bring awareness is looking at your business, and asking yourself, okay, how does it feel to me when I go to charge X amount of dollars? How does it feel to me when I raise my rates? How's it feel to me in a sales conversation, when I'm about to talk about the investment? How does it feel when somebody says, No, I can't afford it, right? And that as well can really help you to start to bring up what some of those thoughts or beliefs are, that you are holding on to about money. And a great place to start working on those is asking yourself, of course, like, is this true? Pausing asking, Is this true? And what I mean by true is, is it true for every single human in every single situation in the entire world? If not, it's a story, and nine times out of 10 It's a story that you're telling yourself, right? And you get to change that. And so to start making that change, it can be really helpful to seek out evidence to prove the opposite to be true, right? Asking yourself Okay, is there anybody out there? Who has been able to afford this amount or who has not worked really hard every single minute of the day and makes a lot of money? Right and so seeking out that evidence to prove what you want to believe in what's going to serve you can be really helpful as a starter.

14:12 Kathryn

Yeah, and I know that the whole proof thing is our mind wants that proof and certainty, right? It's, it's harder to trust something that we have, we can't see tangibly or maybe we haven't experienced and so again, that sort of analytical brain of ours wants wants proof in the concept, the whole hustle less and like you can work less and make more you still like, trigger me and I know past guests have always said that to their like, it used to like, really trigger me because I was that was my work ethic was worked really hard to make the money that I that I need to make. I know that some people listening are gonna still have that sort of like trigger or not even even looking for evidence outside. They're gonna say, well, it's easy to say that you're working less and I've heard this a lot Lately as like, I see a lot of people say they work less. But they're working in their business all the time. So how do we get like over that hump of the like, even when we've done the process, and we've done all of the things, and we're still can't like, maybe believe the proof that we're seeing or believe what people are saying about their business, that they're working less in it?

15:21 Courtney

Yeah, that's such a great point. Because people can say anything online, right? Yeah. And you don't truly know what's happening behind the scenes. But I think something that can be helpful for your for yourself, is to take space away from your business and focus on okay, this space is actually serving me and going to help me when I'm in a state of joy, and giving myself space and allowing myself to be and affirming that money is still on its way to me in these moments, right. And maybe giving yourself a little, like times in your week when you're doing that, and practicing and getting into that mode. And I'm sure as you focus on that, and affirm that to be true, that's what's going to come right and just breaking away from constantly being at your computer all the time and forcing and pushing.

16:12 Kathryn

Yeah, I love the space piece. Because I think even even if we're not seeing necessarily the money flowing in that day, or whatever, but just starting to make a habit of creating space, in your business. So that yeah, you can start to create and see it for yourself that you don't have to be strapped to your laptop or computer 24/7 to be earning money that in fact, the pushing and the forcing, is actually creating resistance and blocking you energetically to begin with I do want to talk about the whole concept of receiving money, right being actually open to receive, because I do think space in your business does open the door for you to receive I think one of the blocks one of my beliefs is that one of the blocks is that we sometimes when we push too hard and force too hard and have that like I want needy energy, I'm actually resisting it already. So can we talk about the whole receive it like how to set yourself up to receive money in your business?

17:12 Courtney

Yeah, absolutely. I agree. You know, you don't have any room to receive when you're constantly doing, doing, doing force and forcing, forcing and worrying and sitting at your computer. And just like in that type of energy. And so of course receiving is very much so in a flowy state when you're being when you're enjoying when you're having fun, and that sort of thing. And so I think it's really important to make that a regular part of your week and your schedule. Like I always say, the times that you're taking away from business and giving yourself to be and do something you enjoy is just as important as anything on your calendar of to dues for your business, right. And so I think that's just an essential in order to receive, there's got to be space, right, there's got to be that space, when you're not just like forcing and pushing. Because when it comes to money, I just thought of something that I always share with clients as well, that I think will be helpful for this conversation. When you think of it as a relationship with any other, you know, a partner or a friend or any human in your life, when we think about the whole receiving aspect of money, right? Is your friend going to want to continue to hang out with you? Or is your partner going to want to be with you have you're constantly like in their face holding on to them so tightly and forcing and pushing and like, oh my gosh, you better come over. Like I need to hang out with you. I need to see you now. Right? No. So when you think about it as a relationship, I think there's a lot of parallels. And you can sort of start to think, Okay, well, if I want money to come to me or my friend to come over, I just gotta chill out a little bit, and relax and give my give space for that person to to be on their way. Right?

18:51 Kathryn

Yeah, it's such a beautiful analogy. Because it's like, isn't the minute you think that right is like, Well, no, I wouldn't want to be your friend or I don't want to hang out with you if like, I feel like you're just like clinging to me wanting me to like, spend time and the whole relationship about money. So I do want to chat a bit about that even more like in terms of tracking money, what is your thoughts around tracking money? Because I've heard a lot of people say, Well, you've got to know what's coming in and out of your business so that so that you can create that lovely relationship of what's going on. But what are your thoughts around now tracking money and knowing exactly what's coming in and out of your business?

19:30 Courtney

Yeah, I think it's important to know your numbers, right, knowing what's coming in and out. And that really just signifies to the universe that you are taking care of what you do have and you're caring about what is leaving and what is coming in. But I think there is also a fine line of like that whole micromanaging it and just being like so over the top and almost to a point where you're like worrying and stressing about every single number So I think it's important to recognize and know and care about what's going in and out, but not to the point where it's like, having that tight grip on everything, you know?

20:09 Kathryn

Totally, totally just Yeah, chilling out, as you said, just like leaning back chilling out not being so grippy. What would you say to somebody who has the entrepreneurial journey is, I mean, it can be challenging, there's lots of ups and downs with it. And I know that, you know, maybe there's an entrepreneur out there, like struggling with the money, cash flow in their business right now. And so to be relaxed about it, can feel hard. It's kind of like a, but I need to pay the bills, I need to pay my staff, I need to pay, you know, the lights up, I have to put food on the table for my family. There's always this pressure outside of the business to with like family obligations and mortgages and car payments and all the things. What would you say to somebody that's like, in the depth of like, just maybe in that famine state in their business right now. And they're just like, I, I just can't relax. When it comes to money. I'm always thinking about it. I'm on like, I can't sleep. It's keeping me up at night. 

21:12 Courtney

Yeah, yeah, it can be really hard when in your bank account, it's not reflective of like, what you desire, and you're working towards something, it's just not there. And so I think a really powerful practice can be to look at the other forms of abundance that you do have in your life and start to focus on appreciating those because abundance isn't just money, it's love. It's other things in our life that we have. And so I think it can be helpful in terms of an energetic perspective to start focusing on what you already do have and of course, that creates more of what you want, right? And so there's no there's, it's not serving you to be constantly stressing and worrying about the money all the time, right? Like that is not going to bring more in. And so if you truly want to call more money in focusing on what you already do have is really important. Like if you're listening to this, you likely have a smartphone, you likely have Wi Fi streaming endlessly to your phone right now. Like there's forms of abundance, if you look around your room, there's so many things you have that your money is technically in, right. And so I think shifting your focus into what you already do have can be really helpful. Because no matter how hard things feel right now, in your business, there are certain things that you do have in your life, even if it's not physical things, even if it's you know, the love that you share with your partner, the love that you have with your your parents or your siblings, like there's things in your life that you can shift your focus towards that you already do have enough of.

22:51 Kathryn

Yeah, so beautiful, that whole practice of gratitude, right, just stopping for a moment. And like, I always think of nature, right? It's like if you, you know, like grass growing and you see that it grows, right? Like it's just if you think about all of the things around you that is proof that there's abundance abundance all around us, I just know that the money piece is such a stressor for so many business owners and I get it right it's like you said the beginning if we don't have money coming through the doors, we don't have have a business but just to help those entrepreneurs out there sort of like relax a little bit more. I think money drives a lot of our life, right? Even if we don't have a business. If you're working corporate, right, you're working corporate to make money to pay for things in your life. Are there any other things that you would like to say to the entrepreneur out there that's listening to this who's now at various stages in their business when it comes to money mindset, things like tips or tricks that they you know, to help overcome some of these blocks.

23:55 Courtney

Something that comes to mind that I think will be helpful for your listeners is when you are thinking about the money that you desire, right? I hear people so often tell me how much they want to make per month. It's really important to understand the reason why like there's a feeling that is attached to the amount of money that you desire in your business. It's you don't just want the paper money for the sake of it right? There's or the number in your bank account for the sake of it. There's a feeling attached to that. And a beautiful practice that you can start to implement is asking yourself okay, What feeling do I desire from this money? Is it freedom is it joy? Is it abundance? Is it peace? Is it calmness and start to create that for yourself now? Without the money being there yet? Right? Start to create that feeling of calm How can you find more calm in your day? How can you find more peace or freedom in your day with little things and get into that energy now because that's how the money is going to come so much quicker, right when you're really matching the frequency of that feeling you desire from the money. I think that can be such a beautiful practice. to implement, but really getting clear on like, Why do I desire this amount of money? Because I think so many people just throw out these numbers, right? Because they're these common numbers however much per month without actually understanding like, Why do I even want this? Why why this amount?

25:16 Kathryn

Yeah. And that's I love that you share that because I think it's so true is like and within the industry online, right? It's like multiple six figure businesses, right six figure businesses or 10k months or whatever it is. And it's exactly that like, why do you even want that? Do I I'd love to chat a little bit about even receiving cuz I've seen a lot of business owners, I've done it where I've had this, like flow of abundance come through to my business, and then the safety around that, like the safety around the money, then all of a sudden I got and it's like, wait a minute, like, I didn't have to work so hard for it. And now I want to like go back to this safe place of not having it or like not having that that much, because I just don't know how to be safe with it. 

26:03 Courtney

Yeah, yeah. So like a new experience with maybe an amount you've never had before a huge influx? Is this gonna be realistic forever? Can I keep doing this? That sort of thing? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think again, bringing awareness to like, what are the thoughts that are showing up for me? What is the belief here that I'm buying into, like, you know, it's that I don't deserve this. This is just luck. This is just a fluke. Like, what is the belief that's, that's showing up? I think that can be helpful is bringing awareness to that. First?

26:33 Kathryn

Yeah, I think the one that I hear often from entrepreneurs is like, they feel like this. Yeah, it's not gonna last or like they, they're just waiting for that other shoe to drop, like, Okay, we had that great month. But now it's like, how do we consistently hold that and keep that going? For month on month? On month on month? Yeah.

26:52 Courtney

Yeah, yeah. And I think, yeah, that can be that can be tough. And one of the things too, is recognizing that, like, when you do reach those, I don't love the term next level. But when you do reach that next place in your business, you're also stepping into a higher version of you, right. And so from that version of you that has this now, let's say it's your first 10k a month. That's going to require a different version of you. And so therefore, the path moving forward from there is going to be a lot different than what you've experienced in the past. And so opening up your mind to the possibility that hey, if this happened once, why can't this happen again? Like what is this story? I'm buying into that I've that I've maybe believed for so long that this is impossible for me or that I can't do this.

27:39 Kathryn

Yeah, even that feast or famine roller coaster, right? We've even coined that in the entrepreneurial space of like, you're just riding that feast or famine roller coaster? But why does it have to be the feast or famine roller coaster? Why can't it just be feast? Yeah, absolutely. Like, why do we have to have dips? You know, I'd love to chat a little bit about your podcast, I love the title limitless possibilities. Like what? What is the purpose? What is the reason behind it? What are you hoping to achieve with it?

28:07 Courtney

Yeah, thank you. So um, I'm really excited. I have waited on this for far too long. And it's so funny, because that's the message that I preach is like, you know, getting out of your own way to take more action in your business. And so she's limitless is really all about, you know, I believe that we're all capable of creating and achieving whatever it is we desire. But we get caught up in these stories and these blocks that show up when it comes to money. And, you know, if you're an entrepreneur sales and yourself as a coach, or a business owner, that really hold us back. And so really helping women to just work through all of that and get out of their own way so that they can start taking more action towards their goals and desires.

28:47 Kathryn

So beautiful, so beautiful. What are some of the other mindset blocks you see with women, like other than sort of money when it comes to sales, that sort of thing? Like, what are some of the other big mindset blocks that women have in business?

29:01 Courtney

Yeah, so many, but some of the most common ones, you know, I don't know enough. Who's gonna take me seriously. There's so many coaches out there. Why would someone buy from me? I'm not good enough. I'm too boring. You know, I think those are some of the most common ones. I feel salesy. It's awkward to sell like that sort of thing.

29:23 Kathryn

Yeah, and the salesy piece and the shakiness around sales? Is that is that mostly tied to money? Like maybe AR isn't tied to the relationship we have with money? Or is it other things that contribute to that because I hear that all the time. I don't want to be picky. I don't want to sell. I don't want to sell too often. And when I came out of the brick and mortar world, offline world, I say and it came into the online space was always so eye opening to me, because in the brick and mortar world, we sold every single day. Like we were posting every day on social and we had people walking through our doors and we were selling every day whereas then I got into the online space. I heard a lot of this. I don't want to say Every day, I didn't want to post every day, I don't want to be like in people's faces. And it always sort of felt like it was just a weird transition because I was used to selling every single day. So is that attached to money? Or is there something else there that has created that sort of belief with women? 

30:18 Courtney

Yeah, yeah, I would say when we boil it down, like if you really boiled it to its core, majority of it would be around money. But then I think more at a surface level as well as like, just your beliefs around sales in general. So like, if you've had experience experiences with like achy salespeople, or like your parents, you know, always hung up on the telemarketers or something when you were growing up, like, you may have formed these beliefs around sales, but underneath that, I would say is majority to do with money, right? Because if you have these limiting beliefs around sales, and that sales is weird, or icky, I mean, selling is an exchange of money. So I would say majority of it is your relationship with money. Yeah.

30:57 Kathryn

Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Well, it's been such a pleasure chatting with you and you sharing all around money cuz I know this is going to be hot topic with our listeners, they, you know, it is a big topic. It's I mean, it's the way our businesses are run. It's if we're not getting money, we don't don't have a business. So there's lots lots there to unpack. I always love ending my episodes, asking my guests what their definition of success is. So what is your definition of success?

31:23 Courtney

Oh, that is a question. But I would say my definition of success is being able to do what you love with who you love. Yeah, I would say being able to do what you love with who you love, and in a way that you truly, truly feel fulfilled.

31:59 Kathryn

Yeah, awesome. It is a big question. And I know there's Yeah, I mean, there's lots of things that people feel like is their definition of success. So it's hard to like, yeah, boiled down into like, one, one thing, but I think that is beautiful, right, in terms of what it is doing what you love with those that you love and being fulfilled in that. Yeah, yeah, our listeners are gonna love this and love all of the money wisdom that you shared with us. Where can they find you if they want to connect with you?

32:28 Courtney

Yeah, thank you so much for having me again. It was such a pleasure. So my podcast is, she's limitless. You can find it on iTunes or Spotify. And then I hang out mostly on Instagram, which my handle is @ItsCourtneyHill.

32:43 Kathryn

Perfect, perfect. We will link those up in the show notes so that they can Yeah, reach out to you on on social and connect with you if they want to. But yeah, money mindset is a big topic, so I can't wait for them to hear this episode. Yes,

32:57 Courtney

I totally agree. Thank you so much for having me. You're welcome.

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