May 31, 2022

How to Use Your Voice to Captivate the Room with Tracy Goodwin

How to Use Your Voice to Captivate the Room with Tracy Goodwin

Ever wonder why your message falls flat or doesn’t resonate with your audience even though you know it’s awesome?

In today’s episode, Tracy Goodwin shares how the sound of our voice influences our audience.

Tracy Goodwin, owner of Captivate the Room and creator of Psychology of the Voice has transformed thousands of lives around the globe.  With her unique approach coupled with her laser-sharp intuitive hearing she unravels limiting voice barriers and finds the real voice, the sound of your soul.  

So if you want to learn what the sound of your voice is really saying, tune into today’s episode.


  • The common drivers behind our voice that are preventing our dream clients from working with us.
  • How our voice is impacting the way our audience receives our message and if it lands with them.
  • Practical steps to bust through the voice barriers to truly connect your real voice with the sound of your soul.

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