Nov. 16, 2021

How to Amplify Your Impact as a Thought Leader, Coach, and Consultant

How to Amplify Your Impact as a Thought Leader, Coach, and Consultant

Thought leader, coach or consultant listen up! In today’s episode I’m sharing how you can amplify your impact. If you know you’re meant for more this episode is for you.

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Thought leader, coach,or consultant listen up!

In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can amplify your impact. If you know you’re meant for more this episode is for you.

So if you’re ready to hear a totally counterintuitive way to amplify your impact as a thought leader, coach, or consultant, tune into today’s episode as Kathryn shares how to stop overcomplicating your marketing and truly expressing your authentic self.



  • How to amplify your impact as a thought leader, coach, and consultant.
  • What your audience is really looking for, and what is likely preventing you from creating a movement around your message.
  • The secret to my client going viral on Tiktok and it’s not what you think.
  • How to get comfortable with being seen and heard.


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Hey hey, Kathryn here! I’m so glad you’re tuning in to today's episode where I'm sharing how to amplify your impact as a thought leader, coach, or consultant.

If you’re new to the show, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know I’m all about keeping it real with you. Showing you all the sides of entrepreneurship (& life). I mean it’s all connected, right? 

The last episode I shared one of my favorite Brene Brown quotes, if you’re not in the arena getting your ass-kicked, I don’t want your feedback. Well, I want you to see me as your friend in the arena equally getting my ass-kicked but inspiring you to keep going because I get it. I’m living it too.

And that the perspectives I share on the show are real life, in the arena types of perspectives, like the one I’m going to share with you today.

But before I do, I want to share with you an exciting free masterclass I’m hosting on November 25 - How to Package Your Expertise and Position Yourself as the Go-to Thought Leader in Your Industry. 

It’s one of the biggest things I see coaches and consultants struggle with when entering the online space, how to stand out, cut through the noise, and get known in this busy online world. 

And let’s be honest, it isn’t getting any less crowded. If you’re a coach, consultant, or thought leader you’re probably feeling that, am I right?

Well, this masterclass is for coaches, thought leaders, consultants that are either fully booked out or capped out with their 1:1 looking to scale with a group coaching program or coaches and consultants who’ve ditched their corporate career or job to start a coaching business but aren’t seeing the success they desired and going back to a 9-5 isn’t an option.

If that sounds like you, here’s what you’re going to learn when you save your spot, 

●      The hidden meaning behind your words that are turning off your dream clients and blocking you from achieving your income goals.

●      The four key ingredients to powerful positioning so that you can stand out online and get known for what you do ( more speaking into the void).

●      How to package your expertise in a way that has your dream clients saying..."where do I sign up?" "How can I work with you?" "Let's do this thing!" – (hello pipin' hot leads waiting in your inbox & DMs).

●      How to double or triple your revenue so that you can ditch the exhausting 1:1 client work without sacrificing service or relying on referrals. 

●      How to create a simple, predictable, & scalable revenue stream so that you aren't operating in survival mode wondering where your next client will come from, or gripping the clients you already have in fear of losing them (it's time to feel safe in your business). 

●      How to take the steps NOW to make this happen in the next 60 days so you can scale your coaching or consulting business without working more.

So if you want to save your spot in this masterclass, there’s a link in the show notes! 

Now let’s dive into the good stuff for today, on how to amplify your impact as a thought leader, coach, or consultant. 

Something I know most of my clients asks me how to do when they start working with me. And full transparency it’s not something I can fully cover in a 45-minute podcast episode. This knowledge and experience is something I’ve cultivated over the last 20 years of my career. 

It’s something that takes testing and tweaking and for you as the thought leader, coach, and consultant to get comfortable with being seen and heard. 

Because what I’m about to tell you, requires you to step up and own your voice regardless of the outcome. 

And if you tuned into last week's episode you know what I’m talking about, but for those that skipped it (what the heck), just joking. I’ll paraphrase it for you.

 In order to truly step into the power of who you are, that requires you to find the courage to do it regardless of the outcome (it’s another quote from Brene Brown).

So if you’re ready to do that I’m going to share with you how to get started with that, but we are diving even deeper into this in the free masterclass on November 25. 

Okay, let’s get ready to rock. 

Most unknown thought leaders, coaches, and consultants that are here to make a change in the world underestimate what it takes to stand out online. They believe that they have an amazing message to share with the world so they start putting it out consistently thinking the right people will find them.  

I totally understand why you believe this because ALL the marketing gurus are selling consistency, content scripts and templates, frameworks, and language patterns to use. 

And you’re all up in your head trying to piece this all together. But to your surprise, it doesn’t work that way. Your posts aren’t getting the engagement. Your DMs as a thought leader isn’t bumping 'with people loving what you do. And within a few months or six, you hit a wall.

Why the heck am I pouring my heart and soul into creating content (that I know is freaking good) if no one is paying attention?


You feel like you’re slugging away on the gram (or Facebook, or whatever platform you choose) but you aren’t seeing the results you’d expected. 

Those results could be lower engagement than you hoped, low views on those reels you spent hours making, or no one signing up or DMing you thinking your call to action was super juicy. 

And it’s deflating as a coach and thought leader. You’ve probably contemplated quitting. Getting a job. 

I had a client this past summer go viral on Tiktok that resulted in sales calls being booked left, right, and center. So much so, it bogged down the systems that were in place. 

When other aspiring thought leader, coaches or consultant ask me how she was able to create content that caught people's attention I know they are looking for some secret hack or tip….here’s how her content went viral:

●      She used her own voice (no dubbing or voice overs that we see) 

●      She showed up exactly as she was at the moment

●      She boldly states what she believes as the things keeping people stuck or repeating the same BS over and over that’s preventing them from getting what they want.

●      She doesn’t overcomplicate the videos with fancy transitions or scene changes. 

And here’s my take on it: 

●      We never know what makes content go viral. We’ve seen the most ridiculous stuff catch people's attention. I always think of the Chewbacca video of the woman in her car wearing the mask and making the Chewbacca sound. That landed her on late shows and made her instantly famous. But going viral shouldn’t be the goal or getting instantly famous. As a coach, thought leader or consultant you want to create a long-lasting impact and legacy. So creating a message that influences and changes people's lives is the goal and that takes time. I mean where is the Chewbacca lady anyway? You don’t want to be known as the one-hit-wonder you want your message to last. 

●      Screw the scripts, templates, frameworks, language patterns. YES, I said it. For most people this keeps them stuck in their heads and overthinking the process. They make people sound less like themselves, which is a sure way for your audience to not pay attention. More importantly, your energy speaks louder than your words. It’s the first thing people feel before you ever say a word. And if you’re trying to fit yourself into a box and speak from the mind (where those frameworks live) instead of from your heart your audience is going to feel disconnected. So much of what we teach in the marketing space is brain-based approaches. But the emotional connection to YOU as a coach, consultant, and thought leader is what attracts your audience and builds that know, like, and trust. People invest in the person which is why we are called personal brands. 

●      Don’t be afraid to show up exactly as you are, stating what you believe needs changing in your industry, with your audience, or in the world. This is what makes thought leaders great. They call out the BS, raise the standards, and demand innovation and expansion. Think of the people that impact you. I think of Brene Brown, Alicia Keys, and Matthew McConnay. They are considered a thought leader, for me, aren’t loud, crass, or all up in your face (which there isn’t anything wrong with if that’s what you like). They carry an essence and energy that is grounded, calm, but they have no problem owning their voice, going against the grain, and standing up for what they believe in. The beauty is you get to choose your essence and energy knowing your people will resonate with you and those that don’t want to. That is what a thought leader represents.

●      This brings me to my next point. Calling things out doesn’t mean you have to swear, be crass, or loud. You get to choose how you articulate that to the world. It’s about being you. If you don’t swear, don’t swear. If you aren’t sassy, don’t show up being sassy. The point is, if you’re trying to be something you’re not it’s not going to work. That’s WHY no business coach, consultant, and thought leader can give you a hack. No framework will give you the space for true self-expression. Because it’s such an individual experience. It’s why so many coaches, consultants, and thought leader with killer messages blend in because they are trying to be like their coach. They are applying their frameworks, scripts, and templates to their business. They are trying to emulate their success. This does not work. It prevents you from true creative self-expression, which is what thought-leadership is all about. 

I know this is different from what most marketing gurus sell. I know the logical mind wants answers, certainty, steps, processes, but if you want to amplify your impact as a thought leader, coach, or consultant, it starts with YOU. And if you’re all up in your 

And I’m digging into how to do that even deeper, on November 25 in a free masterclass that you don’t want to miss if you’re feeling like you’re not quite stepping into who.