Sept. 7, 2021

How to Strengthen Your Intuition and Tap into Your Feminine Energy with Jenne Sharpe

How to Strengthen Your Intuition and Tap into Your Feminine Energy with Jenne Sharpe

Are you a soulpreneur that wants to tune into your intuition to achieve business success? In today's episode, Jenne Sharpe shares how to strengthen your intuition and tap into your feminine energy.

Are you a soulpreneur that wants to tune into your intuition to achieve business success? 

In today's episode, Jenne Sharpe shares how to strengthen your intuition and tap into your feminine energy. 

Jenne Sharpe is an Inner Goddess Coach who helps soulpreneurs embody their authentic self with confidence. She's passionate about working with determined women who feel that their business is an answer to their soul's calling.  She is a certified coach, EFT, and Reiki Practitioner who loves game nights and longboarding.

So if you want to use the power of your intuition to guide you in making business decisions and tap into your feminine energy to receive all that you desire, tune into today’s episode where Jenne will give you practical tips and methods for how to do that and apply it in your business and life. 



●     How to find balance between your masculine and feminine energy to achieve business success.

●     Practical and easy ways to strengthen your intuition and apply them right now in your business and life.

●     How to know the difference between fear and your intuition so that you don’t mistakenly let fear hold you back.

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[KATHRYN]: I am super stoked to have Jenne Sharpe on the show today to talk about how female leaders can strengthen their intuition and tap into your feminine energy. 

[JENNE]: Yeah, thank you so much, Kathryn, for having me on. I'm so excited. I'm Jenny Sharpe. I live in the Portland Oregon area. And I am an inner Goddess Coach that helps female leaders ignite their authentic inner goddess, strengthen their intuition, and tap into their feminine energy. 

[KATHRYN]: Intuition and feminine energy is a hot topic. Can you share with our listeners why this is so important now?

[JENNE]: Business has long been dominated by men. So female leaders come into the entrepreneurial space, where things are being done in a masculine way. And I want to help female leaders, soulpreneurs find a balance between masculine and feminine energy. Because I think a lot of female leaders and soulpreneurs find operating a business counterintuitive, making them think business or entrepreneurship isn’t for them. But it’s possible to tap into your feminine energy and build a successful business.

[KATHRYN]: So how do we strengthen that intuition as female leaders who’ve been operating in a masculine-dominated industry? And what does tapping into your feminine energy mean?

[JENNE]: So first I’ll share the difference between masculine and feminine energy. The masculine energy is usually seen as a very doing energy, and schedules, productivity, and go get it done. And the feminine energy is really more about being receptive and responding to the moment and going from there. Now for those wanting to strengthen their intuition, I think it’s different for everyone. But from my own experience, I’ve spent the past few years really tapping more into my intuition. And I'm kind of following it blindly. And nothing's exploded in my face yet. So honestly, everything's in the body, you can feel it all in the body. And everything is energy, including thoughts and feelings, they all have a vibration to them. And I mean that science, like rocks, has a vibration to them. Yes, inanimate objects have a vibration to it. And so with these energies, your body responds to it. And it’s about listening to it or not. Because a lot of female leaders and entrepreneurs ignore how they feel or what they think, or they just let themselves spin out.[KATHRYN]: So what would you like to see a change in the industry or amongst female leaders? 

[JENNE]: So what I would like to see changed is that business success has to be done in a certain timeframe. I know, when I first started coaching, I had this very panicked feeling, I need to get this done immediately, I need to be making money, and getting clients in the next four months or it's not gonna work. And this is the pressure of masculine energy versus feminine energy. So I put all this pressure on myself to make it work. And amazingly enough, the universe showed me the opposite as I got very sick. I had no energy for my business at all. And I took an entire year off. Amazingly enough, I came back to it a year later. Here’s the thing, your intuition is the calm voice in your head. It’s not the rushed, egocentric voice that puts this massive amount of pressure on you. And my body getting sick was a warning system that I wasn’t tuning into my intuition and using my feminine energy. We see this so often in the online space, with earning more and making more. Money is not the only thing that is valuable. After 10k months then the other thing I see a lot is, are you stuck at 10k months? Don't you want to have $30,000? Of course, we want to keep growing and expanding but it’s like being hung out there like a carrot in front of us. Keeping female leaders wanting more. And never be satisfied with what we’ve achieved.

[KATHRYN]: So many nuggets of gold for female leaders to strengthen their intuition and tap into their feminine energy. But even deeper than that, listening to your body and following what lights us up. And that soul-level desire isn’t driven by money, it’s doing what they love, soaking up life, and living it...or what’s the point right?

[JENNE]: Exactly. If you don't have time to spend this money? What is the point also, like you said, you know, having the freedom to do what you want? And I totally believe that a lot of entrepreneurs and female leaders that I want to work with are following something that they feel is their soul work, that they trust their intuition and embrace their feminine energy. For example, are you stopping and enjoying the moments? Or are you just documenting the moments to prove you did it?

[KATHRYN]: It’s so interesting that you say that because recently we went camping in northern Saskatchewan, and there was no cell service. That really forces you to tap into your feminine energy and be present in the moment. 

[JENNE]: Yeah, exactly where the magic is, is in the moment. All the magic is in this moment. It's in you. Are you tuning into your intuition and feminine energy or not? What if you could receive more at the moment without the added pressure to achieve or do? And that is where the feminine energy is, and taking the moment to stop and live in it.

[KATHRYN]: So beautiful. So what is your definition of success?

[JENNE]: My definition of success is layered. For me, it’s trusting and following my intuition and what lights me up. It’s being of service to others. It’s having the courage to keep going when it’s hard and scary. It’s about staying in that feminine energy of wonder, receiving, enjoying the moment. Success for me is today. Not something I’ll achieve in the future. 

[KATHRYN]: So beautiful. And I loved the questions that you shared because I think our listeners can take those questions, to help them tap more into their intuition and feminine energy to create a successful life and business. But remembering as female leaders that success is right now in this moment. It's been such a pleasure. Where can people find you?

[JENNE]: I am on Instagram and my website as well.

[KATHRYN]: Awesome. And we will link those up also in the show notes. Thanks again for sharing with my listeners and female leaders how to strengthen your intuition and tapping into your feminine energy.