April 5, 2022

How to Use Quizzes to Connect with Your Audience with Chanti Zak

How to Use Quizzes to Connect with Your Audience with Chanti Zak
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Do you like taking quizzes and ever wondered why they are a brilliant way to connect with your audience? 

In today’s episode, Chanti Zak is breaking it down for you piece by piece.

Chanti is the creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem, she's a quiz funnel strategist, growth consultant, and coach that’s obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag-worthy results for her students and clients. She believes boring is the enemy, neutral is a death sentence and real talk is the way of the future. In her spare time you can find her hanging with her 3 kiddos, learning how to homestead, or binge-watching Chef’s Table.

So if you want to know how how to use quizzes for lead generation, tune into today’s episode.


●  Why quiz funnels are a fantastic lead generation tool for your online business?

  • What it takes to create a quiz with this much value.

● How segmentation is the key to getting to your audience and creating curated products and services just for them.

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Hey hey, Kathryn here! I’m so glad you’re tuning in. If you’re new to the show, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know I’m all about keeping it real with you. Showing you all the sides of entrepreneurship (& life). I mean it’s all connected, right? 

I shared one of my favorite Brene Brown quotes,  if you’re not in the arena getting your ass-kicked, I don’t want your feedback. Well, I want you to see me as your friend in the arena equally getting my ass-kicked but inspiring you to keep going because I get it. I’m living it too.

And that the perspectives I share on the show are real life, in the arena types of perspectives, like the one I’m going to share with you today.

But before I do, I’m celebrating the amazing live training we held on February 6th. Missed it no worries…because there is a replay available until February 11. Not sure what the heck I’m talking about…I held another free private training showing thought leaders, changemakers, coaches, and consultants how to create killer messaging in their business that not only sounds like them but sets them apart as a leading authority in their industry.

The training is money…and if there is anything a business owner should invest in, it’s their ability to articulate what they do in a unique and compelling way.

If you’re in business, you’re in the business of words! Words are what connect us and without connection, you’ll have a hard time selling let alone creating the change you want to see happen in the world.

So, if you want to catch the replay, grab the link in the show notes. Chanti is the creator of The Empathy Marketing Ecosystem, she's a quiz funnel strategist, growth consultant, and coach that’s obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag-worthy results for her students and clients. She believes boring is the enemy, neutral is a death sentence and real talk is the way of the future. In her spare time you can find her hanging with her 3 kiddos, learning how to homestead, or binge-watching Chef’s Table.

Now let’s dive into the good stuff for today. 

So without further ado let’s welcome Andrea to the show!

Kathryn Thompson  00:02

Hey, hey, I am super stoked to have Shanti on the show today, I'm just going to turn it right over to you. So you can share with our listeners who you are, what you do and what your specialty is.

Chanti Zak 00:12

Oh my gosh, okay, the pressures on and I know that to be here, oh my gosh, well, I'm Chanti, I run a company focused on what I call empathy marketing ecosystems, a big part of that is quizzes, assessments, self knowledge, knowing how like different personality types intersect with others. And this lots of nerdy stuff involved, that we do that for clients. And we also teach it to students.

Kathryn Thompson  00:46

Brilliant, brilliant. And I know, we connected because I hired you to create this magical quiz that you've created for me. So I want to dive into that with our audience and share a little bit about that process. Because it was a very new process in how it rolled out. For me, typically, I'm like this, like, I'm going to do this, it's gonna happen and I make it happen in like a day, or five or a week or a month. And this was such a beautiful process, because it, it took time to like, put it together. And so I just want to share with the listeners, like, I just want to chat about the process and all of that, and what goes into that and the thoughtfulness that goes into it. Because there's a lot of like, thoughtfulness that yeah, goes into it. So when we, when we connected, you know, I had to fill out like a survey and share so much information with you about my business, my audience and all of that. Why is that like the first best step to take your clients through? Before you write anything, do anything and fulfill the project in any way?

Chanti Zak 01:55

Yeah, there's a lot of moving pieces with the quiz, like it is a next level kind of lead gen endeavor, the when done intent with intention. And with this, this process that we've developed it, in my mind, what we create, has the potential to in ideal clients and customers, not for just like a few months until it gets old, but like, for years. So that's really where we're coming from is like, how can we build this, so that it's a foundational piece of your Legion strategy for years to come. And to do that, I really want to make sure that we are, you know, attracting the right people messaging wise, that the promise and the results and the thoughtfulness behind the funnel, that all of that is very well thought out. Because if you if you miss that piece, nothing else works. Right? So often the most time consuming part of a quiz project like this is the research phase, like really knowing the voice of the client's brand. That's huge. And also the audience, like Who are we talking to? And then what are the different layers of this audience. So with your quiz, you want to give people something that allows you to meet them where they're at, and offer, you know, the most relevant support strategies, advice, inspiration, based on who they are, their personality, where they're at, in terms of their, their journey with you and how you can help them. And so we need to figure all of that out before we even start. And that looks like usually like a two hour call with the client. And then behind the scenes, a ton of research into into your world and the world's audience.

Kathryn Thompson  04:23

Yeah, and I know that like I mean, absolutely, you guys absolutely nailed to the quiz and like as I even read more through it, and like I've now you know, read every page and all all the results and all of that. And I'm just like, Oh my God, it is so bang on that I even forget sometimes like what I do, right? Because I'm so close to it. And then I read it I'm like, oh my god, this is so bang on to what I do, who I want to talk to and who I want to connect with. And I forgot sometimes how to articulate that in the way that you guys put that together. So The whole research phase. How long does that typically take? Because I know when we connected, it was June of like, I last year, basically, we started, we connected in September. And then we did a call in early November. And then and then you guys get to writing. And so how long does that research phase start? Because I know when I filled out the survey, but then like you guys, how long does that take you guys to like, actually go through things? Because you asked for things like access to my programs, client testimonials, you know, calls with my clients, right? Like recorded calls, you could see how I coach and what I was saying, and all those sorts of things. So what goes, what, how long does that research process take for you guys before you can actually start to write?

Chanti Zak 05:49

Yeah, I want to say, usually around two weeks, include, you know, the kickoff call. And after that, actually sitting down and developing the big ideas to that is another part of the process that's like, Okay, we have all this information now. What do we do with it? How do we create something that's going to resonate with these so much about and this brand that we now know so much about? And the intersection between those? So yeah, I would say that whole process and developing even just the ideas, it's probably two to three, two to three weeks.

Kathryn Thompson  06:34

Yeah. And it's such a, an important thing to do, right? Because you then come back to us with ideas. So it's not like you research and then we say, okay, yeah, you've nailed the research part of it. We chatted, we know each other, then it's like this almost like a proposal back with like, these are the types of quizzes and the types of themes that we're thinking about, like which one resonates with you the most. So can you share with our listeners, like, how you approach the themes of quizzes, and why it's important to like, approach it that way?

Chanti Zak 07:12

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Well, so I would say like, theme wise, we're really looking to align with whatever things you have going on in your business. So for you, it was like this, like, cosmic vibe that we were so excited about, because I mean, the opportunities with that angle are really endless. So tuning into that, but then also looking at like, okay, the type of quits. So that being you know, that there could be like, personality aspects, and that's the focus. Or maybe it's a straight up assessment. And, and it has nothing to do with someone's personality and is more so about giving them a result that helps them with some specific goal. Or maybe it's, you know, there's other types of popular quizzes, like the score based quiz. It's like, you know, test your knowledge of copywriting or something, we don't really do those because they don't work so well as like, building intimacy and actually turning someone from stranger into a client. But we do often combine personality with assessment quizzes. So where we can find a correlation between like, Okay, how could someone's personality also show up? In the answer to the big things, they're struggling with? The goals that they're trying to reach? Is there like an intersection between those? And that's really my favorite type. Yeah, run with, because I feel like it sort of does two things at once.

Kathryn Thompson  09:00

Yeah. Um, and so in terms of the quiz that you created for me, what did we do there?

Chanti Zak 09:09

Yours is definitely a personality and assessment sort of hybrid. Because based on someone's personality, and their strengths and their and their struggles, they're going to align with different ways of marketing themselves and their business. Like, typically, and that's not a blanket statement case. Like there's gonna be people who are super introverted and quiet and sensitive, but who may be love doing live webinars, like sure that's probably a possibility. But for the most part, if you identify as like, you know, you really would prefer to be behind the scenes and not in the spotlight and you're introverted and you are like an empath. probably doing live webinars is not your favorite thing in the world. So what other strategies might resonate more, and then is finding your voice goes like that, that plays into it too, right with personality. For some personality types, it's a lot easier to express themselves. And for others, it's like, Whoa, there's all this stuff going on. So we're like looking at that, and looking at also where, where people are at, and how they identify as like, where they're at in their business journey. Yeah, and what they're struggling with and what they want. And then sort of all of those things coming together to create a response that, ideally, when someone lands on it, and reads, it will will resonate and feel like it connects to their experience.

Kathryn Thompson  10:54

Yeah, and like I said, I mean, you guys absolutely nailed the results. But like, Nick just nailed the whole quiz experience, for sure. With the types of people that I want to connect with. And so you, you talked about the foundation, like late, like, why the research is so important to lay this foundation, because you want this to be something that's like, has like, long term value, it's not something that you like, employ for a couple of months. And then it's like, okay, that was a great lead gen piece out, we're done. It's like, this is something that can last in your business for a long time. So your clients, like how long have some of your clients been using their quizzes that are still generating beautiful leads into their business?

Chanti Zak 11:39

Oh, my gosh, yours? Like, I think the quiz that I did for Jenna Kutcher.

Kathryn Thompson  11:45

Yeah, it's off.

Chanti Zak 11:49

Oh, yeah. Yours? Maybe four

Kathryn Thompson  11:52

at this point? Wow. Yeah.

Chanti Zak 11:55

Yeah, that's just going strong. And like even my own, I have like a super meta quiz. That's just really what type of quiz you create. And that's been like going for years to. So other clients like, oh, my gosh, I was just checking up on a client yesterday who her name is Becky. And we did her quiz, like, four years ago, I think. Yeah, years ago. Still go in? Like, yeah, I think more so it would. It's a that's the word. Oh, my gosh, it's an anomaly when someone doesn't end up using it for that long period of time.

Kathryn Thompson  12:39

Yeah. Um, and in terms of like, you know, driving, why driving leads to a quiz. Like, why are quizzes so beneficial? Like, why do you like, how did you get into this? Like, what? What sparked your interest in this?


Yeah, well, I think I think that there's just so many aspects that make it this really attractive and effective way of generating and building your audience. Because number one, it's like the psychology behind it. So anytime we get to learn more about ourselves, and our particular situations, and have a reflection back to us on on our experience, anything that's gonna build us up and stroke our ego and make us look good if we share it on our Facebook with our friends, like, like, there's all of those psychological factors that play into quizzes that make it really different from any other type of lead magnet out there. Because there's that personalization factor. And so if you can have some elements of personality and speak to that, that's almost always going to make for a more effective quiz. Because then you really have the psychology. working in your favor.

Kathryn Thompson  14:07

Yeah. Yeah. And speaking of psychology, because, you know, you people have probably seen quizzes out there where you do the quiz and you get like this like little one pager that's like, Hey, this is what you are and whatever, but the quizzes you create are not just this little like, blurb of like what your result was. They're very in depth, right? Every result page you created for us was so in depth to a point that like I said, I was like, oh my god, like I feel like she knows my audience better than I do at this point. But I know my audience really well. But I was like to reread this was like you had put it into words so well, that the types of people that I'm really wanting to connect with and have in my orbit so to speak, so can you share a little bit about the result pages and the thoughtfulness and the depth that goes into that?

Chanti Zak 14:56

Yeah, that's a great point to tie into sacred The psychology piece because then we're looking at consumer psychology. And how good does it feel when a brand before you've given them any money, or made any investment with them whatsoever, they are generously giving something to you first, they're giving you a sense of what the experience of working with them might be like, they're giving you that little taster. And up until recently, you know, you'd go to Costco, and you just like walk around and sample things. And it like made the whole buying experience so much better. Right? Yeah. And that's sort of what you get with these results is this like, really rich experience, where you see how much thoughtfulness that brand is willing to give before they taken. And that that law of reciprocity, that we know is one of the elements of persuasion? That's where it's sort of first introduced, because the thing about a quiz is, it's really easy for someone to take a quiz. Yeah. And they don't necessarily have to have like any intention or commitment whatsoever of actually, like ever working with you're buying from you. They're just like doing this quiz. And they're not really thinking that much about it. So they could be at like a point in the buyers journey, where they're like, aware that there's this problem they want to solve, they have no idea that you even exist, that you have the solution, that you get them that they'd be willing to invest X amount, like, they might not be anywhere near that. So the whole idea behind the results is that we take someone from that place of like, you know, curiosity, but also maybe a bit of apathy. Yeah, because they're like, Oh, they're not like that interested in solving the problem. But then suddenly, it's like, whoa, whoa, this person really gets me like, they're really being generous here with their knowledge and their insights. And I can tell they know what they're talking about. And there's so much depth to this. Well, I never thought about it that way. And then like that, that relational. Sort of, oh, the word is, so I need like another cup of coffee or something. Yeah. But that relational connection is established really early on, the Law of Reciprocity is established really early on, you make an amazing first impression, which counts for a lot. And in the online space, we don't often think about that it's like, but really, like, what is someone's first impression of your brand? Because that's powerful, that sticks with them, especially if you can give them something that elicits an emotional experience. Yeah. Right. So much of what we do online, especially in our businesses is like through this logical lens. But there's a lot of emotion when it comes to business communication, writing, sharing your truth, putting yourself out there, like it's highly intimate. Yeah. So to meet them there, and cheer them on and make them feel good and give them hope. That's like, I can't think of a better foundation. Yeah. Forward from

Kathryn Thompson  18:36

Yeah, cuz it's just like the first step in that journey. Right? Like, like you said, lots of people come to your maybe brand, or they opt into something, right, whether it's a quiz or something else you've created. And they're not really thinking about, like, they're just like, okay, yeah, maybe I'll do this, and they do it. And then like you said, there's no real investment at that point. It's that that first step to really create high value high touch in that way, so that they're like, okay, this person actually cares. They're not just giving me this, like lackluster result. That's like a page that could have been written and could mean something to a bunch of different people. Like, like, we put so much you guys put so much onto those result pages, like, and so much value, like not just fluff, but like, like you said, you know, the introvert or the highly sensitive person might not want to do live webinars. And so you gave, like advice and tips on how to like, show up as their authentic self in a way that actually aligns with who they are, which is what I'm all about, right is like how can you show up online in a way that feels really good for you and not the way you think you should? Because everyone's selling you on this way. Right? And so I just love that that phrase First piece of it is like high value for people. But it doesn't end there. Like it doesn't end with just the results pages. There's this beautiful follow up sequence that I've created for these people now, that gives them even more.

Chanti Zak 20:16

Well, yeah, right. And then they're, you're in their inbox. So if someone were to get like, take your quiz, get some result, that's just like, by roll nothing new here, you can tell this person didn't put that much effort or thought into this? Are they really going to open your emails? No. So like, we have to go the extra mile, we don't even have the the choice anymore, people expect more. And they're not going to engage, they're not going to open your emails, and they're not going to trust you. If all they're getting is just like, whatever, like, here's your BuzzFeed style, like to sentence result. But But that's really common, because that is the model that we've been given with this specific strategy, right? So and I think that works to your advantage if you're willing to put the time and thought and energy into doing it in this way that's really blows their minds when they hit that result page and exceeds their expectations. Then it's like, oh, okay, cool.

Kathryn Thompson  21:27

Yeah, this person's one legit. They've put a lot of thought and effort into this. And they care about the people coming through the door, so to speak, and filling out the quiz. It's not just a self serving, I'm going to collect your emails, and then I'm going to hit you up in the inbox. And I'm just going to give you this little lackluster page here, because I just want your email, right, there's a lot of thoughtfulness and depth. And you guys definitely have to like check it out. Because honestly, like the results pages, blow my mind, blow my mind. And I've been wanting to do a quiz for a really long time. And I think probably four years ago, you popped up in my radar, I saw your ads and all those things, I just was never in the place to actually do it. And then last summer, I was like, Okay, I totally want to do a quiz one because I absolutely love taking quizzes. I absolutely love like personal assessment and all of that stuff. So it was in total alignment with just me as a human. But I also knew the experience I was going to be able to create for my audience with it so. And so I want to share a little bit more again about the process to like, so the quizzes created we've got these beautiful pages. And now it's like ready to launch, right? Like it's this thing that's ready to launch. How do you grow your awareness of the quiz? Like what because it doesn't just end with like, you've got this beautiful quiz. Now you've slapped it up on your website, and there you go, and people are gonna randomly find it. Like, there's also that whole process of getting that in front of the right people at the right time for them. So what is what would somebody do then to get that out into the world?

Chanti Zak 23:12

Yeah, well, then it's really about consistency and making it a part of your regular sort of promotional schedule, and building it into your marketing message to. So like, for every new client that you bring on, you can ask them like, Alright, what's your quiz result? This is gonna give me a better understanding of you. Or if you're launching a program, you're like, Okay, the first step, taking this quiz will help you do boom, boom, boom, and then send me a DM and let's talk about it. And then maybe that person's a fit for your program. So there's like, the direct sort of outreach that happens and like be part of your ecosystem where you already have intimacy with people. So there's that, but then using it to reach new people. I mean, same thing, right? Like, making sure you're actually talking about it in your, however you mark it. So like Instagram Stories, doing that, you know, maybe even daily, like just having one story that's like, have you taken the quiz, or reposting some feedback you got from someone about it, and then having a call to action there and also like promoting it from different angles. So there's so much in there that you can tackle, like, the benefits of taking it section by section over like, a two month period? Yeah. So it's not just the exact same message every time you promote it. It's coming at it from different angles, because then you're going to capture different people's attention. Yeah, so really like that's the primary organic strategy is to just constantly be talking about promoting it, it can be the call to action, the main call to action on your social posts. It can be in your Facebook cover page header, and your Instagram bio. And like all these places, right, you want to make sure it's everywhere it could possibly be. And you're actually talking about it. And if people are sharing, that's even better, because then like this other organic traction is happening that you don't even have control over. And that is magical. But also, if they're sharing then like capturing their shares, sharing that, yeah, capturing testimonials, sharing those, and then getting into like, well, it could be on your podcast, you could have a little like break in the middle of a podcast episode that's like, Hey, have you taken the quiz yet? Here's what it'll help you with. They'll take it here. And having so having that baked into like your podcasts, when you first launch it, like we're doing now, having an episode where you talk about it. And, and that's really, the biggest piece is, so many brands are like, hey, now this exists. And onto the next thing, right? Without like squeezing all the juice out of the first thing. Totally, which when you do that, it just like continually is juicy, because you get more and more feedback from people and a deeper understanding of how this is helping people. So that's really cool. And that's all the organic stuff. But paid advertising like that's like a whole other universe of possibility. Because I mean, with quizzes, typically the cost per lead is significantly lower than a lot of other types of lead magnets. Yeah. So and then you can look at like, Okay, well, what, what's gonna happen after like, you could even retarget the people who land on specific results with a specific offer. So there's all sorts of things you can do with paid advertising and quizzes too. But really just like putting it out there on Facebook and Instagram, having some ads running to that quiz consistently. And then seeing what happens, like, sometimes you get immediate ROI. And you suddenly like, see, oh, this like person who didn't know me two weeks ago, is now booking a call with me to be in my program. That's super cool. Sometimes it's a lot. A much longer runway. Yeah, like we talked about, we're attracting people who are like, at the very beginning of their buyers journey, they might join, take your quiz be on your email list for like, two, three years. Yeah. And be like, I'm ready to work with you now. Yeah. So it's cool. And like that effect that it has of both long term and short term. And so long as you're seeing like, you're at least breaking even with your ads, then I just think of it as an investment photo. Yeah,

Kathryn Thompson  28:13

totally. And you talked about the shareability of it, because I think that's also super powerful in marketing, right is like creating things that that people are going to naturally talk about for you and share for you. Right? Yeah. And I find that like a quiz and the results. They're just so freaking cool. I think mine are freaking cool. So I'm just like, they're so shareable. Right? Like, there's so yeah, people can get excited about it and share about it. So what was that? Like? You talked about the cosmic element? Why was that so intriguing for you? Like what? Why were you so excited to do this quiz?

Chanti Zak 28:50

Oh, my gosh, well, you know, as a copywriter, anytime you can like latch on to a really central consistent theme. It makes everything so much more fun. Because it's like it's a creative constraint. But also it gives you creative freedom. So we can like make all the metaphors, all the analogies all the puns have so much fun with it within that realm of like, cosmic encircle actor. intergalactic magic? Yeah, yeah. And we're like, everyone on my team is super into all that stuff. Yeah. It's easy for us. Actually. It's funny. I don't think I told you this. But when we were writing your quiz, and Lisa, who was working on the project, she she was like, I don't know very much about about like galaxies, or you know, star systems like yeah, do you know anyone who does and I was like, Oh my God, my dad. He's like a amateur astronomer had built an observatory in our backyard. When we were young, he would stay up till like five in the morning. Just taking photos, like he knows so much about DC, about all the stars. And we brought him in and I was like, Dad, we need to we need to get your your expertise on some some star stuff. So he like wrote me this huge email. And we use some of that it was really fun.

Kathryn Thompson  30:26

So brilliant. I love that because I mean, I Yes, I absolutely love like solar system and stars and the cosmic universe and all those sorts of things. But like I said, when I got the pages, I was just like, how do you as a copywriter? Like you said, you've got this theme that you're working with? And if you don't know anything about it, like how do you actually like, drop into that and right, because, yeah, some of the stuff that you guys use, I was just like, this is brilliant, like, absolutely brilliant. And it's like, yeah, how do you drop into that? If it's a topic that you're not really that? You don't really know that? Well? Yeah,


yeah. And then it's tricky, quite honestly. Like, I find that I'm at a place where I'm just taking clients that I know, my I get, I get what they're doing. And it's interesting to me, but also that like my team, I know I don't my team is interested in and what they like writing about, and I know their strengths. So I can also look from that lens of like, Oh, we're writing a quiz right now for someone who is a coach for parents of toddlers. So she helps with that. And the there's like a girl on our team who found out she just she just found out she's pregnant. I'm like, Oh, that's perfect. Because like, I can match them together. And she's already in like, Baby land learning about all this stuff. So this is great, although it might scare the actual crap out of her because she'll realize how crazy toddlers are. But you know what I mean? Like, if someone comes to us, like, oh, we had actually this like, huge pharmaceutical company, come to us. And I was like, yeah, no, like not really our jam. So knowing what you like to write about, even as a copywriter and what you're you're good at and what you're interested in, I think there's a lot to be said for that. And it's not always possible when you're just getting started. Like, when I was just getting started, I was so desperate for clients. I took this client, they were like podiatrist who taught other podiatrists how to market their podiatry business, it was like the most boring, scientific and also like learning about feet stuff. And podiatry marketing is like not, not something I'm super passionate about. But yeah, like, okay, figure it out.

Kathryn Thompson  33:04

Yeah, just take Yeah, so now more being more selective with with the people that you take on and, and knowing that, yeah, when you get to know them, and get to know their business, you can, yeah, figure out whether or not it's something that you can write really well, because that's the other big piece of this is the copywriting that goes into it, right? It's not just, Okay, I'm going to create this quiz. And it's gonna be based on personalities. And across between assessment and all of this. It's like the results pages are like, it's full of copy that has to speak to the people. Right. So you've got to know that the topic or the theme of it, right, and ours was like, mine is that cosmic feel right? So it's like, I just some of the references in there. I'm trying to think of some of the references in there that I was just like, how do they know that like, oh, that I think it was like, even like the songs because you're so good. And I think like music and stuff is like kind of your jam, right? So like the daft punk song. I was, like, absolutely loved Daft Punk. I'm like, Well, how do they know that? Like, I actually like that. And then it's like this, the reference of it right? Like, you know, you're up to the stars. I was like, how what of all the songs like, where are you pulling eautiful things from? Yeah,

Chanti Zak 34:14

yeah, yeah, totally. And we like ask in our kickoff bells, like, what kind of music do you like, and so it's, it's so cool to have those creative constraints, because then we're like, okay, we know that she likes Daft Punk. We know that this is the theme. So why is there something there? And there's a million little connections like that, that I think make it feel like, Oh, this

Kathryn Thompson  34:39

is totally me. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So good. So good. Um, I know that you've taken the quiz and I know that our listeners probably have no idea like even what the results are, but you've taken the quiz, what's your quiz result?

Chanti Zak 34:55

I think it's the solar flare. Okay, tell you I'm like I tested it so many times prior. I remember for sure, which was what I think is the solar flare. And let me pull it up because I have. Oh, do I have it? I think I do. See,

Kathryn Thompson  35:18

I'd love that one to the solar flare. I'm not the solar flare, but I'd love to the solar flare.

Chanti Zak 35:25

Yeah, yeah. So LeClaire, so it's cool. It's like a lot of leadership stuff, a natural performer, a gift for storytelling, totally. And totally resonate with those things.

Kathryn Thompson  35:40

Yeah. So fun. So fun. Is there anything else that you want to share with our listeners, before we wrap up, I know we've covered a lot about the process and quizzes and how beneficial they are for growing your business. But even more, so creating that intimacy and connection with your audience on a much deeper level than just like that surface level fluff, so to speak, that there's a lot of depth there. And you really get to know your audience, which is how you market and sell the people, right? If we if we want people to invest in what we're putting out. We've got to create that connection with them first. And quizzes are such a great way to do that. And my quiz I absolutely love. And again, I can't wait for people to take take it and share what their results are your solar flare. I'm going to keep mine on the download just a little longer, because I'm going to see if anybody can guess what I am a little while later after people have taken it. But is there anything else that you want to share with our listeners today? Before we we wrap up?

Chanti Zak 36:39

Well, you should take the quiz. Yeah. And then yeah, like coffee? No, I'm super curious to see how it how it resonates with people. And if you're thinking about creating your own, I would just say like, it feels like this huge endeavor. There's a lot of moving pieces, like we said, there's a lot going on, when you approach it from this intentional place. But keeping in mind that like you're playing the long game, you're gonna have this not only this quiz, but this business for years to come. And you want it to feel sustainable. So keeping that in mind, I think makes it feel more more doable.

Kathryn Thompson  37:18

Yeah. And you have a couple ways that people can work with you like you, you teach people how to do it themselves if they want to, or outsource they can work with you and your team. If they're a good fit, and and you will actually do the process for you, which I'm so glad that I invested in that versus trying to do this myself, because you guys did such an amazing job. Yeah. Yeah.

Chanti Zak 37:41

Thank you. Yeah, totally. You can find out more about either Chanteys act.com. Reach out on on Instagram, and it's just me.

Kathryn Thompson  37:53

Brilliant. Brilliant. We will also link all of those links up in the show notes. So you guys can access those pretty quickly along with the quiz link as well. So yes, definitely. Take the quiz. Let us know what you got which one you got and share that with us because we're excited to see Yeah. Awesome. Well,

Chanti Zak 38:13

thank you so much,

Kathryn Thompson  38:14

Kathryn. You're welcome. Thank you for being on the show. My pleasure.