March 1, 2022

How to Master the Art of Receiving to Uplevel Your Business with Andrea Freeman

How to Master the Art of Receiving to Uplevel Your Business with Andrea Freeman
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If you’ve done all the mindset hacks but still aren’t receiving the abundance you desire, make sure to listen to today’s episode. Andrea Freeman is sharing how to master the art of receiving to uplevel your business.

Andrea Freeman started her first business when she was 12 years old.  Three businesses and a lot of learning later, she was hosting red carpet celebrities in her event planning business. But, she felt unfulfilled. She said to herself, “There must be a better way!” That pivotal moment prompted a soulful search.

So if you want to master the art of receiving, tune into today’s episode.


●  How to master the art of receiving to uplevel your business.

●  Why do most business owners earn a lot of money but spend it equally as fast?

  • Mistakes most business owners make when it comes to cultivating an abundance mindset and how to avoid them.

● Why mastering the receiving part is equally as important as mastering the mindset around abundance.

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Hey hey, Kathryn here! I’m so glad you’re tuning in. If you’re new to the show, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know I’m all about keeping it real with you. Showing you all the sides of entrepreneurship (& life). I mean it’s all connected, right? 

I shared one of my favorite Brene Brown quotes,  if you’re not in the arena getting your ass-kicked, I don’t want your feedback. Well, I want you to see me as your friend in the arena equally getting my ass-kicked but inspiring you to keep going because I get it. I’m living it too.

And that the perspectives I share on the show are real life, in the arena types of perspectives, like the one I’m going to share with you today.

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So, if you want to catch the replay, grab the link in the show notes. 

Now let’s dive into the good stuff for today. Andrea Freeman started her first business when she was 12 years old.  Three businesses and a lot of learning later, she was hosting red carpet celebrities in her event planning business. But, she felt unfulfilled. She said to herself, “There must be a better way!” That pivotal moment prompted a soulful search.

So without further ado let’s welcome Andrea to the show!



Hey, hey, as I mentioned, I'm super stoked to have Andrea on the show to dive into how to leverage your mindset to uplevel your business, and really kind of get into the nitty gritty of like how to create, or really receive abundance in your life. So I'm just going to turn it right over to you, Andrea, so we can so our listeners can get to know who you are and what you do for business.


Yeah, absolutely. I'm so excited. I could talk about this stuff all day. So thank you for having me, and allowing me to share this information and everything with your people. So just for anybody who doesn't know who I am, or where I come from, I am a mindful business coach, I'm based in the US. I'm 90 miles north of New York City, just for geographical reference. And I love being able to support business owners who are really already expressed like they're clear. They want to be business owners, they're kind of brushing up against that, like, Am I starting to burn out? This is not feeling easy? Why isn't this getting any more sustainable, to help people who are in that space, be able to create systems that are manageable, and really leveraged their mindset to be able to make a difference in an impact in the world with their business?


So cool. I love the whole sustainability piece and the burnout piece, because I know when we started our brick and mortar which we've now sold, you know, there was a point in that business where I just like hit a massive wall of burnout, it was like, this isn't what I signed up for. So in terms of sustainability, do you think that it's really related to mindset?


I do I do. I you know, the thing is, you can't outperform your mindset, right. So the things that have us take action, are the thoughts that we think and so if my thoughts are based in limit, they're based in lack, they're based in scarcity. I'm really acting from this fear-based place. And I'm not going to take necessarily the actions that would produce the greatest result with the greatest amount of ease and grace. And that's what I want for people. I want for people to be able to stop feeling like it's so much work like they're having to force things all the time. And they're having to like micromanage every aspect in every area of their business in their life. I believe that we're all really, truly here to thrive in this life. And no single one of us has been picked out individually, like everyone else here gets to thrive, except to you, right, like, totally, yeah. So when we embrace that, when we get like, wow, I am working really hard. But I should be able to be feeling more ease, I should be able to be feeling more joy, I should be able to be feeling more calm in my life in the pursuit of the things that make me happy that I can truly have it all. That's like the first mindset set shift, right? Yeah,


yeah. And let's talk about the force piece. Because I think that like, we live in a culture of like hustle and force and push and work hard, and all those sorts of things. So it's like a natural tendency. I know, when I left corporate open the brick and mortars like, that's what I did. I just hustled hard, and I had a lot of grit. And that's just how I function. So when I got into the brick and mortar world, originally, that's where I hit a lot of mindset stuff because I was so used to just grinding, but it's not sustainable. And so what are some things that like, from a practical perspective like that we can point out for people because I know all of my listeners are going to go, Yeah, I'm forcing things or I'm hustling hard. And I'm grinding, like, what are some practical things in their business that we can point out for them that is a sign of force and push and hustle that they might not know in their mind?


Yeah, so if you hear yourself saying things to yourself, or out loud, like, I would think it would be easier by now, or I don't know why this isn't getting easier, or I don't, I'm tired of working so hard, or I don't have time for that again, right? Like if you have this sense that you're missing out on the things that you really want to do, because I just need to get this one little piece together. And then I just need to get this one little piece together, right? Like if that keeps happening on repeat. That's a pretty good indication that you're forcing and that you're pushing really hard. The other thing is that if you can establish for yourself a few non-negotiables like a few things that you know, really light you up and really get you to your place of center, right? Like for me, I recognize when I had a celebrity event planning business for years, and in that business, I would run to the train every morning and I was like, Oh my gosh, this is not sustainable. I got it. Yeah, I got to, you know, bring some other people on like every morning on repeat, this is not sustainable. This is not sustainable. But also, I wasn't getting to do something that brings me so much joy, which is I love to cook, it's my happy place that's kind of meditative for me. You know, I actually went to culinary school, I don't use that degree professionally, I just throw really awesome dinner parties and have great leftovers from my family. And when I am in business, and not having time to cook for me or my family, I know that things are out of balance, and things are out of whack. So the things that bring you joy, not because it makes your business more successful, but truly just because they bring you joy. If painting is your thing, if going for a walk in nature is your thing. But somehow you're not having time to step away and go do that thing that you would love to do that would fill your soul. You're out of balance, and you're probably forcing.


Yeah, I absolutely love that. Because I think that, you know, one of the things whenever I created space in my business, I tried to fill it with more business stuff. And then I was like, wait a minute, why am I trying to fill every ounce of my calendar with more ways to grow my business or market my business or whatever? What are the things that bring me joy outside of business, like cooking, or painting, or pottery, or going for walks, or whatever those things are, and you're so banging on when you say like, if you don't even have the time to do the things that bring you joy in life, your business might bring you joy to the thing you do, hopefully, it brings you the joy of why you're doing it? But it doesn't mean that you have to fill every ounce of your day with tasks and things that need to get done within your business like can you fill your do have time to do the other things. And I think getting out in nature and doing having hobbies, and that sort of thing is so important. So if people are forcing really hard and business, I know the art of receiving, like how do you actually receive abundance and flow? How do you prepare yourself for that?


Yeah, yeah, I think that I love how many people are starting to ask this question, because I think we're starting to get into a new place of creating a business from and this is really, truly getting to the heart of our self-expression and what lights us up and what brings us joy. So when we talk about abundance, we're not talking about just having enough to get by right like that's, you know, surviving, that's, you know, enough that status quo, we're talking about having more than enough being overflowing and feeling like there is enough for me enough for you, right, more than enough to go around. So when we want to bring an abundance of anything right into our life. Now for business, very often we want an abundance of clients, we want an abundance of money, we want an abundance of probably, you know, free time, like the reason that a lot of people go into business is to be able to have time for the things that matter, most of them. So the foundation of this is that you have to have the mindset and the belief that your business is meant to serve you, first and foremost, that the thing that actually brings in that attracts that magnetizes all those people and all those many dollars that you want to be making from your business is you feeling good. Because when you're showing up in that space of like, I'm just gonna do it, you know, like, I got to do it. And it's feeling like a chore like people pick up on that energy and people pick up on that vibe. Now, you might end up with this kind of like maladaptive behavior where you can put on the happy face and inside, though, you know that this is not truly bringing you joy, and that what you really want more than anything is a day off, right? Go take the day off, come back, refresh, come back, restored, and then come back and be very mindful and attentive to where you actually already have abundance because this is the big thing when we talk about manifesting that a lot of people kind of feel like it's gonna bring me something that I don't already have actually how these universal principle works is that we draw to us the things that are already a vibrational match for who we are for our energy for what we're putting out there. Right. Some people call it your vibe, right? your highest self like there are so many different ways to refer to it, but what you're putting out there, if it is kind of mismatch and based in that I don't really have this thing and it's kind of missing and that that's what I want to bring into my life in my business. You're gonna keep getting more of what you don't have. Instead, you want to flip the focus and be really present to and really grounded into how very much you do have and receiving anything is really critical for being able to receive more in other areas of our life. So let's say I don't exactly have the number of clients or the revenue that I want, right? Yeah, but I'm really good at manifesting people who are supportive and loving and right, like, I've got this great group of friends. Well, that's what I want to focus my energy on, I want to make sure I'm nourishing those relationships, I'm really focused, and really present to where abundance is already available to me, and I want to celebrate that and I want to be grateful for that. And I want to dance in that energy, and not get overly or hyper-focused on the part that's missing, right? Like, the more I can create that feeling of joy and peace and fulfillment and satisfaction from where I already have abundance, I will create more abundance, you know, I'll fill in those gaps, basically.


Yeah, I love that I absolutely love that sort of explanation of how to how to receive because I know one of the questions that I often get asked and a lot of entrepreneurs will ask is, yeah, I understand to focus on gratitude and focus on the abundance I have in my life. But when my business is operating in a survival state, the the the lack is so present, right is like, I don't have the clients, I don't have the money, like how am I going to pay the bills? How I'm gonna, you know, keep the roof over my head and put food on the table is like how to turn that off, right? Or where do we actually focus. And so I love that you say, like, focus on the other areas of your life where there is abundance. But what if there is entrepreneurs out there that are like really operating in survival? And they're like, I can't seem to shut my brain off when it comes to not having enough?


Yeah, yeah. You know, the other thing that I see that's so common is that I'll hit like, something that seems like abundance, that seems like a surplus, and then I'll pop back down to our revenue, right? Like, like, Why do I hit that ceiling? It almost seems like I can't breakthrough, and then hop back down to something that pops me back into survival mode. And this is where working on your mindset comes in. Like, it's so critical? Because is there something that this survival mode is pointing to is there a place it you know, an incident, a time that I can kind of point to where I developed this belief that earning money has to be hard, or I don't get to be rich, or you know, like other people, right? Like, wealthy people come from wealthy families, like you name it, there are so many kinds of like, you know, money mindsets that we can develop from the people around us, right? Our parents, our teachers, our mentors, when we were growing up when we were younger, and we were in that sponge phase of just like, mapping onto what everybody else around us thought about what it meant to earn money, right? But we kind of deviated from the path to go off on our own and start a business. And so our money mindset needs to deviate probably from all of those things. And so it's, it's served us for a time, we can bank it, we can let it go. And we can create a new money mindset. And there are so many tools, like, you know, affirmations, and I love to do tapping work and EFT. I'm a big fan of that, you know, I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist. So I do like guided meditations with people, there are so many ways to come at it. So it's not for lack of tools, it's just basically kind of identifying that, like, there might be a limiting belief at play here, whether I know exactly what it is or not. And I'm gonna step up to kind of explore it and be in that space of uncovering what might be limiting. And, you know, so like I said, if you're popping up to that revenue, it's like seeming like, Yes, this is great, this is where I want to be, and then you're popping right back down. If that keeps happening, then you know, you got some, you know, receiving blocks, and really some money mindset things to work out.


Yeah. And that's brilliant. Because I know, I hear that so often from clients, right is like I've, I feel like I hit this ceiling, or I get this like influx of cash, and then it's gone. Or it's like they were operating in survival for so long. They get that influx of cash, and then they have to pay off or pay, you know, like they're paying all this stuff, and then they're back down to that point. And like you're saying is it's not a one size fits all for everybody. It just depends on if you're popping up and down and up and down. You there's something there that needs to be worked on. And for every person that's going to be different depending on how they were conditioned or the limiting beliefs they're carrying, or that sort of thing.


Yeah, and you know, these things aren't even necessarily something that somebody told you so for me was like a really concrete example from my own life. Yeah. And it was time for me to go away to college. My family didn't have many millions of dollars to send me away to university. So I I had to apply for financial aid. And I remember sitting down with my stepfather, you have to have like this, you know, detailed financial conversation to apply. So they know how if you qualify, and he told me how much money he made. And I just in that moment was like, Whoa, how have we been surviving? Like, I had, you know, a part-time job. And so I kind of knew a little bit about money, right, I was just coming into my understanding about money. But I definitely was very, very clear that that was not enough for a family of my size, and that, I was going to need at least double that, to have a good life. So boom, right there. In a split second, I put together my first threshold, my first ceiling of learning, and every time I would get close to it, all of a sudden, something would happen in some other area of life where I would get busy, and then I couldn't focus on my business, or I would start, like, not being interested in marketing anymore. And I would like back off, and so that funnel would dry up, or I would say that my calendar was filled. And you know, I would, I would be trying to do it all myself. So I didn't have time to do sales and service at the same time. So these things can be like really kind of hidden under there. Yeah. Something that somebody's like, beat you over the head with like, you can just decide it for yourself. And then boom, you're locked in. And that's the way of being until it kind of gets some light shed on it. And you get to say like, Okay, that was a great like, right, like, I doubled my parent's income, like that was a great milestone for me to reach. And now, it's not gonna serve me anymore, because I don't want to stay here. I'm going to release it, I'm going to thank it, I'm going to do all of the work to get it out of the way and put it in the past and not have it create and dictate my future.


Yeah. And that's interesting. The subtleties that can happen in your business, where you're not really or in life, right, like, again, is to keep you at that threshold that you've subconsciously decided or consciously decided, based on what you saw your stepfather making, right? Like, I want to make this. So in terms of busting through that then so say somebody said, a ceiling of you know, I want a six-figure business or I want to make 100k a year. And that's been their threshold for whatever reason, or they've said, I want to make 150,000 a year. Do you experience people getting to that point of like, they just can't seem to get past that? 150 or 100? Because that's the thing they've said in their brain there they are wanting to achieve?


Yeah, so people do it expresses itself in so many different ways. Some people are so into their numbers, and they're very conscious of that they're getting close to it and around like 95, all of a sudden, like sneaky things will come in, and they'll pop down a little bit lower because they recognize, oh, I'm about to hit that. But that achievement of that milestone is actually scary to me on a subconscious level. And it's kind of threatening, so let me back off


there we go. Your audio went away a bit high.


Weird. So yeah, yeah. Suddenly, it looked frozen on my side, too. So I was like, I think we lost each other.


Yeah. I think you were talking and I'll and he'll, my editor will cut this out. He's awesome. So I think it was about your around the subconscious.


Yeah. So you know, so we'll get close to that number. And then like, subconsciously, will start doing things that back us off that pull us back from that kind of pain point. And that the fear of the unknown, like, because I haven't created what is life beyond this number, right. The other thing that I see happen is people will not be so related to the numbers and so they'll kind of like actually blast past that milestone without being aware of it. But then once they find out that they surpass that milestone, they'll they'll go back down, right, like some kind of thing will happen. The secret to being able to get through this is to have a lot of grace with yourself for your humanity, right. Like you put that in place for a reason. It was designed to protect you. It felt safe if felt comfortable, right. So you have to honor that. And then there are all kinds of things you can do to release it and create some something new that's gonna serve like this, you know, this newer version of you this updated version of you. And sometimes when people are trying to like create that new milestone, I'll see this thing where they got like six figures, six figures, six figures, right? Especially in the online entrepreneur award world, that is a common target, right? The six-figure business, give me so many things like, first of all, if that's your goal, like let's be a little more specific, okay, we want to be really specific, the universe loves specificity. So anyway, I will not get on a soapbox about being clear and specific. But I will leave it there and say that if we decide a new milestone is in order, then we have to create the space for us to be able to grow into it and for why it's going to serve us and all the ways that will inspire us to continue to show up and take action. And this is where it's really important to attend to who you're being in your business. Ah, yeah, yeah, creating from that place of, you know, openness and honesty, and really being in tune with your core values, and what's important to you, and what lights you up. And the more you can be in your business, the easier it will be to hit that goal or that milestone.


Yeah. So as you go, because I see that often too, right, as people will say, like, they hit that, I don't know, 40k a month or 50k a month, and they were making 10k. And now they hit the 40. But now they're down to like five because they're like what happened? Right? And it's that threshold, they've gone beyond the threshold that they want it. But they're they haven't created the space to fully receive it. Right? They're not being that person within and for whatever reasons, it could be something that's trying to keep them safe at that 10k versus the 40k or 50k, or whatever months. You want. Yeah, right. Right. Totally. Yeah. Yeah. So in terms of like, even safety of receiving, do you do what like? How do people feel safe in receiving more?


Hmm, yeah. So this is really, really it's different for everybody. But I have like a process that I call basically, being a host in your business. Because when I was doing my celebrity event planning business, I kind of like looked around at all these high performers that I was so blessed to be working with. And I was like, how are these people doing? How are they showing up? How are they being so highly visible? And how are they doing it in such a sustainable way. And I was like, There's something here for me. And I started to notice those common threads. And so what I say is, you could basically be a host in your business, and that is showing up and being in charge and having a say, and getting to choose the direction and be intentional, right? That's what most of us desire. But the other side of it is that we could be a guest in our business, just like a guest at a party, right? Who doesn't really have a say, in the music that's playing, or the food that's being served or who's invited, right, you just kind of take what's offered and you make the most of it, instead of just making the most of what's available, right the opportunities, the kind of clients that are, you want to be intentional, you want to be creating all of it, you want to experience yourself as the generator of every aspect of your business. And so, to be a host, what that really looks like is, ah is that you're honoring your why you're getting really clear about why you're doing what you're doing, you're having something bigger than you that drives you something bigger, honestly, than your business that your business can fit into right so that your business ends up being more of a reflection of who you are. And then you're owning who you truly are. And this is the biggest one, this is where people get the most hung up, right. This is where we get into limiting beliefs or self-doubt, or overthinking or overwhelm. And we start feeling like it should be really hard, right? But when you step outside and get really related to how very much you are here to thrive, and that that is your birthright, those little things start having less of a pole. Now how they have less of a pole and you make sure they have less of a pole is that you do that as you shift your perspective. You take it to the next level, you work on that mindset, you develop that meditation practice, you do the things that are feeling right and aligned for you that are not necessarily logical, like step away for time off and refill your cup, right? Anything that gets you into that space of feeling more refreshed and more like yourself so that you can show up more fully for your business, right. And then ultimately, when you do all of those things, you show up in this place that's kind of effervescent, that's kind of overflowing that's pretty abundant. That's pretty clear about that you have something magical to share with people, and that it just lights you up, right? You stop living. And this is like the kind of like martyr thing that can happen when people want like a really big impact in the world, like, we kind of start to, like get crushed under the weight of it. But when you're showing up just because it's an expression of you, and you have more than enough, you're already fulfilled by it, you got more than enough to share with everybody else. Then you're taking actions, you're setting milestones, you're creating goals, from a place of fullness, instead of from a place of lack and scarcity. Right?


Totally, totally.


So you just want to be a host in your business.


Yeah, I love that perspective, right of like, Are you being a guest in your business? Are you actually being a host? Are you and I think sometimes and I've seen this and I think I experienced it when I first started and entrepreneurship was, you know, it, you almost go into business with like that desperate mindset and a lot of ways like I need to make sales, I need to have clients or customers coming through my door, or I don't have a business. And so you take on whoever you want it, you don't get clear about the type of people you actually want to attract you just like I'll take anyone at this point because they're paying the bills. Right. And that's that guest perspective, right? You're just like going through the motions.


Yeah, I mean, think about if you were to do that, in dating, if you would just Yeah, anybody who walked through the door, because it's a warm body like your dating life might not be very fulfilling, it's the same thing in your business. You want people who are an energetic match, you want people who light you up to work with. And so it's obviously like, there's so much talk and you know, all the marketing people talk about getting clear on your, whatever your avatar, I call it your soulmate, client, whatever that looks like having that clarity. That's a differentiator, that makes a huge difference. And being able to recognize them when they show up, and then also being able to say like, actually, we're not a fit, you should go call so and so you're gonna love working with them. I'm keeping my door open for the right person for me,


100%. Because I think that it's saying no, to the to the wrong type of clients, like saying no to them, I think can be hard when we are operating in that desperate lack. Scarcity, right? Like, oh, gosh, is another client going to come my way is this, you know, the universe sent me this person. So this might be the right person. But one of the cool things that I was chatting with somebody about said that the universe loves to surprise us or deliver us things that aren't in alignment with us to see if we're ready to like, really up-level what we're doing, do you like buy into that same sort of thing. It's almost like a trick or not a trick, but I'm not


sure the universe is like trying to trick us or like is mischievous in that way. But I do think that the universe responds to what you have already said yes to. So if you've kind of compromised your avatar or your ideal client, and have said like, I'm willing to work with something like, like, let's say you want to work with business owners who already have achieved like, a certain amount of success, right? And are very, yeah, they want to be business owners, as opposed to like people who are new and starting out, right, if your person is established and knows what they want, but you've actually taken on a few newbies, the universe might send you a few more newbies and say like, Well, it seems like maybe like working with these ones, right? And so it's always up to us to enforce our boundaries, and, you know, be the one who stands up and is the biggest cheerleader for what we want. And it's never too late. Like just because you did that. And you work with that. And like you figured out how to be positive about it and get the most joy out of okay, fine. But it doesn't mean that you can't true up your boundary. And now you say like, yeah, I've done it. And who I work best with is x, y, and z. And I know this, I love to give it a referral. First of all, it totally sends a signal universe, that abundance is your perspective. And you are playing that game, right? More than enough business to go around. So I you know what, I don't, I don't work best with this situation. You want somebody who works best with yours. And that person is over here. Let me send an email. Let me introduce you, you guys are totally going to hit it off. And then you've done it in such an amazing, generous kind way. The universe is like, Okay, now give me your order again. Really, right. Now, here's where that specificity comes in. Right? Like now, they'll tell me that they're in business for how many years? They got how many dollars in the bank? Okay, all right. We got to like they were gonna send it your way.


Yeah, totally. And I think that's where, you know, sometimes even the lack of clarity or the uncertainty when you're wobbling in your business can really impact what's being delivered your way right? Or not delivered your way and as you said, it's a total energetic match of who you're being right now in this moment, but it doesn't mean that you're going to be punished for it if you say yes to you know, people that aren't in alignment they saw you're getting punished we got to get rid of the whole punishment. You know, the universe is gonna punish you or there's gonna be bad karma or anything like that. It's it's just You get to pivot, you get to change, you get to uplevel. And as a you up level, more people are going to come your way that are matching that up level. So yeah, yeah. So how do you maintain the level? Like, what are some practical ways to, like maintain that up level? Like is to prevent the popping down?


Yeah, yeah. So really how you maintain the up-level is that you do whatever it takes for you to feel good, right? So sometimes up-leveling can be, can be difficult work. It can be it can feel like I'm shedding all these layers that are right, I'm crying it and forgiving. Do inner child work? Like there's so many different things. But there are also gentle ways to do it. Right? Yeah, do it in a way that feels good for you. You know, get as quiet as you possibly can with yourself to hear what you really want. You know, I think one of the most important distinctions that I've learned in business is that taking what's available, and you know, mate, taking the best of what's available isn't always the right thing. Sometimes what is really aligned for me, actually isn't available. And I have to generate that opportunity. Right. So let's say I show up at a buffet, right? And I'm like, wow, look at this spread. They've got these buttery croissants, and they've got the salmon and the bagels, and, you know, granola. And that, oh my gosh, they have the RCI bowl. And I'm like, Okay, there's a bunch of things on here that I would really love to eat. Like, I love many of these things. But then I get quiet with myself. And I asked, What does my body want? Right? Yeah. And it turns out what my body wants right now is, I don't know, a celery juice. Like, what? Okay, if I hadn't gotten quiet, I probably wouldn't have known that. Because there are all these things I like, and all these things I'm interested in, right. So just the things that you like, and just the things that you're interested in doesn't necessarily mean that it's always the thing that's going to resonate the most with you. So trusting that intuition, being able to go to that inner voice and trust that wisdom, as opposed to always looking for the answer on the outside, right? And looking at what's available? Or are people buying my product or my offer or my service, it's not necessarily an indicator that your business is fulfilling you. Right? Totally, totally. I mean, our roster, we can be providing services, we can be very busy, but on the inside feel like what I really want to do is something totally different, right? I think the more we honor those inner callings, the more we show up and do the things now listen, I'm not saying everybody shut down their business and abstract artists or, you know, like, you know, start doing ballet on you know, like, that's not what I'm saying. But what I am saying is, can you carve out a little time for FIFA? For you, right? For fun? Not because it's profitable, not because it's going to generate more clients, not because it impacts the bottom line in any other way. Besides that, energetically, you are more aligned with yourself. And that has you show up more powerfully


100% I think bringing that fun and play back into your life in general, right? Because when we get going through the motions in business, whether, you know, if you had a corporate career, at some point, you probably get this to like going through the motions of just doing the thing because it's bringing in that paycheck. But does it 100% fulfill you? And if it doesn't anymore, how can you bring things into it that do like getting back to that? Why right is like, well, I did this for a reason. And maybe it is you need to pivot maybe you need to pivot what you do. Maybe you need to change directions. But you know, can you bring in Yeah, the things that you're, you know, that bring you joy, right now,


there's so much pressure on our businesses to fulfill us. And here's the thing, I mean, I have kids, and I feel like I've learned this sometimes the hard way. I'm not meant to be everything to a kid, right? Like, I'm not meant to be the best friend and the aunt, and the best and the sister and the teacher and the mom. Like I can't fulfill all of those roles, right? We need people who are diversified in their experience and who are sometimes just quite honestly not me. Yeah, able to provide the guidance and the learning and the wisdom and the play and the all the things that a developing human being needs. Our businesses are like little entities like little living breathing things. And the more we recognize that they need diversity that They need space and they need room to grow that sitting on top of them. And trying to micromanage them all the time into submission. Yeah, not going to make us happy or make them productive. Yeah, more room that we can give to like, okay, that's okay, I got a few fires. But you know what, they're not really going to burn down the village right now, I want to go over here and 10. And I will be able to come back to this situation with a more elegant solution. Because I've had time to regroup and do some stuff that restores me, the more we can do that in our business, the more we can serve our business, and then in turn, the more our business can serve us.


Yeah, so beautiful in terms of like releasing the pressure, because I think like you said, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be all of the things for the business. And if there are fires, and whatever going on, you know that that gripping right like that, trying to micromanage everything and walking away. And giving yourself space actually serves you a lot better to be able to handle some of the stuff that's coming up in a more elegant, elegant way. Yeah, so beautifully said that pressure. I think a lot of entrepreneurs carry a lot of pressure, put a lot of pressure on themselves put a lot of pressure on their business, which ends up you know, stifling that abundance and receiving.


Yeah, and it's really, it's where the rubber meets the road when we talk about an abundance mindset. If you're like, Yeah, I believe in abundance that right? Like if you're feeling like aligned to that, but you can't step away from your business. If you're caught up in that micromanaging, you're not trusting that the universe is going to take care of you and your business. There's something there's something to look at there. Right?


Yeah, whenever you're forcing, gripping, micromanaging, it's a really good opportunity for people to start to, like, investigate or create awareness, at least, like why am I doing this? Why do I feel like I need to do this. And that's kind of the first place to start to be able to do some of the work that needs to be done with mindset, and all of that. I also really loved one of the things you said about your body, right is like, you know, looking at this smorgasbord of like really delicious food, and then your body's like, I just want celery juice. It's like, what, it's all this, you know, it's like really trust getting out of our head a lot of the times and back into that body and trusting that intuition that it knows best in the moment and being able to really lean into that. Yeah, love that. Love that. I love this conversation. I think I mean, I could talk about it for days, I know, our you know, all the listeners are gonna love it too. Is there anything else you would love to touch on before we wrap up?


I mean, I think the biggest gift that you can give ourselves as business owners is to let our own personal evolution really fuel our Business Revolution, whatever that looks like for you. You know, everybody else's personal development journey doesn't have to be what yours looks like. So find those things that light you up that allow you to get more clarity and more insight about why you're showing up and being the person that you're being in your business and allow yourself to get a little playful with it, and maybe create some new ways of being.


Yeah, I love that, you know, it's getting stepping away from like, the one size fits all or there's this like one singular path or secret sauce or a secret recipe that you know, fits for everybody. And it really doesn't that everybody's path is, is different. So where can people reach out to you or find you if they want to connect with you?


Yeah, so I'm super active on Instagram. That's kind of my internet happy place. So my handle over there is at a freeman underscore and stuff.


Awesome. We will definitely add that into the show notes so that they can click on that and connect with you over there. Again, it's been such a pleasure chatting with you about mindset, intuition, all of that. The art of receiving which I think you know, is going to be some really practical takeaways for people on how to really create that space. So they can uplevel their business but have fun with it too. So


yeah, awesome. Thanks for this conversation. I really love being here. Yes. Thank you.

Now on Episode #41 – I’m going to dive deeper into the topic of how to navigate what to say and how to say it when really bad things are happening in the world. Because the most recurring theme I’ve experienced in my 20-year career is will I turn my audience off if I express how I feel about this topic that isn’t on brand or the flip side…how do I protect my reputation in the face of the issues we are facing in the world.