April 12, 2022

Why I Created My Quiz and What I Was Hoping to Achieve

Why I Created My Quiz and What I Was Hoping to Achieve

I’ve been asked why I created my quiz, so I’m pulling back the curtains and sharing my thought process on what I was hoping to achieve with it.

So tune in to today’s episode, if you want to hear the inner workings of my brain and why I decided to create an epic quiz.


●  Why I created the quiz and what I was hoping to achieve with it.

●  How the quiz is a reflection of who I am as a person and the type of experience I wanted my audience to get when interacting with my brand.

● The secret to ditching the cookie-cutter digital marketing approaches is to stand out in this crowded online space.

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Hey, hey, Kathryn here. I'm so glad you're tuning in. If you're new to the show, welcome, welcome. I'm super stoked that you're here. If you've been around for a bit, you know, I'm all about keeping it real with you showing you all sides of entrepreneurship and life. I mean, it's all connected, right? And if you've tuned into the last two episodes, you know that I just launched one of the most epic quizzes the interwebs has ever seen. If I don't say so myself, might be a tad bias. But the feedback that we've been getting to date has been, like, amazing. I'm just like, really giddy and excited anytime I talk about it. Because not only is the concept of the quiz, and why we created it, so freaking awesome. But the results and the value that everybody's getting from it is something that I feel like is missing in the online space. And I'm going to share with you today why I created it, my thought process behind why I created it, but I had Shanti Zak on the episode last week. And she was able to share with you her process, right? Because I approached her I think it was last summer, probably June or July in 2021. And said, Hey, I'm looking to do this quiz or a quiz of some sort. And here's why I want to do it. Is this something that you and your team are able to take on? And they did, obviously, because I had her on the show last week, and she shared her process and kind of what goes into building a really awesome quiz that delivers exceptional value for the people. And so she shared that process with you. If you haven't tuned into that I highly recommend that you do because you're gonna get her perspective of what goes into building a quiz why quizzes are so awesome to use as a way to connect with your audience, learn about your audience, and start to form that relationship with them. But I've also been getting a ton of questions from people who have now taken the quiz. And people in my networks who are saying like what was your thought process, Katherine. So I wanted to devote an entire episode to this because I also realize that I bring things to life. And I don't often talk about why I did it, what went into it for me what my thought process was, I'm just like a really quick person that moves really quickly from project to project. And I realized that there's a lot of benefit in hearing my side of things and how I do things and my process and the thought process. And all of that goes into it. So I wanted to devote an entire episode to that before I dive into that, though, I do want to encourage you to take the quiz if you have not done so already. It's for all entrepreneurs who are really looking to amplify who they are and get paid for it. So what is your elevated edge, it's all around owning that elevated edge so that you can become that sought after entrepreneur in your industry. And really stand out amongst the noise that's going on in the online space predominantly is like how to really get known how to get your message heard. And what's really interesting about the quiz and what it reveals, it doesn't just reveal what your elevated edge is, like a one pager, there's so much depth and texture and thoughtfulness and value on each and every results page. Things like giving you a custom Starmap for the types of experiences that you can create for your audience. Because depending on who you are, and how you naturally express yourself will depend on the type of experiences that you create for your people. And what you know is natural to me is not necessarily going to be natural for you. And that's where we can get really caught up in the online space, I think, or just in business in general is that we compare ourselves to other entrepreneurs and we look outside of ourselves and go, Hmm, this person is doing this and it's successful. So I'm going to try to do the same thing. And when we don't see the results, it's frustrating because we're like, how was that person highly successful offering this type of experience for their clients, but I can't do the exact same thing. It's likely because it's not in alignment with your unique energy expression. And this is what this quiz is going to reveal for you. Not only is it going to reveal your elevated edge, but it's also going to reveal how to tap More into your unique energy expression because I truly 100% believe that when you align your marketing strategies with that, you are going to completely skyrocket your business and take it to a whole next level. I promise you that and so that's why the results pages I said are so revealing. They also provide like the platforms you should be on The way to connect with your audience like, they're the freaking bomb and Shanti. And her team absolutely nailed, why I wanted to do this quiz. And the way in which I wanted my audience to experience it, they nailed it with those results pages. So if you haven't done so already, there is a link around this episode where you can go and take the quiz, find out what your elevated edge is. And when you do, I would love for you to take me over on Instagram, or shoot me a DM or whatnot, because I love learning about the different elevated edges that are in my community in my space. And I just find it really fun to get to know who people are. And like I said, the feedback to date has been so epic, people are reaching out to me, and they're like, I'm a solar flare, or I'm a Morningstar or I'm a interstellar innovator. And it's just really cool to, to connect with people on that level. And to really know, and, again, a lot of the feedback that we've got is like, I feel for the first time that I'm, like, seen and heard and understood and that all of the things that I was resistant about doing ways in which to market like, reaching out in the DMS and starting conversations there, or being on social all the time, or dancing on reels or whatever, like, I felt so much resistance around that. And the quiz really actually shows me why I have resistance around it. It's not because I'm scared or fearful or whatnot, it just really not my natural way of connecting with people or expressing myself. And so it just feels really awkward to me, but I do it because the algorithm, you know, prioritizes reels, and all those sorts of things. And so people have approached me saying, you know, I finally feel understood, or like somebody gets me or like, I'm looking into a mirror going, Yes, you know, I realize now why I, you know, didn't want to do those things. It wasn't out of fear, but just out of the fact that it's not who I am. And I just want to be able to show up in my business in a way that's true to who I am and get paid for it. And here's the thing, that's the goal. And if you've built a business today, and you aren't doing that, you're likely going to hit a point where you get to massive burnout. Or you hit a wall where you're just not fulfilled or you lack inspiration. I've been there, I know it, I built a business, a brick and mortar business before it ever built an online business. And I hit a massive wall in that business because it was so out of alignment with who I was as a human. But yet I was doing it. And it was and we were selling lots and all of those sorts of things. But it got to a point where I just couldn't do it anymore. And so I want to invite you to take the quiz to learn a little bit more about who you are and share with me what your elevated edge is. It is just such a really fun quiz. I got an email recently from someone that was like, Hey, your quiz was a really fucking cool and so much fun and be just had so much value and information and so spot on an accurate so if that doesn't inspire you to go take the quiz. I don't know what will but you can go take it over at creatively own.com backslash quiz. And again, I'd love to learn what your elevated edge is now, on to the good stuff, my thought process and why I decided to create the quiz. So just a bit of a backstory. For those of you that don't know, I worked in corporate marketing communications for 15 years, I ditched that career to open a winemaking business, a local custom winery where I live in Canada. And after about two years in business, I really started to hit a place of burnout to a point that I knew that the model, the business model that we had created wasn't in alignment with the lifestyle and the life that I wanted to live. And so we I knew at that point that something had to happen where you know, do we sell do we close all of the things that go through your mind. And luckily for us, we were able to sell at the height of COVID. But I came out of that brick and mortar and I went straight into my online business. I had taken a bit of time off to sort of like self reflect and all of that. And I had been dabbling in the online space on the side of my brick and mortar. So it wasn't like I came into the online space and I was all fresh and new. I had been dabbling in it probably for two years before we ever sold just to see like is this what I want to do what Who do I want to serve? How do I want to support people? And last summer we're coming up to the year date in which we had sold our brick and mortar and I was feeling a little unsettled In my online business, I had, you know, launched group programs, I had run those, I'd really enjoyed it. But I was exhausted with the launch roller coaster, and the inconsistency of sales that would come in, that were so reliant on that launch process where you're pushing, pushing, and you get this injection of cash. And then it's no cash because you're not launching. And it just, it never really jived with me as a person, but it was the thing that was taught to me on how to build a business. And I also found that I really loved writing and working with clients in a one-to-one capacity. So I started to, like, entertain that, and then realized that I became booked out with that, and I was unable to grow that business model, because there's only so many hours in a day for me to write, and I'm only one human. And so last summer, I was at a bit of a crossroads, right. I was like, do I relaunch a group program? If so, how do I go about sustaining this long term, because the launch roller coaster is not sustainable? Do I continue doing one-to-one and I was at such a crossroads. And I actually remember, I have people in the corporate world that reach out to me with, you know, just sort of like seeing phishing, if I'm ever going to come back to corporate or if I ever want a job back in corporate, and I had a job opportunity come up. And somebody offered me a position. But it wasn't a position in the city that I live in. And I wasn't prepared to move. But I also wasn't prepared to sort of entertain the corporate world again. And I was kind of like, No, you know, I'm really loving entrepreneurship, I just need to find my groove in it. Even though I was at that crossroads. And then I had another exceptional job come across my plate, and the pay was phenomenal. Like it was exceptional, you know, and I remember looking at Craig and saying, Hey, do you think I should go back to corporate like, check out this job? It's amazing. The pay is amazing. The benefits are amazing. And bless his heart because he knows me. So fricking Well, the first thing out of his mouth was yeah, that looks great. But you'll be miserable. And I was like what, and we've been together I think 12 years now it 12 years here this month. And so he knows me really well. And he was just like, it'd be miserable. Catherine, like, you know that. Why are you entertaining this. And it's funny, I entertain things all the time, I used to apply for jobs just for the sake of it just to like, have the experience, you know, throw my hat in the ring, so to speak. Even if I wasn't 100% interested. It's just who I am, right? I'm always kind of like, keeping my options open and keeping opportunities that come my way, like have an open mind towards them. And I was like, Oh, you're so right. And then we got in the car. And we drove up to the West Coast. And we spent some time with his his dad and stepmom. And I remember saying, mentioning that job to her. And we were sitting on the beach like looking at this beautiful lake. And we were in the, you know, BC British Columbia, which is gorgeous country. And I remember mentioning it to her she was asking about the podcast and how it was going. And I had just launched the podcast at that time. And I mentioned this job. And I said but like, you know, I'm getting these corporate people reaching out to me than these jobs come across my plate like, what do you think, you know, the pay is exceptional. The benefits are exceptional. And she said the same thing to me, Chris step mom. She said, don't take it for the money, whatever you do, do not take the job for the money. And it's funny because I don't live my life that way. But it seemed so enticing at the time. Why I'm telling you this is because at that time, like I said I was in a crossroads. I was like what do I do? Do I continue in the online world? Do I go back to my roots in corporate? Like what is it that I do? And I had been following Shanti Zak for about four years probably way before I even started an online business. And when I started my online business, I knew at one point I was like, you know, doing a quiz would be really freaking cool. Because I I love taking them. I love learning more about who I am, and I and it's just something that I find really fun and engaging. And I've always had it sort of in the back of my mind. And I think when I boiled it down at that time why I felt maybe a little disgruntled or you know, not really sure of where I wanted to take my business was because I had been in the space I think for two years and there was just a lot of rhetoric that in the marketing communications world that I didn't necessarily agree with that was being pushed in the online space. Lots of things like, using, you know, I don't know, I call it psychological trickery, that might be a little dramatic, but using a lot of these tactics to lure people in and get them to like, opt into your email or sign up for your webinar. And then, you know, they go and pitch you this program on the back end of that, but really have given, you know, value up front. And I think I had gotten disgruntled in the world of on the online space was because I had, you know, downloaded things and shown up for webinars and spent time and energy. And what walking away feeling like, what did I just experienced there? Like, I didn't really get anything of value out of it. I kind of walked away with like, yeah, some pointers, but I could have Google those, you know, there was lots of things that I was starting to feel that I wasn't in alignment in the online space with. And I think that was sort of a lot of the psychological trickery, as I mentioned, you know, having a webinar that's an hour long, and you show up and the person talks about themselves for 20 minutes, and then 20 minutes, they pitch their program. And then you know, they give you an opportunity for q&a, but there was really no value in it. And I think, if you're, you've been in the online space, you're online entrepreneur, you're probably like, yeah, I've attended those webinars, or, you know, you've stumbled across a lead magnet that somebody's promoting like an ebook, or, you know, a framework or a checklist, and you go to download it, because it sounds so freakin amazing. Because the copy they've written is amazing. And you go and you opt in, and you download this thing, and it's like fluff, you know, there isn't much to it, there's not really any value. And I want it to be different, you know, I didn't want my clients to experience that feeling on the back end of my business or my brand. Plus, I had come from brick and mortar business where the experience that my clients got when they stepped foot in my store, was the thing that helped us sell hundreds of 1000s of dollars of wine because I didn't spend money on ads. So when I approached Ashanti in the summer of 2021, kind of around that time I was, you know, going, what do I do here? Where what direction do I go, I had reached out and said, You know, I'm really wanting to create an epic experience for my clients and create a, you know, a quiz that delivers so much value to them, without me ever, ever asking for anything in return is kind of my vision. But I also, one other thing was I also wanted to create an experience that gave people permission to show up in the online space or offline space for that matter, as authentically as themselves like to express themselves in a way in their business that really is in alignment with them and not, you know, doing things within their business or marketing in ways that never really feel that great. Or trying to fit themselves into some box. I wanted to break away from that, right, because I felt like that also contributed to why I was questioning my business in the online space. I've never shared this story with anyone because I think, you know, again, I'm I go through things in business and life. And I just process it and go on go through it. And I often forget that, like my story and why and how I came to my ideas and all those sorts of things is is valuable, valuable for people to see, and to hear. Because likely, it can help other people in the process too. And that was another big reason why I felt sort of disgruntled or maybe not in alignment with the online space was because I felt like I had tried to fit myself into this like marketing box of launching and very masculine driven sales tactics and not being transparent with price and you know, selling them first and then they can't, you know, the product or the service and the sales tactics were so good that like people just forgo the idea of price, right? You see that a lot in the online space where people are selling a course or a program or a coaching experience and there's no price to be found and they won't even share it with you Why don't want to share the price until you go through this experience. And I you know, convince you basically that you need this thing. And for me that just didn't never aligned with who I was right. I wanted to be as upfront and transparent but I tried to put myself into this box because everybody told me that was the way to be successful. And I sort of negated a lot of my intuition but I all So negated, you know, 20 years of Marketing and Communications experience. And what really worked for my brick and mortar, which was creating an exceptional experience for my clients, that they talked about it without me even having to say a word and a lot of ways. And that's how I built my brick and mortar. And that's how we sold like I said, hundreds of 1000s of dollars of wine and how we had a loyal customer base that just kept coming back, but also kept bringing their friends and family and their networks into our store. Because because of the experience, and the product that we delivered, and that's what I wanted, you know, and I felt like, I wanted to create something upfront where they could my clients, you, my audience experience something so phenomenal, without me ever pitching a sale to you. So that you walked away from that going, oh, you know, I learned so much from Katherine and I got so much from her, and I can't even believe it. And that's what people are saying about the quiz today. Right? I had one woman say like, is it free? Like, are you sure this is free? Like there's so much information here, there's so much depth and thoughtfulness and texture. Ashanti says that, you know, I can't even believe that it's free. And that was my whole goal. So I wanted to figure out how do I start this customer journey with people? How do I introduce who I am and what I stand for? And what I believe in? How do I do that in a way that one forms a connection with them, but also gets you to opt into my orbit, right so that I can email you and I can share more with you through that. Right. And I just found that the quiz was a really cool reflection of how sort of light hearted and fun and outgoing I am. I just found that the quiz was just a great way to do that it was not your standard ebook or master class, or, you know, those sorts of things. Yes, people have been doing quizzes forever. It's not like I invented the quiz by any stretch. But I don't I do think that this quiz that I've launched is exceeds far greater than a lot of the quizzes that are on the market. And I'll go as far as saying it honestly, is one of the most epic quizzes to date that I've experienced. I've gone through the quiz, I've gotten my results. You know, it really is an exceptional an epic quiz. Beyond a lot of the ones I've taken well, that might be like a one pager that don't give you a lot of depths that are like, great, I get that I'm a solar flare, for example. But like bow, what we've taken the now what out of it, right, we've told we've told people who they are, and what their unique energy expression is. But we've also given tons of information on how they can go about tapping into that. And I feel like that's the thing that's often missing in the online space. And I didn't want that to be missing with this, I didn't want to dangle a carrot going, I'll tell you what, your elevated edges. And they'll tell you why you need your elevated edge and really own that to stand out. But I'm not going to give you anything beyond that. Because if you want that information, you have to pay me that was the last thing I wanted. Like the last thing because I hate the dangling carrot, I'm not saying that I should just walk around or anybody for that matter should walk around and give everything away for free because you wouldn't have a business. But I feel like there are a lot of surface level tactics that attract people into the space without giving them a lot of value, or really any value at all, and then go to sell. Right. And that also was a big thing that I wanted my brand not to reflect, I wanted people to feel like they got a lot from just being in my space. And that if they wanted more, they could invest in more. But if they didn't want to invest in more that was kosher to like, that's kind of divide that I wanted to portray. And so why the quiz and what my thought process was it it really was grounded in the fact that I was sort of disgruntled with the industry. And I was starting to question what do I do? And I think that corporate jobs coming across my plate, call it a coincidence or whatever. But it was kind of like, you know, do you really want to go back to corporate or, you know, do you want to be part of the change of the industry? Do you want to raise the standards of the online space and the industry that you're in? And I think that obviously I wanted to raise the standard. I want to raise the standard. And I feel like I'm able to do that because I have such a unique perspective. I've got 20 years of experience. I've run brick and mortar I've helped other brick and mortars. I have an online business I've helped other online business owners run their businesses, I bring such a unique perspective to this industry. And so I wanted to be part of that change and raising the standard. And I wanted to do it in a really ethical and transparent way. Obviously, when you come into my space in my orbit, yeah, I'm probably going to sell you on programs or resources or courses that I think would be a value to you. But I want to be able to sell that to you in a way that's ethical and transparent. And that doesn't play off of, you know, FOMO, or, you know, false urgency and scarcity tactics, or, you know, I'm just going to like, sell you and use content and copy to influence you. And then I'm going to place a price in front of you way down the line, after I've literally created that need within you that you need the thing I'm selling. And I'm going to put a price up and all of your reasoning and logic is going to go out the window, because you've you've now developed this need and deep desire for what I have to offer. I didn't want that, right, I didn't want that. And so for me, the quiz was a way to show people that you can interact with my brand and my business, and you're gonna get a shit ton out of it. And yes, I will likely sell to you and place an offer in front of you. But I'm going to do it in a very transparent and ethical way. And then I'm going to do it, you know, in a thoughtful way that if I feel like you are a good fit for any of my programs, or resources, that I will share that with you and but by all means you have the choice, ultimately, to decide whether or not is a fit for you or not, I'm not here to like, you know, beat you over the head with it. And so that really is the essence of the the quiz and why I decided a quiz because I felt like it was a really good reflection of me and my you know, lightheartedness and fun, and just a really cool experience. And then the the results of it. And how we develop the results. And why we put the depth into the results was because I wanted, like I said, to have that value given and so much value that it's something that you can revisit. It's not like oh, like I said, a one pager where you look at it go great and shelve it or like an e book or you're like, Oh, that was cool. I learned a couple points. I could have probably googled them, but whatever. No, this is like a results page that specific to you. And so depending on your energy, and depending on who you are, and how you show up in this world, and your natural way of expressing yourself, will depend on the social media platforms you should be on, or will depend on, you know, how you create your experiences. And we wanted that uniqueness to be expressed through the results so that people actually felt seen and heard and understood, because it was who it's who they are, right? And why the approach or why the themes so to speak, because I often get asked this, like, did Shanti help you come up with a theme in terms of the theme? That's twofold. So the cosmic element of it? Yes, they presented that to me, but they also presented a couple of different ones, they presented a wine based theme one, but we wanted it to have longevity, right. And I had sort of sold the wine business, I had stepped away from wine. I didn't want wine to be my identity going forward. I didn't want that to carry on in in the quiz for years to come. And as you heard Shanti say on the last episode, like quizzes are really a great way to create some foundational it's a foundation that you put in your business that you know is yours to come right he created Jenna Kutcher is quiz that's like four years old now. And that's kind of why I wanted to invest in the quiz as well as because it had there was longevity to it. It wasn't like an ebook, or something that you create. And then people download and then you create another freebie and they download and you create another freebie, like this thing can essentially be my, you know, foundational lead generation source. And so she came up with themes for me that we went back and forth on you know, what would be a real true reflection not only of who I am today, but where I want to go and what I want my brand to be known for. And so we went with sort of limitless possibilities. Galaxies cosmic right, that was kind of the essence of where I wanted to land. And in terms of what what the quiz was and what we were looking to capture and help people capture was helping people own their elevated edge and that goes back to why I felt described I'm told, I think in the summer of 2021, was, I was trying to fit myself into this marketing box. And I was getting increasingly frustrated with it because it wasn't in alignment with me. And I was like, in order to really, truly stand out and to get known for what you do, and to have people seek you out, instead of having to chase clients and convince clients and use tactics that don't feel great, like agitating pain points over and over, or using, you know, the FOMO, or Time's running out, or, you know, this urgency that creates what I say as a very deregulated ces nervous system that gets people to buy out of fear. And I was like, you know, I don't want to be part of that, I want to change that. And I want to do things differently. And I want to show people that they can do things differently. And I want to show people that they can trust themselves, that they can trust that whatever they're creating, and why certain things don't feel right. And they don't want to do them or whatever they can trust their intuition. That to me was the thing I wanted to help people with, especially online business owners, coaches, consultants, service providers. But again, this is something that, you know, is relevant for any business owner, entrepreneur, like, I wanted to create a quiz that 100% Almost held a mirror up to people so that they could finally be seen and heard and understood, and that they were like, relieved. And that's a big emotion that I'm getting from people, I finally feel relieved, like, there's a ton of information here, Catherine, and that can be overwhelming. But I feel relieved, because you've painted this picture of like, who I always knew I was, what I veered away from that, because I felt like I had to hide to do the thing. My business coach was telling me to do or I had to, you know, employ these strategies, because that's what all the successful gurus had said. And they never really felt that great. And so I wanted that, if anything, people to walk away from the quiz, not only getting like exceptional freaking value, but I wanted them to walk away going, okay, I can do things on my own terms. And in fact, if I do that, and really tap into who I am, and amplify that and show up in that capacity, that I'm actually going to stand out. And the reason I'm not standing out right now, and the reason I'm blending in, and the reason why I feel like I have to hustle my butt off to land clients, I've got to adopt these push masculine strategies that require a ton of momentum and effort and hype to sell my products and services. I'm not a hype person. I don't dance on reels, you know, these are things that I legitimately hear from clients. And I wanted to capture that in the quiz. I wanted to show people that you get to show up exactly as you are. And get paid for it. I wanted to show people that they can ditch the cookie cutter one size fits all approach to marketing and sales. And when they actually do that, that is ultimately the key to effortlessly attracting people into your orbit. And it's not just a statement that's like, oh, it's effortless. It's legit, that when you can show up as your truest expression, in everything that you do. Life becomes easy. Things are effortless. Clients naturally reach out to you. Right in my brick and mortar. We barely paid for ads, I think we paid 60 bucks a month for Google to be like, have a Google ad. But other than that, we relied on word of mouth, right? And that's a big thing that again, clients people inside my elevate business accelerator or my one on one clients, they're like Katherine, like, I can't be on social media every day. I just can't. I'm a highly sensitive person. I'm an empath, and it drains the crap out of me. Is there another way that I can be successful in business because everybody tells me I need to create reels like four times a day or one time a day or once a week or whatever, in order for more eyeballs to get on my stuff. And I wanted to create a quiz that basically helped people realize that they did not have to buy into the belief that they need to chase social media trends in order to be successful. They don't need to put trending music over their reels to get more views. More views mean shit if you're not actually attracting clients. That's a whole other topic and a whole other podcast episode. But it's, you know, we don't need to jump through hoops and be The dog and pony show, as I always say, right, you know, pimping ourselves, oh, that we can actually legitimately stand in who we are, and get paid for it. And when we, when we do that, we finally do that things become less hard, they become less forced or pushed. And that is why I wanted to create the quiz. This is my thought process of like, why I was doing it serves a bigger mission, right? Yes, it acts as a lead generation. strategy within my business, it acts as that 100%, right, in order to sell you have to have a community and network of people that are viewing your stuff, whatever that looks like, right? You've got to have some type of audience who will potentially buy what you sell. And so I was like, How can I do that, but also give so much frickin value? Have people experience my brand in a way that is fun and exciting. And it's like they, you know, they walked away with this like big gift. But also, how can I give people permission to and not that I have to give people permission, but how can I help show them that they can build their business in a way that's 100% in alignment with their unique energy expression, the way in which they naturally express themselves and get paid for it. And I actually recently just told a client, I don't see you on social media, which seems like an absolutely bonkers thing to say to somebody in 2022, who's building and growing a business. But it's the truth, because their unique energy is not suitable for social media. And when you don't have coaches, or consultants or mentors that can actually see that you end up jumping through their process their hoops, fitting yourself into their box, and you get stuck in your business, you might see success, you could see success, you might build a multiple six figure business, but you will hate doing it. And that was the other and final thought process of why I did this quiz. And what I was hoping to, I don't even want to say gain out of it, because there really is no gain. What I was hoping to achieve with it was, again, the whole backside of that of building a business that truly reflects who you are, is the gateway to not getting to six figures in your business or multiple six or seven or wherever you're at, and fricking hating it. Because I've been there. And I was like I jumped out of corporate into a brick and mortar business that wasn't in alignment with me. And it the business model was not in alignment with the lifestyle I wanted to live. And I learned a very, very, very hard lessons. In that four years of running that business about myself about how you know, when you aren't in alignment, how resentful and angry you can be with the world around you. Even if you aren't that victim person, the person that plays the victim, right? If you're naturally an opportunities, which I am right, I slipped into the trap of being a total negative victim person, the world is out to get me. You know, this sucks. Because I made a decision to go against my gut instincts, I made decisions to go against all of the alignment of who I am. And I learned the hard way. I also believe I had to learn those lessons to be able to now empower others to not walk that path to build businesses that are sustainable and fulfilling, right? That to me is the goal because if you're if you've built this business, you can be super successful financially. But if you freaking hate it, it's not going to be very pleasant. And that's what I hear from a lot of six figure multiple six figure business owners. You know, they're like, Yeah, I have the money. I've got the success based on how we measure success in society. It's a whole nother freakin episode that I could go down a rabbit hole with you all, but I won't. On another episode. I might but you know, it's it's that decision to build businesses that aren't bait, you know, conducive to how you would naturally want to show up in this world that leads to burnout leads to resentment leads to frustration leads, leads to people burning their business to the ground and then starting over. I'm a fan of pivoting and all of that. So this isn't about like avoiding the pivot so to speak, but I really, really, really on a mission at a grander scope than just helping people build businesses and successful businesses but I truly believe that when we are the fullest expression of who we are and showing up in that capacity. We are happy people. And when we're happy people, we have happier worlds. And we have an a happier world. It's not world's plural, but a happier world. And that is my goal. You know, because I think that, yeah, well, more, we're happier life has happened relate, we have better relationships, we've got better businesses, we've got, you know, we're raising better children, all of that. And that is my hope. And my vision for this is to really be able to, you know, help support people encourage people empower people to ditch the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to marketing, and truly create strategies that align with their unique energy expression. And that is essentially what the quiz does for you. When you take it, you will learn what your elevated edge is, but you will also it also reveals to you, like I said, so much more of how you can go about tapping into that if you are an online business owner, or an entrepreneur in general, right? It's not just for online businesses, but it can be for brick and mortars. It's really entrepreneurs in general. So that is, in a nutshell, what my thought process was, with creating the quiz, why I created it. And it might not be as strategic, right, as some people might be thinking, but the strategy really was to, you know, create an exceptional experience for my audience, first and foremost, without ever expecting them to buy from me, or expecting me to sell to them, right, I wanted them to have that exceptional experience. And further to that, I want people to express themselves as the fullest expression of who they are, and be able to get paid for it. And so this was a bit of a permission slip. For them to be able to do that for you to be be able to do that. It's a permission slip for you to show up as you are. So I really hope that that has kind of given you a glimpse to my process where I was at when I made the decision to do a quiz. And you know why I worked with Shanti was because I had been following her literally, I think for four years, I think she was probably one of the first people that I had stumbled across in the online space when I started to dabble with it. And I always knew that if I ever wanted to get a quiz done that I would reach out to her. She's also a Canadian, so I resonated with that as well. She's a fellow Canadian, and she also is the brains behind some of the biggest quizzes in the online space. She did she's built to Jenna Kutcher is she's built some other big name quizzes as well. So I knew she knew what she was doing. And I knew that the investment with her and her team would deliver exceptional exceptional results and an exceptional experience for my clients, you, my audience, you and so that is why I chose her above any other quiz people that have come into my space. And to be honest, I don't really have any other quiz people might suppose I'd seen a couple but nothing compared to shanties work and and what she's known for and how she delivers on on quizzes. So it was a no brainer to select her when doing this. So if you haven't taken the quiz yet, and you've listened to this 40 Some minute podcast, I highly recommend that you do and when you do that, I would love for you as just a reminder to come over on Instagram and tag me and let me know, or just drop into my DMs lots of people just send me messages in the DM or you can respond to the emails, I respond to all emails, you'll get a follow up email once you take the quiz that will kind of give you a map of your results and a link to your results so that you can easily access them. So again, I would love for you to to hit reply on that email or tag me on Instagram because I love celebrating all of the various elevated edges in my orbit. And I like learning about who, who, who's in my orbit, so to speak. And I also you know, want to know if you feel like the results are spot on because to date we've had over 100 people now fill out the quiz and that's growing. I haven't checked today but it's constantly growing. So in a week, we launched a week ago and we already have 100 people who have taken the quiz and honestly just learning whether or not the results are spot on for them has been so eye opening to me because I know they're spot on. But I love to hear you know when people are like oh my god, these like this nailed that. absolutely nailed it, Katherine. So anyways, that is in a nutshell why I created the quiz what my thought process was, and I really hope that that's been helpful one to learn a little bit more about me my brand and what I'm striving to achieve in the online space but also what types of experiences I really want to create for people and where I stand when it comes to marketing and sales. And you know that I too experienced Crossroads or disgruntled periods or times where I'm like, Ooh, I don't know if I want to do this anymore. And I to look back at you know, my my roots in corporate and go huh? Does the grass is greener on that side? It doesn't honestly Craig Craig nailed that when he said I'd be miserable in a corporate nine to five job and he knows that that Well, I spent 15 years there. And he knows he knows I would be miserable. So with that, I'm going to leave y'all and I just really hope that this episode is helped to give you perspective on the behind the scenes of why I created the quiz.