March 7, 2023

How to Spot the Incongruencies in Your Marketing that Impact Whom You Attract

How to Spot the Incongruencies in Your Marketing that Impact Whom You Attract

If you’re marketing and sales feel hard or you keep attracting misaligned clients, you’ll want to listen to the episode where Kathryn shares how to spot the Incongruencies impacting your marketing.


  • The most overlooked thing impacting your marketing and whom you attract.
  • How to spot the incongruencies in your non-verbal, verbal, and marketing and sales strategies so that your marketing produces the desired results.
  • Why you keep attracting misaligned clients and team members and how that is impacting your entire business. 

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[00:00:00] Kathryn Thompson: After generating over a million dollars in sales and selling one of her businesses with a single email, your host Katherine Thompson, takes an unconventional approach to marketing and sales. So if you are ready to tap into a more powerful way to be seen her and a sought after entrepreneur in your industry without having to spend endless hours marketing your business and chasing clients, you are in the right place.

[00:00:26] Be The Sought After Entrepreneur podcast is here to help you ditch the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to marketing, and use your unique energy to effortlessly attract the most aligned clients. When you do this, you can. Time marketing your business and more time doing your soul work and enjoying the richness of your life.

[00:00:46] Welcome to Be the Sought After Entrepreneur podcast, and here's your host, Katherine Thompson. Welcome back. Super stoked that you're tuning into this week's episode, and I cannot wait to dive into today's [00:01:00] topic because we're talking about congruencies and incongruencies in your non-verbal, in the way in which you communicate your language, in the way in which you.

[00:01:11] Act, the marketing and sales tactics that you're using with your business and whether or not all of those together congruently are attracting the right people into your world. And while I talk a lot about attracting the right clients, putting that right message in front of the right people at the right time so that they want to ultimately invest in what you're doing or buy your products or services.

[00:01:34] But this also equally. Includes your team members. So often we forget that our team is also a client or a customer, and we never really think of that as entrepreneurs sometimes. Right? But they are. And I, this brings me so much back to my corporate days. I spent 15 years in corporate marketing communications, and I [00:02:00] remember being in these organizations.

[00:02:02] And we would focus so much of our attention on client attraction and acquisition and retention, but we would often negate or forget our internal clients, which to me are a lot more important. Then how can we get more, attract more, make more. Because your people on the inside, the inner workings of your business are gonna play a massive factor.

[00:02:31] And if you're a solopreneur, that's you. Right? When I talk about the non-verbal, when I talk about incongruencies with what you're saying and actually how you're acting, that is you as an entrepreneur, as a solopreneur, but it's also you. And how you lead and manage your teams and the people that you hire ultimately for your company or your organization or your business, right?

[00:02:54] Is like who are you actually hiring and are you a, are you leveraging their unique [00:03:00] gifts? Are you leveraging what they're their ultimately and how they can support you, but also are you leading that team and. One of my mentors just posted recently, you know, you can be a really good entrepreneur and a really shitty leader.

[00:03:17] And he didn't word it that way, but he's like, you know, being a good entrepreneur doesn't make you a good leader. And it's so true, right? As visionaries, we've got these ideas and we've got these, you know, big dreams and these hopes for what we want to achieve, but we also equally need people that can. Put that into place and be sort of the actors in our business that help us execute on that vision.

[00:03:42] The problem is so many entrepreneurs don't make that transition into leadership, and they don't know how to get the best out of the team that they have in front of them. And I will tell you this. A [00:04:00] player. Top talent. Really, really, really, really loyal and good employees. I say loyal, but really good employees that are gonna perform and do an amazing job in your company will not stick around.

[00:04:13] if you were a poor leader, they just won't. They're not gonna put up with it, right? They're just not gonna put up with it. And that's where the congruency in who you are, what you're saying, and what you're putting out into the world, and ultimately the culture you want to create, both outward facing and inward facing, have to be in alignment.

[00:04:32] And if you're a solopreneur, the same has to happen. So if you are, you know, I don't know, let's just say you. Women, um, feel more fulfillment and joy in their life, let's just say, and that, and you offer a service. If you are putting that message out and you're wanting to attract people into your world, and you're like, I'm all about joy and I'm all about fulfillment or mental health, you know, I'm all about mental health [00:05:00] and helping people, you know, with that.

[00:05:03] And then on the inside of your business and the way in which you interact with people behind closed doors is actually detrimental to their mental health. , there is an incongruency there and sometimes it's subconscious. So this isn't about like, oh my God, you're a horrible person. Sometimes it's subconscious and you don't even know that you're doing it.

[00:05:23] Um, and therefore that permeates out into what you're doing, which is why sometimes people say, well, like, oh man, you know, my sales have slowed down, or, I'm not seeing the sales that I thought I, you know, expected this time of year compared to last year. All those sorts of things. And when I do a diagnostic with people in their business, I'm usually doing an audit on who they are and what they're being behind their, you know, behind what they're doing, who they are as the leader.

[00:05:53] Who they are is that entrepreneur that's, you know, acting in the business with an without a team. [00:06:00] that non-verbal, but then I also take a look at the practical, like what are you actually putting out there? You know, what's the message you're putting out there? What's the language that you're using? What are the marketing and sales strategies that you are employing, and are they incongruent?

[00:06:18] with what you're doing. You know, w are you being, are you walking your talk, so to speak. It really does all boil down to integrity in a lot of ways, and that can get people like really feeling like shame and guilt. Like especially if you feel like you're an integral human, um, and you operate out of integrity, that word can be really triggering.

[00:06:41] Right. But there is even. Sometimes I'm not operating in integrity. That doesn't make me a bad or horrible person, like I'm a fraud or lying or anything like that. It's like sometimes we make decisions that are out of alignment and therefore end up being out of integrity, right? So I want you to think about it that [00:07:00] way.

[00:07:00] And sometimes we're making decisions in our business without even knowing it, and a lot of marketing and sales strategies. Are not congruent with a lot of the clients I work with, the Mass media marketing, the, you know, you've got to use FOMO and gimmicks and false scarcity and all of these discounting tactics and whatnot to get people to buy.

[00:07:22] And the message I often say is, and if you've been following me for a while, is, is that Mass Media marketing is designed to keep people consuming and buying and spending money and feeling like they're broken and something is missing. Whereas what I like to call it conscious marketing or you know, this new age marketing, is that we're here to help people elevate their level of consciousness so that they ultimately don't need to be stuck in that consumption and they can be the creators of their own life.

[00:07:50] Self-led, empowered, which is all of the clients that I work with, they're all empowered, self led. You know, they take radical responsibility of their life and their business [00:08:00] and their awareness is just next level. But my marketing and my sales strategies really speak to those people, right? I don't use the gimmicks.

[00:08:11] I don't use, this is gonna run out in, you know, four days you gotta buy now. I don't, I don't play into that. Those aren't the strategies that I. Because those aren't the people that I ultimately want to work with, right? It's being able to decipher and know the difference. So first things first is to do a self-assessment of you in your business as the owner.

[00:08:32] Whether you're a solepreneur or you are running a team, maybe it's a big team or a small team. Are you congruent with how you're leading yourself? Are you in integrity with how you're leading yourself? is how you're being when the cameras aren't on, when you're not posting on social. All those things is that human behind the scenes in integrity with what they're [00:09:00] actually putting out, right?

[00:09:00] I always say act. This is all adage, your actions speak way louder than your words ever will, right? Your energy will speak first before anyone, before anyone hears what you have to say. , so is the person that's running the business, you as the leader, you as the entrepreneur, are you congruent with what you're actually putting out into the world?

[00:09:26] Are you able to say that, you know, the, the conviction you have for what you're selling is. You, you're, you fully believe in it. Are you embodied in what you're teaching? Right? Are you coming from a place on mastery or are you coming from a weekend course that you learned something and now you're an expert in it?

[00:09:45] And not to downplay like, not to downplay that, but it does take mastery to teach, right? It does take some level of mastery of knowing to teach. So if you're a coach or a consultant, [00:10:00] like do you come with years of mastery and are you actually living what you're preaching? I hear this so often with coaches and consultants specifically is like, you know, you ask your clients to do a certain thing.

[00:10:11] I don't know, let's just say you're all about, you know, creating really powerful content and copy. That's what I do, helping people articulate the value of their, their words. And one of the things I always say is that if you want to really create potent, powerful things, you need to give yourself some space.

[00:10:29] You need to give yourself some space to. , and I know that if I don't give myself space to create that, usually the work that I produce is subpar shit. You know, because I'm rushing through it. There's no real intention, there's no heart behind it. I'm not really having an opportunity to sort of think creatively to ask myself the questions of like, what value do I offer?

[00:10:55] Right? So I'm not congruent then with the message I'm putting out there. [00:11:00] and the minute we can create congruency with ourselves and what we're actually preaching, saying, and with what we're the message we're actually putting out there, that in and of itself creates what I call that electric magnetic connection with the right people.

[00:11:17] However, where I see incongruencies as well is in the marketing and sales strategies, right? So we've got this really potent, powerful message. We are really potent and powerful beings behind the business. We're ready to grow and to scale and to reach more people with our work, and yet then we go and employ some marketing strategies that use these gimmicks or these tactics that don't ultimately attract.

[00:11:41] Those higher caliber clients that we wanna work with that are self-led and empowered, and I say higher caliber because mass media marketing speaks to the low vibrational energy. It's speaking to the victim. It's speaking to, I can fix you. This thing can fix. You buy it, you're missing this. You need this.

[00:11:59] [00:12:00] Right. Whereas what I call conscious marketing is, is speaking to people that have, that are aware, self-aware, and that are not looking to be fixed. They're not broken. They know that they have this inherent wholeness within themselves, which Bridget talked about a lot on the last episode. They know that.

[00:12:19] They don't need someone to tell them that they're, you know, that they need to fix this, this, and this. They're looking for a thought partner, co-creator to work alongside them to support them and help them. Um, they're not going out and, you know, spending all this money on stuff that doesn't matter. You know, they're not, they, they're not needing to.

[00:12:39] show that they, you know, they're flying first class or on a yacht and there's nothing wrong with that. If that's what you wanna do, that's cool. There's nothing wrong with that. But they're not needing to, to show that they have money by flying first class. Right? Like there's this sacredness to their life.

[00:12:55] Again, a lot of the clients I work with are like, I don't really need to dance on social or, you know, [00:13:00] puff my chest or perform right. Again, there's a lot of performing in marketing and sales is like, look at me. I'm the best. I'm proving to you that I know what I'm talking about. There's ways in which. To do that without doing it.

[00:13:14] And one of the pieces I cover inside of spell one with my people is what I call legacy content, right? Is like, what legacy do you ultimately wanna leave and what do you want to be known for? And what makes your perspective different than others? Like what are you doing that's actually different and going to ultimately help and improve?

[00:13:34] Society, the world, people lives instead of being a detriment or, you know, taking away from somebody's life or getting them addicted to needing the thing that you're selling. You know, there's a, there's a very different energy in that, and that's what I call legacy content, right? It's, it's different. It's not like, look at me.

[00:13:51] I've got all these years of experience and I've helped these people make X money. I've helped these people do this and I've helped. You know, it's like, me, me, me, me, me, me. No, it's [00:14:00] legacy. It's. What content can I create that's going to ultimately show and leave a legacy, create a body of work that's going to improve and innovate the industry that I'm in.

[00:14:10] That's the work I do with my people. That's, that's that legacy content which moves again, you out of this puffing the chest. Or the other big one that I see all the time is what I call that hero journey or that hero story, you know, it's been taught for years is like position yourself as the hero. And hero by definition is idolizing.

[00:14:33] You know, idolizing the person, they're the hero. They're coming here to save me. So when you tell this hero story and what you're doing, I was here and now I'm here. I've got rags to riches. You know, this, woe is me, and now I'm better story. You're playing into that lower vibrational energy. You're playing into the victim, you're playing into someone needing to be saved.

[00:14:57] You're playing into martyrism, right? [00:15:00] And that is incongruent if you're wanting to attract more empowered, self-led people, cuz self-led people are like, I don't need a hero. I am the hero of my own bloody story. Thank you very much. I don't need one. And so I'm not buying into this rags to riches. I'm not buying into needing to be fixed or needing to be saved or any of that, and they're gonna just completely overlook it, which is the congruency piece.

[00:15:27] I talk a lot about this. In my selling the Invis visible free training where I talk about the congruencies that can happen, which is in the human, the being, right, the being running the business, and then the team that they hire and the way in which they lead their team is the inner workings of your business.

[00:15:46] The same as what the outer mission and message is saying, right? If you're, if you're preaching, I'm gonna empower women and create this sisterhood and this collective, and then the inner workings of your business is the polar opposite. It's not, [00:16:00] you know, a collective, it's not about sisterhood, it's laced with judgment.

[00:16:03] It's, you know, lots of isolation and separation and segregation. There's no community, but yet you're wanting to create a community outside. Come on, right? There's massive incongruency there. And again, lots of times, and I've done this, I've been in this position, right? I left corporate. The way in which we run corporate.

[00:16:24] Corporate is not how we want to run our businesses. I'll tell you that right now. But yet so much of us emulate what we learned in corporate as good leadership to running our business. . And so we implement the same bloody fricking tactics in our business because that's what we learned in corporate, or that's what society told us is the way to lead a team.

[00:16:46] And so we employ these things like never ending to-do list, you know, staff meetings, um, this tracking of productivity, micromanagement, all of the stuff that literally will [00:17:00] kill a team in 2.2 seconds. Especially high caliber, top performing really creative human beings, creative beings who can ultimately help you create beauty in your business, will not sit in an environment where they're being told what to do, when to do how to do it.

[00:17:19] They just will not, they won't thrive there, right? So if you want to attract creators, people that will ultimately help you create, not consumers, not do, as I say, the nine to fivers, which is if you're running a business and you're an entrepreneur, that's what you want. You want creators in your business.

[00:17:38] You want self-led, empowered people that are gonna do their. Right. They're gonna do the work and they're gonna do it in a really beautiful way for you, but you've gotta create the environment for them to thrive in that. That's where it starts. And if you are the entrepreneur and you're a solopreneur, you've gotta create the environment for yourself to thrive, [00:18:00] right?

[00:18:00] It's like putting as particular host plant right up against the window when it's like minimal sun is what they want. You know? You have to think of your team the exact same way. That some people might need to sit away from the window because they can't be in direct sunlight. Some people might need to be in relation with others all of the time to get creative sparks.

[00:18:22] Some might need to be in isolation. I am somebody in a creation process. . I need to be alone with my own feeling, thoughts, and thinking. I need to be in my own aura and I need silence. If you're peppering me with questions and this and that and all the things, my brain doesn't work like that. From a creative perspective, the best creative ideas that I receive are usually when I'm not trying to create.

[00:18:49] When I'm, when I'm trying to create, or someone's asking me to create on the spot, like, you need, we need to come up with something. Now. It's like, yeah, that ain't gonna happen. Sorry. And that doesn't make [00:19:00] people, I just wanna preface this. It does not make people bad or weak, or don't have strengths. It's not about that at all.

[00:19:07] It's about noticing. Again, this just goes back to corporate, right? It's like we looked at corporate employees, like what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses? You know? And it's. Then we would try to coach them on improving their weaknesses instead of amplifying the shit out of what they do really well.

[00:19:23] Right. And that's what I see with teams. When I get into a team, I can spot that almost instantaneously. I'm like, this is going to kill the best people. This is going to literally squash every ounce of their gift because you're, you're asking them to shrink, to fit into what I call the limitation, the box right.

[00:19:42] And creators, they don't, they don't see the world with limitation in a lot of ways. Yes, we do to some degree. I do have mindset blocks and shit that I go through all the time, but for the most part we're like, how can we improve this? How can we make this better? What can we create? That would just be fascinating and innovative.

[00:19:58] Right? That's, that's [00:20:00] a creator mindset. Not the victim that's like, you know, I can't do that. I don't fit in that. I don't, I can't have that. I blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All the things. We know that mindset, right? So again, you have to look at the congruencies. Are you being, doing and having, are you ultimately acting in a way that is.

[00:20:21] In that's congruent with the words you're putting out and this marketing and sales strategies that you're using. That's where it starts first and foremost with you. And then it's like, what's the message I'm putting out there? Is that congruent with ultimately what I, what I stand for? You know? , am I putting out a brand message that's in Connect, like totally connected to what I'm, what I'm about, what my mission is, what I'm hoping to achieve?

[00:20:47] Or am I putting out a message that is going to sell, right? Am I thinking it from that perspective, which is something I see often as well is like, well, I wanna talk about this. This is [00:21:00] ultimately what I wanna do and the mission I wanna do, but what if it doesn't work? This other avenue feels like the safe one.

[00:21:07] This feels like a short. Path. This is what people will ultimately buy. I think two very different avenues, right? And if your soul isn't driving it, which is the, this is ultimately what I wanna do. I get lit up by this. If your soul isn't driving it, your mind is, this is what's gonna work. Again, limitation.

[00:21:26] You're putting a limitation on what is possible. There's gonna be incongruencies. It might work, you might sell it, but it's gonna feel really freaking hard. It's gonna feel like you're pushing a boulder up a mountain, which is something I did for a very long time. If you've been following my story for a while, you know this, right?

[00:21:46] It was like pushing out this message that I thought would sell right, and I was good at it because that's what I was trained in, right? I was trained in marketing and sales, so I was teaching marketing and sales in a very traditional way. and there were parts of that [00:22:00] that weren't congruent with me. My beliefs, what I believed about selling and creating connection, and not trying to force something down someone's throat and say that they need it, and that they're this broken soul.

[00:22:11] Like that's not who I am and have never been that. And so there were a lot of strategies that weren't congruent with me, and yet I was doing them to. because I saw other people doing them and it worked. And so I'm not exempt to this, right? I'm not on this like pedestal preaching down to you. Like I've, I've also done it, which is why I can see so clearly now the congruencies and incongruencies, I've been able to spot them for other people very, very quickly and identify patterns from that big picture perspective, which is a zone of genius for me.

[00:22:43] Right? Is that that bigger picture spotting pattern? Patterns of behaviors, patterns of action, and really knowing whether or not things are gonna change ultimately, specifically within teams and partnerships and those sorts of things, like being able to identify that very, [00:23:00] very quickly. So are you being the person that.

[00:23:04] that is in integrity behind the scenes as much as they are in the front facing. And then is that Message Inc. Is congruent with the people you want in your world, right? Are you using low vibrational language? Are you telling people that they're missing something? Are you telling people that they're lacking this, right?

[00:23:22] Or are you using more empowering language? Are you ready to. , um, you know, take your business to the next level. That's so generic. But are you ready to do the thing, right? Versus are you struggling to do the thing? Two very different energies, two very different languages. And we often are taught that we need to speak to people's struggle and pain in order for them to take action.

[00:23:45] And that isn't true. What we need to do is to evoke emotion. Emotion creates motion. . We don't need to sit and agitate people's pain, self-led, empowered leaders. They're aware of it. They're aware to some degree that [00:24:00] something isn't right. They're, they wanna change something or they want to. Maybe grow and evolve.

[00:24:06] And expand, right? But they're not sitting there wooing as me. So looking at it from that perspective, right, is like, who ultimately do you want in your world and who's gonna be a vibrational match for you? Right? If, if you're somebody who thrives in supporting victim mindset, then great. , you're speak to them, connect with them.

[00:24:26] I don't, I, I don't thrive there because I, I'm always looking at the possibility of what could be, and the minute I hear, no, that's not gonna work. I shut down whether I'm on your team. Or I'm your coach. I'm like, there's always a way. I'm always like, there's a way, there's a way out of this. Let's figure it out.

[00:24:45] Right? I'm, I'm that person. And if it's, if I'm always met with, no, this won't work. Nobody buys this way, nobody does this, yada, yada yada. I, I, it's not that I shut down of like, okay, well what was me? [00:25:00] I'm. . I just don't thrive in that energy, and so over time it's very depleting for me. So I know that. So I know as a human, how I behave, how I act, how I show up in the world.

[00:25:12] I also need to use language that is a vibrational match for my people that's congruent with that, right? And then it's the marketing and sales strategies, which is a lot of time in the online space. We're taught we have to put deadlines to get people to buy. That's the only way that it'll motivate them.

[00:25:29] And I'm of the mind that's like, I don't want to use that because I don't want to have to coax somebody for six months to do the work. Like again, knowing who I. . I don't want to do that. And I truly believe that there are people out there that don't want to be coaxed . I have a whole group room of them inside of Spellbound.

[00:25:52] you know, like, I don't need to like coax them to show up and to do the work. They're radical, they take radical responsibility. They're self-led, [00:26:00] and they're empowered and they're also self-aware. They're like, what? What is the block? They, they're, they're curious. They wanna learn. They wanna understand.

[00:26:10] They're not playing off the limitation of what, what they think their life is. And this is as good as it's gonna get, you know? So you have to understand that as like, is the strategies congruent with who I want to attract? , you know, am I using FOMO again is like totally playing off someone's nervous system.

[00:26:29] That flight or fight, you know, it was like, oh my God, I need the thing. If I don't get the thing, my business isn't gonna work. My life is gonna fall apart. My relationships are gonna suck. You know, I need this thing. This is the missing piece. There is no missing fricking piece, which is why there's a lot of disgruntled people out there who have invested in courses, programs, coaches, consultants, because they invested from a place of fomo.

[00:26:50] They invested from a place. fear, they invested from a place of scarcity. I've done it. So I've also felt that I have invested in coaches that I [00:27:00] was looking to. I had that like, this is the missing piece, or I am coming from a place of trauma, right? I'm like, oh, I need this thing in order to escape this other thing.

[00:27:10] And that again, is not a good energy to go into anything with, but you've gotta live and learn to move through that and. is where we can start to spot the congruencies and congruencies right in your business, in your marketing, in the language. And those are the three key pieces that we want to, you know, look at.

[00:27:34] More than anything. We wanna look at the, who are you being and how are you running your team, and how are you leading your team more than anything to how are you leading yourself? Are you in, in integrity with? Are you in integrity with what you're saying, what you're doing? And if you're not, where are you out of alignment, out of integrity, and where can [00:28:00] you re-shift to get back into that integrity?

[00:28:03] And then what language are you using ultimately? What's the message that you're putting out there? Is it something that you embodied? Are you walking the talk? If you're asking people to, you know, lean into self care, like are you actually taking care of yourself? because if you're, if you're selling self-care and yet you're running ragged behind the scenes, it's, there's incongruencies.

[00:28:27] If you are, you know, a leadership coach and you're, you're helping people become better leaders and yet you're not leading your team very well, there's incongruency, right? You've got to take your own medicine is what I often say is like if you are selling so. You better 100% be behind it. And that doesn't mean that you have to be perfect and all the time, cuz you likely won't be we're humans.

[00:28:54] But it's about also being transparent and owning that. . Again, it goes back to [00:29:00] integrity, right? If you're putting out this message and you're preaching that, you know, this is the way and the only way, and you know, you've gotta do this to be a good leader, and then there's, you never really show maybe where youth messed up or you don't own your mistakes or you aren't that transparent.

[00:29:16] Like you're, you're putting out this message that you're perfect and that everything's perfect and that you never struggle or never go through any, um, pain or anything like that. Then there's incongruency. Right is like, what are you reflecting outwards? Is it the full, transparent picture? That does, does not mean you need to hang your dirty laundry out on the inner webs.

[00:29:35] It does not mean that, but it's like, are people seeing and getting a sense of who you are, all facets of who you are to some degree, right. So that's what I mean by congruencies and incongruencies. That's what I mean by by ensuring that you're non-verbal is the thing that ultimately speaks louder than anything else.

[00:29:56] Is that congruent with everything else that you're doing, both internally [00:30:00] and externally in your business that will impact the people that you attract into your world that will impact the, the clients, um, and the team members that you have. And it will impact whether people stay with you or they don't stay with.

[00:30:14] right? Um, are they getting into your world and going, huh, this wasn't really what I expected, or, it's different than what you're portraying outwards, right? Like what you're selling, which is something I hear sometimes, right? It's like, you know, you sold me on this thing and now I'm in your world, and it's quite a bit different than.

[00:30:33] What I maybe, maybe expected. And again, managing expectations plays a big factor in that, uh, to make sure that everybody's sort of on the same page there. But that is what I mean by congruencies incongruencies. It's a really fun exercise to do. Do not beat yourself up over it, please. Um, that's, this is not the intention of this episode to make you feel shitty.

[00:30:54] Like, oh my God, I'm out of integrity because throughout. There's always gonna be moments [00:31:00] of where we have to realign, um, and reassess and go, is this the right fit? Or did I, you know, change and evolve and grow? Because that can happen to, we can outgrow our, our coaches and our mentors. We can outgrow the teams.

[00:31:15] Maybe that we're in your team members can outgrow your business again, is like, if you're on this journey of evolution and growth that can happen, um, . I would hate for people to stay in a position, whether it be in my company or, or somebody else's, where they're feeling like they have to stay because they committed to this job or this position, and yet they've outgrown it or they've, they got into it and realized it.

[00:31:42] It doesn't really help elevate their capacity to the capacity that they're at. It doesn't bring out the best in them. I'd rather people go, yeah, this isn't for me. I need to move on, or I'm not really, I've, I've outgrown it or expanded or whatever you wanna say. Or it's no longer in alignment, right. [00:32:00] Again.

[00:32:01] we put so much pressure on people to stay the same, and we try to control that the environment that we're in is gonna be the same forever. And it's not. And it's not. And the, the quicker that we can realize that is just humans in general where we can release the grip, release the control. It's a practice that I'm trying, I, I try.

[00:32:21] Often I, I, and I don't even sometimes know that I'm like trying to control an outcome or try to control something. And so it's a really good practice and I think as humans that this is just in, in us, right? We're trying to control things without us even knowing it can be totally subconscious. . So it's like, where can I release my grip just a little bit more on what's going on around me and where can I allow people to move and flow, um, and not take it personally if they decide they want to go work with somebody else or they don't wanna be on your team anymore, you know, like that it's not anything to do with you or, [00:33:00] or that sort of thing.

[00:33:00] Or maybe it is and you need, and it's an opportu. For you to grow. So with that, I really hope that this episode has been helpful to sort of, you know, See where you can do an audit within yourself and your business of congruencies, of where am I out of, where am I out of alignment, where might be I out of an integrity with my words, with my actions, with what I'm doing.

[00:33:22] It can be subconscious, which then therefore you need somebody to mirror that to you. Um, which is again, something I do very well inside of spellbound. But, um, there are lots of coaches and mentors that can help mirror that for you as well. So with. I hope you have a fine Tuesday, and I cannot wait for you to tune in to next week's episode where I am going to be sharing with you the language, the words that you'll want to use at the various stages of the buyer, right?

[00:33:53] Who, who is it that you ultimately wanna attract? And if you haven't watched Selling The Invisible, I highly recommend that you do so. Kind of [00:34:00] lands it makes sense for you cause I talk about it there. But there are four different buyer types along that consciousness scale that I talk about with David Hawkins about he created that energetic scale.

[00:34:11] And, um, I'm gonna be sharing with you some le the words that we use without even knowing we're using it, that will impact ultimately the type of people that you attract into your world. So with that, I'm gonna leave that subscribe to the show so you don't miss this episode when it drops. Cheers. Thanks for listen.

[00:34:28] We'll see you right back here next time. You can also find us on social media at creatively owned and Until next time, keep showing up as your authentic self.