Dec. 7, 2021

How to BE an Energetic Match for Your Next Level of Business Success with Cassie Biltz

How to BE an Energetic Match for Your Next Level of Business Success with Cassie Biltz

You can hustle your way to 6-figures, but you’ll require an energetic shift to surpass that level.

In today’s episode, Cassie Biltz is sharing how to become an energetic match for your next level of business success.

Cassies is an energetic marketing and sales expert, certified hypnotherapist that helps established entrepreneurs rewire their energetic + subconscious blocks to scale their business with JOY.

So if you’ve hit a plateau in your business and can’t quite smash through that next-level success, today’s episode is going to show you how.


●  How to rewire your energetics & subconscious blocks to scale your business without the hustle and burnout.

● Some of the most common blocks high-achievers have that they might not even realize.

● Why another strategy isn’t the answer if you’ve hit a plateau or can’t bust through to your next level of success.

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[KATHRYN]: Hey, hey, I am super stoked to have Cassie on the show today to share how to BE an energetic match for your next level of business success.

[CASSIE]: Hi, thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here. So yes, I am a transformational coach and Hypnotherapist. And I love to teach established female entrepreneurs how to grow their business and scale to the next level using subconscious reprogramming, aligning energetics, and rewiring their subconscious from the inside out. So my background, I built my first business which I still run as a virtual health and fitness coach. And through that process of building that business over six years, I learned a lot of what works and a lot of what doesn't work. But essentially what happened was, I got really far in my business. And I built it to six figures using pure grit and work ethic alone. And that's the kind of woman I attract. They don't lack work ethic, they can apply the strategies, they know how to do things. The problem is they do way too much, they over-commit to way too much. They're working way harder than they need to be. And I had to kind of take a step back and realize, I can't keep going at this rate, I'm getting burnt out and I'm very tired. And I also want to be present with my family. And I don't want to have to sacrifice. I don't have the belief that I have to have one or the other, I believe I can have an amazing family and a really successful thriving, financially prosperous business. And that took me really, really changing my life from the inside out and looking at what was going on in my mind, what was going on in my energy, and really reprogramming my subconscious, specifically around my identity, which we can talk about in this episode. So that's what I learned. And from that point, I was able to grow my business way quicker with I literally worked half as much and doubled my income almost and about a year while working like literally half as many hours which I didn't even know was possible. Because I was focused on kind of like what you teach ways of being and removing those subconscious blocks that kept me stuck in this cycle of overworking, overdoing and over functioning essentially. And so that's what I love to teach entrepreneurs now.

[KATHRYN]: So amazing because I think we have a similar story and relatable story in that I built my first business brick and mortar business. And again, I don't lack work ethic. I don't lack willpower, I know strategy and I basically ran myself into the ground two years in hit massive burnout, and then decided in my own right, that was like I want something different because like you I want to be able to have a lifestyle and a business and not have to sacrifice one or the other. So I'd love for you to dive into a bit of that whole identity piece and what that looks like in terms of rewiring your subconscious to achieve next-level business success. 

[CASSIE]: Yes. So true. I remember the first time somebody told me that money doesn't come from hard work. I was pissed. I was so triggered and when I would see posts of people being like, business gets to be easy. Let it be easy flow alignment, I was pissed. I was like you're teaching people that they can just sit on their ass, sorry. I say, yeah, you can sit on their butt and do nothing. And they're going to experience business success. That's not how you get to six figures. And so I just was very triggered by things like that. So what I want to say is, it's a combination of the masculine and feminine, it's a combination of yes, you need a work ethic. That's not something you can really bypass. But that doesn't mean you have to overwork. And there's a difference between struggle, and commitment. We can be highly committed to our business and highly, like, have a really great work ethic. But that's very different from the energy most of us show up with, which is an overworking struggle. And it's the difference between power versus force, is the way I like to explain it. So when we work from force that drains our energy, and that's why so many of us end up having burnout, which I definitely had more than once. Because we're forcing so many things to happen, because we truly believe if it's meant to be, it's up to me. So it's really by me consciousness, we work from this consciousness that everything has to be created by me. So what I help entrepreneurs do is shift to more as me and through me consciousness, which is understanding that you don't have to work from the energy of force, you can work from the energy of power, which gives you energy, it actually revitalizes you, it helps you feel alive, that helps you feel alignment. And that's what we mean, when we say that you don't have to struggle so that things get to be easy. And, you know, so that I definitely get that if people are listening, and they're like, Yeah, you're full of shit, I get it, because that was me. And I thought everybody who talked about it was full of crap. But it was only my interpretations and my beliefs that made it so I felt that way. So when it comes to subconscious identity, this was the game changer for me. Because I, you know, so much of the personal development that we listen to is very surface level. It's great. Don't get me wrong, I love books, like you are a badass, or the five second rule, you know, those great personal development books. But for some reason, after years, and years and years of reading all the books, I was like, Why? Why are things still so hard, it felt like change was so hard. And I had to work really, really hard to change my patterns and change my beliefs. And I wasn't really getting anywhere. That's when I learned about the power of the subconscious mind and really got into hypnotherapy and understood that the reason I wasn't getting what I wanted in life wasn't because I wasn't doing enough or doing the right things. It was because at a subconscious identity level, I actually wasn't the kind of person who could have that. So the example I always give is lottery winners, because this is a great way to kind of make it easy to understand. So if somebody is making, let's say, 60,000 a year, every year, that's their subconscious identity. at a subconscious level, they're $60,000 earner, if they win a million dollars in the lottery, even 10 million or 20 million, it's statistically proven that almost every single person who wins the lottery ends up either back where they were within five years, or completely broke and actually worse off. Now, why is that? How can you have $20 million, and it's gone. It's because your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe, it wants to keep you in your comfort zone. And it will think that that kind of abundance isn't safe. Because it's not where your setpoint is, it's not who you see yourself as internally. Does that make sense?

[KATHRYN]: Totally! But you touched on a really good point about how you read books, and you were taking in this information, but nothing was changing. And I think there is this thing that's happened in the personal development world where people are just trying all the manifestations right, whether it's meditation, and journaling, and all of that and nothing really seems to change. I want to talk. I want you to share more about why that is, like why is it that you can read all the things you can even hire the coaches if you want to get the support, but why do people stay stuck even though they're consuming everything?

[CASSIE]: Yeah, well, that's essentially what happened to me and I was like, Why is this so hard? Change is actually really easy. When you know how to do it. You're not the reason those things feel hard is because they're only working with your analytical mind. So your subconscious mind makes up 99.94% of your mind. Your subconscious mind is the other point zero 6% Or sorry, your conscious mind is the other point 06 percent. So it's really quite literally the smallest part of you. And yet, that's the part we use to create all this change. So we think things analytically, we read books, we go to seminars, and we try to change things from the outside in. And that's why it feels so slow. So when you go into hypnosis, or you do you know, you do things that actually work with the subconscious mind, you're working with that 99.94%. And that is the biggest part of you. But also, it just becomes so much easier to change. Because you're, you're basically getting past all that extra analytical, overthinking, right, and you're just going right to the core of who you are, and what your beliefs are. And you can shift them really, really quick.

[KATHRYN]: So how do people know I guess what, like, if they were to do hypnosis or do some of this, like subconscious rewiring? How do they even know what to do? Because again, I know there's lots of, you can download this hypnosis and this hypnosis, and it's like, how do they even assess what is their subconscious?

[CASSIE]: Yeah, so that's an analytical question, because you can't really assess what your subconscious is. But what I always recommend is that we cannot see our own blind spots, right? And so that's why having a coach and a mentor, especially for the type of women that you and I both worked with, they have an established business, they don't need strategy, necessarily. Sometimes they do, and I teach energetic strategy. But a lot of the time they have all those things in place, what they really need is they're still having those same money blocks over and over and over again, or they still have those same self worth issues, which lead them to overwork over and over and over again. And so you can't change those kinds of core beliefs and identities from the outside in, you can't achieve enough to change your low self worth, you just can't. And so we go right to the subconscious, and we really just shift that very quickly. But if you're like, Okay, I don't even know what my blocks are, that's normal, a lot of you, you probably don't know your blocks. And that's why having a coach, a mentor, somebody that you can talk to you, or a professional hypnotist, like somebody that can guide you is very, very helpful. I know, I wouldn't be here, if I hadn't had that I just would have stayed stuck, because you can't create change from the same level of consciousness that created the problem, right? We're the ones that kind of created the problem yet we're the ones trying to fix it. Sometimes that doesn't work. Right? You know, because you need somebody on higher ground, you can see things outside of you and be like, hey, you know all that work you're doing? Do you know that you have really low self worth, that's what happened to me. I was working, working, working, working, and I never once occurred to me and low self worth. Because I didn't like I don't you know, like, it's just not something that ever occurred to me, I'm confident when I walk in a room, I feel really great in my relationships, it was just it was totally a blind spot, until somebody pointed it out who was outside of me. And that's why I feel like investing in a coach or a mentor, like I said, is a really great way to work through the subconscious blocks that you might be seeing.

[KATHRYN]: Yeah, and do you like and I relate with that, too. And it was my aha moment as well as like I was working, working, working, working. And I had no idea it was a coach that actually pointed it out. Same thing that was like, it's a worth and value thing, right? You're feeling like you have to do all of the things in your business. Because it's like validation that you're worthy, or that what you're doing is a value and it literally didn't even mean the same thing. I walk into a room, I'm confident. I've achieved great success in business, academics, everything. And I was like, How do I have low self worth? And how is this attached to low self worth? So what do you think are the most common blocks for high achieving women?

[CASSIE]: Low self worth is the number one, I would say about 90% of the women I work with have that as a major block and don't realize it. And you know, because we're in our society, we're taught to get our self worth from things outside of us. So sometimes it's our luck. Sometimes it's our achievements, as the case was, you know, as was the case for me. So we chase shiny objects, and we chase income. And so self worth is definitely the number one. And again, they're not aware of it. So I don't even write content around this on my social media, because the woman I'm attracting is going to read that and be like, Oh, that's not me. Like they don't even know. They're totally oblivious until they get working with a coach. And then they're like, Oh, well, the second one is money blocks are huge, huge, huge, huge. If you know, there's something called subconscious values. The problem with our subconscious values is their subconscious, so we're not really aware of them. And so a lot of the women I work with, they'll say things like, oh, I don't care how much I make, I just want to help people because they're very heart centered people. Or, you know, I value money, but I value my family more. So they put themselves in this bind, we call it where they literally can't create more money because that conflicts with their value in their mind of family. So if somebody has subconscious values around money that don't support their overall vision for their business, it doesn't matter how hard they work, how much they do, how much they scale, if you are not a subconscious match for a six, figure seven figure business, you cannot create it because your subconscious mind literally will figure out ways to kind of keep you stuck. You know what I mean? So money blocks are the second biggest one for sure.

[KATHRYN]: Amazing. And I want to dive into the money piece where you talk about like, people saying, I, you know, I don't, it's not about the money, I just want to help or, you know, I'd rather have this lifestyle outside of my business, I just want money in my business to be able to fuel the lifestyle. And I had I saw posts, like months ago, and that triggered me because I was that person, probably still am, to some degree where I'm always like, I'm not heart centered, I, it's not about the money, I just want to help. And a lot of my clients and people that listen to this podcast are probably thinking the same thing. So can you talk a little bit about sort of like the root of that, like, is there a route to that sort of belief thinking like, what is that? And how do we shift out of that?

[CASSIE]: Yeah, the route is that most of us are taught either or thinking, Okay, this is normal. As humans, we always get into either or thinking either I can have an amazing family, or I can have a career, I can either have a, you know, a life of fun and freedom, or I can be a great way. You know, they peep, we just tend to be that way. So what I work with my clients on and myself all the time, because I'm always in the work is it gets to be and so the belief that I get to make incredible amounts of money, and it's not, you know, I'm not having to sacrifice my lifestyle, and it's not all about the money, money isn't bad, right? You know, and the more money I make, the more people I can help. So it's definitely a lot of the time the women I come to me with also have stories around money that, again, like if I'm making a lot of money, that means I'm somehow bad, or money's bad, or I'm somehow achy. And so we have to really clean that up and be like, is that really true? Or is that something you learned? Right? Story, another big one is value. A lot of entrepreneurs don't place the highest value on their value. So we're taught, okay, if you want to earn more money, if you want to attract more money into your business go put out value. That's not necessarily true. Because how many business owners do you know who go out there and they create massive value, but they don't make any money? Because we don't get paid for the value we put out in the marketplace, we actually get paid for the value we place on our own value. Right? Does that make sense? So that's a big, big, big, big one that I work with people on because they'll be like, Well, I'm doing all these and they're doing amazing things. And they have these incredible programs. But they're completely undercharging because they don't place a high enough value on their own services. Yeah. So they think, Oh, if I want to make more money, I gotta go do more packages and new offers. And it's like, no, maybe you just need to reassess the value you're placing on your value and realize you're worthy of charging a blank price, because that's what your offers are incredible. And you're an incredible person, and you don't have to keep hustling so hard for money, you deserve the money that you attract. Does that make sense?

[KATHRYN]: 100%. Yeah. And I think when I entered into the online space, having worked in corporate for 15 years, then going into like the brick and mortar world, and then stepping into this online space. And I was like there's so many things that we do in it that just kind of blow my mind, like why I've never seen businesses built this way. But on the whole, giving all this free content and putting out all this free information in order to attract people into our space, but also to like, convince them to like, invest in what we have to offer. And it always sort of felt really disjointed to me because my brick and mortar was like, I'm not like giving people a bunch of free wine, hoping that one day they'll come and buy wine from me, like there's no way we would do that and we would never make money. But then in the online space, it was like our businesses were structured like this. And I was like, why are we structured this way? Right? Or even the whole launch model, right? Like, you know, we would never close our doors at our brick and mortar for certain periods of time, and then reopen them and be like, we're open again, come buy wine from us. No way. We were open pretty much 365 days a year. So it's just like this really kind of twisted thing in the online space. And I see a lot of women burning out. A lot of clients that come to me are the same. They're like, I'm creating all this really great content. I've got this really great program. I just can't seem to convince people so to speak, to either invest or even pay attention to what I'm doing. Yeah, so that totally makes sense.

[CASSIE]: Yeah, and as you and I both know, that's an inside job. Totally. Totally. Yep. So that's what you got to work. You like all new levels, new devils. As you grow your business. You know, a lot of the women I work with, they make 7080 90 100,000 a year or whatever. But if you want to get multiple six figures or seven figures, you're going to have money stories again, and so it's getting the tool so that when those come up, you actually know, okay, this is a story. How do I reprogram this? How do I shift this? And it gets a lot quicker? Because sometimes people spend years and these cycles, you know?

[KATHRYN]: So how do you identify it right? Like how do you identify that you're even in that cycle or pattern if some of the women, like I said, don't even know that they have a self worth issue, like, how do you even identify that?

[CASSIE]: Oh, gosh, that's a great question. Because like I said, if you're self identifying, it's going to be a little bit hard, because awareness is the beginning of all change. So just become aware of your thoughts throughout the day. And asking yourself, Is this really true? Like, is this really why I've been doing that a lot? Like, is this true, I'll have a belief come up. And I'll just start asking myself if that is really true. And looking at other people who have broken that mold can be really helpful. But also, having somebody outside of you again, is going to be the most helpful because awareness can be a practice, and it takes time to really develop that awareness of your own thoughts and realize I am not my thoughts, these are, these are not who I am. And kind of observe them from that third person point of view. And when you do that, you can start to see the patterns in the blocks. However, when I work with somebody, I can have a 30 minute conversation with them, you probably can too. And you can instantly tell by their words. These are what your blocks are, like, I can see them clear as day. But we as the people who are saying those things, we can't see them. You just can't see them always. So I don't know if that's the best answer. Because I know sometimes people are like, well, I want to know my hours to figure it out on my own. And I tried to do that for a really long time. It can get you places there are certain things that yes, I'm not trying to disempower anybody and say you can't figure it out on your own absolutely can. But the mind is a tricky thing. And your ego, your ego wants to keep you safe. So it's definitely a process.

[KATHRYN]: I think the High Achiever again, a lot of high achievers that I work with are like they want to do it themselves, right? We have a hard time asking for help, or getting support from people. And so a big time it's looking at, you know, investing in a coach or getting a coach that can spot your blind spots, but also fast track you, right? So if you want to kind of Isay spin in that spot and try to do the work yourself, like, Yeah, we don't want to disempower you to do it. But if you want to kind of cut through the blocks quicker, hiring a coach or having an outside perspective will really help fast track that so to speak. But yeah, lots of high achievers. And I know I struggled with that in my first two years of business, not knowing how to even ask for help or wanting to ask for help. So hey, I still work on that all the time. Just last week, I had a mindset call with my mentor. And I was the old me even a month or two ago would have been like, I should know this, I should know better. But it's like, give yourself grace. You may be an expert in your field, but you still need help. And it's okay to ask. And I feel like being vulnerable enough to ask is actually the greatest strength we can possess. It took me a really long time to learn that asking for help, or guidance, or feedback or coaching was my strength, not my weakness. And yeah, I definitely felt the same way as an achiever, like, I'll figure it out, I'll do it on my own. I don't need help. And it really took me hitting rock bottom, and just getting so sick of my own crap that I was like, I give up. I just can't see clearly it's not working, you know, but you don't have to get to that point before you ask for help. Totally understanding that when you ask for help, that's actually because you're very strong. You're a very strong person, otherwise you wouldn't have asked totally, totally and again, it is such a sign of strength versus weakness. It was a massive learning for me in businesses like I'm not weak for needing help, or continuing to need help, like you say, you know, new level new devil that we're all on this path of growth and expansion and that no matter what level of business, you're going to need it even if you are like you said an expert in the thing that you do, like I mean, I love I'm in a program right now, I love that they have a copywriter. Well, I do copywriting but I love having another copywriter. Look at my stuff. Because I'm so close to my work just like you're really close to your work, right? And so it's like just to have that other set of eyes on your stuff is so important or just having that outside perspective. I have a question about hypnosis, specifically, what types of modalities are there to help or rewire your subconscious mind? So I know you do hypnosis and you're trained in that, but are there other ways in which people can do this work?

[CASSIE]: There's so I work with my clients both on the subconscious rewiring but also energetic level, because they're quite intermingled. So some of the things I do are more energy clearing techniques, like I teach energy codes, I teach, you know, EFT, tapping, things like that, because that actually does communicate directly with your subconscious. It's just a different way of communicating than hypnosis. There are so many ways you can even use simple repetition to reprogram your subconscious. It's a little slower. But you know, if you tell yourself every day I'm fat and fat and fat, it's not going to take that long for that thought that you keep repeating to sink into your subconscious. So, you know, repetition is one way if somebody was wanting to do something really simple, but hypnosis is a This, in my opinion, has been, for me at least, the easiest modality. But I was definitely kind of resistant to it. Or before I thought it was I thought it was mind control, and I was terrified of it. To be completely honest, the only reason I even had a habit working with my first hypnotherapist was because long story short, I had chronic foot pain for years. And nobody could figure out what was wrong with my feet. And out of complete desperation, I hired a hypnotherapist who said, I can help you with that. And I did a session with her and I went into it, just asking her like, Please don't hurt me. Don't brainwash me, like I didn't understand any of it. And we see in the movies, just so many misconceptions and it anyway, I left that session and the next day I was completely healed, my feet never had any pain again. Ironically, what caused the foot pain for me was basically emotional trauma that I hadn't released and hadn't dealt with. And when you don't deal with trauma or emotions, They stay trapped in your body. So after that session, I was able to release it and it wasn't an issue anymore. And that's when I realized the power of hypnosis and I also started to learn about how there is no way to brainwash somebody in hypnosis, because all hypnosis is self hypnosis. As a hypnotist, my job is actually to just guide you through the process, but you're actually the one hypnotizing yourself. Ah, interesting, huh, yeah. And it's actually also the same as meditation and in a lot of ways it's the same brainwave state, the only difference is your intention. So your intention with hypnosis is usually to reprogram and let go of something that's no longer serving, you maybe get over phobia. Versus your intention when you're meditating is either to silence the mind or communicate with a higher power, clear your energy centers, there's different types of meditation, but they're actually not that different. And that's what kind of also helped me be like, Oh, this is safe. Like, it's okay to do this. I'm not gonna do anything crazy to my brain, and nobody can do anything to me. 

[KATHRYN]: I never thought of it that way. And I always thought like, you can't hypnotize me because I'm so in control of my mind. You know, it was kind of like the other thing I don't want. I didn't want to put myself in that situation. But in the same breath, I was like, they probably couldn't hypnotize me anyways, but I've done hypnosis now and have gone into sort of like that deep relaxation state, but I do love doing levels of hypnosis. Now along with meditation is probably the other big one for me. Like journaling and affirmations just don't sit with me but meditation and hypnosis, but it is too quiet that overthinking mind or the mind that's like completely completely active. So what would a session look like? If someone was to come to you? What would a session look like? Working with you?

[CASSIE]: So I don't do one on one hypnosis sessions. B, I have a program where I work with entrepreneurs and I take one on one clients through you know, a six month coaching package. I don't do one on one hypnosis sessions because I actually love hypnosis. And I, it's one of the modalities I use, but there's so many others. So I use energy clearing techniques. Like I said, I teach them how to rebalance their chakras, clear their aura, things like that, that I'm training because that's also like there's so many different tools you can use. And also, I will say one of the best tools you can use is feeling your feelings and letting it be okay. I think that sometimes we use these modalities because we don't want to feel and that's not the purpose of hypnosis or anything tapping any of that. You have to always Allow yourself to just feel and let them go. You know, that was a big one for me, because a lot of the women I work with again, they are over functioning, and they don't realize they're over functioning and overdoing and overworking because they just don't want to feel what they're feeling. And so we have to learn to feel things. But if I was taking somebody through a hypnosis session, because I do do those, occasionally, what I work through is first, just calming them, just going through relaxation, you know, basically getting them into trance. And then as you relax the body, you relax that analytical part of the mind. So you kind of just send it off in la la land, like, you distract it, essentially, so that you can then tap into the subconscious mind. And so it's just, it's honestly just a process of maybe 10 minutes, getting them kind of relaxed. And then that's it. Like, once they're relaxed, you can send commands to their subconscious mind, or you can work through things in their subconscious. You can do timeline, hit timeline, hypnosis, where you go back in time, and kind of work through things that maybe they were experiencing. And then that, you know, that's basically the session and then getting them out of hypnosis is like really fast as soon as 254321 like, basically, they're up. Because, again, they're the ones hypnotizing themselves.

[KATHRYN]: Well, it's been such a pleasure, like having you on the show. And I know my listeners are gonna love this. And so is there anything else you'd like to share? Before we wrap things up?

[CASSIE]: You know, people always ask me that. In a podcast, I need to come up with some sort of like, really solid answer every time the only thing I will say just because we're on the topic of self love. People always, they do ask, like, what's the biggest shift you made in your business, and I can talk all day about energy, and, you know, marketing and subconscious reprogramming. But at the end of the day, the biggest shift, I mean, in my business, and this is gonna sound really fluffy. And it's okay, if you roll your eyes, the biggest shift I made was loving myself. I mean, truly, deeply working through that process of accepting myself and loving myself. Because when I accept myself and love myself, which is a journey, like, it's not like, you know, every day you work on it, but it's so much easier to run a successful business. When you love yourself, it's so much easier to attract the right clients, when you have a great relationship with yourself. And I just feel like that's a missing piece for a lot of people. And for me, that was a huge, huge, huge game changer that really started to pivot things for me.

[KATHRYN]: So I love that because I do think if we don't love ourselves, and we aren't loving ourselves, it's a full reflection of what we're calling into our business. Right. And so we end up thinking we need to work these late hours or schedule calls whenever our clients want to, right, we don't have boundaries. We don't, we don't even know what we are available for because we were just wide open and like, we'll just do whatever. Because we have no understanding of Yeah, like our own inner value and worth is kind of what it goes back to. So I think it's so beautiful. And so where can people find you if they want to reach out to you if they want to listen to your podcast if they want to work with you?

[CASSIE]: My podcast is the magic in your business podcast, and then to reach out to me I'm most active on Instagram. So my instagram handle is gratefully underscore Cassie, and follow me on there. I love to talk to people. Okay, not in real life. I'm actually highly introverted. But on Instagram, like, I love DMS. I like genuinely, if somebody's like, hey, like, let's be friends. I'm like, let's do it. Like I make friends with people on social media all the time. It's like one of my favorite hobbies. So DM me be like, Hey, listen to this podcast, what's up? Because I love talking to people there. But yeah, Instagrams the most are the easiest way and then the podcast is also available.

[KATHRYN]: Amazing. And we'll definitely link that up in the show notes. And I love that you're an introvert because I'm like a cross. I'm like a 5050. I'm extroverted but introverted, too, but I'm the same. It's just like, I like my own personal space. So but I do, yes, that's awesome that they can reach out to you in the DM, start that conversation and definitely go over and follow Cassie if you're interested in learning more about how to rewire that subconscious and do the energy work that we all need in our business.

[CASSIE]: thank you awesome for having me on. Yes, it's been a pleasure.