Jan. 4, 2022

How to Use Your Marketing to Attract the Right Clients that are Ready to Buy

How to Use Your Marketing to Attract the Right Clients that are Ready to Buy
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Are you riding the marketing hamster wheel in your business, spending hours marketing your business?

In today’s episode, Kathryn is sharing how to use your content to effortlessly attract the right clients that are ready to buy.

So if you’re ready to hear a totally counterintuitive way to use your content to effortlessly attract the right clients that are ready to buy, tune into today’s episode.


  • How traditional marketing is more of a pushing effort and how to step off that marketing hamster wheel.
  • The difference between martyr marketing and attraction marketing.
  • Why your marketing might not be attracting the right clients or most aligned clients.

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Hey, hey Kathryn here. I'm so glad you're tuning in if you're new to the show, welcome, welcome. Super stoked that you're here. I want to start off by asking you guys how were your holidays. I hope you enjoyed some spiked eggnog put your feet up and are well rested now to kick start the new year. Who here loves eggnog, by the way, I know it's not everyone's favorite drink, but it's something I look forward to every year. And Craig's been off since December 17. So I feel like we started holiday mode A long time ago. But we had a lovely time connecting with family and friends as always. So if you've been around for a bit, you know, I'm all about keeping it real with you, showing you all sides of entrepreneurship and life. I mean, it's all connected, right? And it's really my mission to bring you all sides of business on this show. And today's episode is no exception. Back in November, I hosted a free live masterclass, I got amazing feedback, mainly because I shared something no one else was talking about in the marketing and sales space. I've been in this space for 20 years. So I've seen how things have been traditionally done because I was trained in it. I have an undergraduate in marketing, a master's in communications spent 15 years in corporate five plus years now it full time entrepreneurship. And so I've seen how things have been traditionally done and how I believe things need to change. This episode isn't to create shame, or say, Oh, this, we're doing things wrong. Like anything in life as we evolve and innovate and create change. We need to do things better, we need to identify what things are probably working for us anymore. And that's what I introduced in this masterclass of how we can do marketing and sales differently. And the concept that I shared was the difference between murder, marketing, and attraction marketing. I call murder marketing, the traditional push down marketing and sales effort like cold DMing engaging on other people's posts hoping they pay attention, or trying to prospect clients in Facebook groups might be picking up a phone book, does anybody have phone books anymore? I don't think so. I use the phone book. Because back when I graduated my marketing degree back in 2003, I applied for a job on the west coast of Canada to sell insurance and the application process was quite vigorous. Let's just say that. We had to go through a lot of hoops to see if we'd qualify for this position. And they did it very strategically


this way to see who like I said it was ready and really committed to this job. Let's just say that I ended up after about a month of training decided that this position wasn't for me. And it was mainly because they told me to pick up a phone book and start calling people in it to see if people wanted to buy insurance from me. And cold calling has never been my jam wasn't my jam in 2003. It's not my jam in 2022. And is why I've now kind of from a holistic perspective, bird's eye view, looked at the marketing industry and sales and said how can we do things differently, there's got to be a better way. And these styles of tactics, what I call push marketing styles of tactic cold DMing, all of that just doesn't jive with me. But more than just the tactics itself is also the way in which we communicate with our audience. And the murder marketing really is grounded in using scarcity and urgency tactics, exclusivity tactics, playing into our audiences FOMO Fear Of Missing Out that's a real fear people have the fear that they're going to miss the deal, miss the sale, miss the bonuses run out of time, right? We're constantly looking at the future going up, do I have enough time to do this? Am I running out of time I'm getting too old, right? We live in FOMO all the time. It's using scripts and templates that speak to what I call the victim mindset instead of the growth mindset. And what ends up happening is, business owners believe they need to use these push dial tactics as normal marketing practice, because everyone else is doing it this way. And all the marketing gurus are selling in this way. And the majority of the marketing that's being taught out there is being taught in this way. So I don't blame you for feeling like this is the way you have to do it. Even though you might be thinking I don't actually like cold DMing either. If I had a phonebook, I wouldn't want to pick up the phone book and start calling people randomly trying to sell to them right. And like I said, these tactics work people have been employing them for years. But I do believe that these brain based perspectives or tactics, the logical analytical and psychological are not the only way to sell and to market a business. And it's actually what sparked the idea for this show, because 93% of communication is in fact non verbal, which means the words and the way in which we market and sell using words, so to speak, is just a small portion of of the impact that it's actually having because 93% of communication is nonverbal, meaning it's felt in the body before you even speak or say a word, right? It's felt, it's, you've probably experienced this when you walked into a room and you can tell, you know, the essence of somebody, maybe it's listening to a speech, maybe it's listening to someone pitch and sell to you, and being able to feel in your body that it might not something might be off, or it's not 100% genuine, you know, and a lot of the marketing that we do see is, does over promise and guarantee things that we can't guarantee in life anyways, and one of the big ones is, you know, promising to earn X amount of dollars in a certain time frame, nobody can guarantee that nobody can guarantee that you'll get results in a certain timeframe. Because it's impossible to do. So. We don't control time and that way, right, that's the first sort of red flag. When I look at a lot of the marketing out there is these over promises, on things that they can actually really, truly promise. And that again, is really grounded in what I call that murder marketing. So I get why we business owners believe it needs to be this way because everybody's doing it this way. But I do want to share with you and on this podcast, today is a different way in which you can do it. But I am also hosting a another live masterclass on January 9, if you want to join because I'm gonna be diving into this even more, this topic more in that live class, and you can click the link in the show notes and sign up for that there will be a replay available as well. But let's dive into the differences between murder marketing, and what I call attraction marketing. And the changes that I would love to see in the industry. So murder marketing, as I said, is what the marketing industry is teaching or majority of the marketing industry is teaching. It's something that you know, I've done in my business and employed in my business because it's the way I was taught. So like I said, again, I want to preface this is not to shame these tactics, they do work, but I want to give you or paint a picture for you, giving you the difference between the two so that if at any point in your business, you felt like I don't really resonate with those tactics. One, you know that there's a different way of doing it in in the way that I teach the attraction marketing, but to is like, you can start to see how it affects the people that you do attract into your space. And maybe if you're an online business owner course creator, that sort of thing, why a lot of people probably haven't finished courses you've put out haven't gotten the results that, you know, you promised. And it's likely because of the murder, marketing style tactics that you're using in your business. And it does really impact the type of people that you attract. But when we play into people's FOMO, it also creates what I call a hype or an excitement. And it's sold in an essence of fear. And so they get really excited FOMO they get, oh, I'm going to miss out, I can't miss out. And so they buy something that either wasn't in full alignment with them or wasn't the thing that they actually needed. And so they either never open the course, or they get halfway through it. And they decide, well, this isn't really what I wanted, because they were buying from a place of fear versus from a place of empowerment, which is what the attraction marketing is really grounded in. So I'm just going to run through some differences here so that you can get, like I said, a really good picture of what the differences are. And you can decide for yourself if this is something that you want to switch up in your business. So the first one murder marketing, like I said, marketing, the marketing industry is teaching this. And what it really is grounded in is grounded in using low vibrational words to speak to the victim mindset such as struggle, stock, or can't figure this out on my own. This is you'll see this in languaging, where you focus on busting sales objections to convince you to buy so to speak, are really playing into the limiting beliefs. If you're constantly using your language to bust objections or speak to people's limiting beliefs, you're playing into that victim mindset. And what that ends up doing is, as we all know, people that are stuck in victim are really hard to try and change their mindset. They're in that mindset for a reason, right versus what I call growth mindset, which is what attraction marketing uses. They use high vibrational words to speak to the growth mindset such as Empower, expand or stretch, right it's it's actually calling people out to be empowered in their life and to take charge of their life and take action. There's a there's a big difference there. And if your content is heavily speaking to the victim mindset, which again is what a lot of the marketing martyr marketing does. You're going to attract those victims and you're you've likely spent a lot of effort and time trying to convince people to buy from you, right. You've spent a lot of time trying to bust these objections or even analyze why people aren't, you know, saying yes to what you have to offer, it's because they're very much stuck in their way. And they're going to be hard people to convince otherwise. The other thing that martyr marketing does is it uses what I call psychological trickery to manipulate the sale such as false scarcity, urgency exclusivity, we see a lot of this in the online space, probably in the offline space as well, where we're, you know, promising or saying that if they don't buy and X hours, you know, they're going to not get these bonuses. When in fact, the bonuses are available all the time, right, they could be available all the time, you're using a bonus, you're using a time frame to to actually get people to sign up. Again, it plays very much into the FOMO, which as I mentioned, is people buying in a in a place of fear. And when people buy in a place of fear, they come into your space in a place of fear. And what ends up happening is, not only are you maybe going to make the sale, but you're also going to then have to deal with that particular client or customer who's going to be operating in a state of fear for the entire time that they're working with you, which is a lot of work and effort. So we we never really think about the impact that it also then has with the relationship that you have with your clients and customers is something I won't dive into today. But just give you a bit of a tidbit of information here that, you know, lots of businesses are so concerned or consumed with needing to make the sale, that we don't actually think about what that experience is going to be like for you, and the customer who's going through that experience with you. Right. And if the experience isn't pleasant, then what I call you, you're not able to then leverage their results, you're not able to leverage word of mouth or referrals, because they're going to walk out of the experience with you and be like, Well, that sucked. Right, because they what came in in a place of fear is why attraction marketing is so powerful because we want them to come in, in an empowered state using high vibrational words that really does speak to the growth mindset and then encourages them to come in and that make a decision and buy from an empowered place versus a fear state. Because then you have empowered people that you're working with throughout the experience, they're going to get better results.


They're going to get, you know, they're going to love working with you, you guys are going to jive all those sorts of things. So the whole psychological trickery piece, the price, right, the price is going up in five days, if you don't buy now, all of those sorts of things, to me feel like psychological trickery, because at the end of the day, they're just used as tactics to get you to buy and not necessarily for the right reasons, which is huge. The other big one with modern marketing is it promises to fix your problem because you have the only solution. So it's positioning your products or services as the only solution as the secret or missing link to their success, their desires, whatever the heck that they want. What ends up happening is you you again, you're speaking to the victim and you're speaking to quick fixes, fixing somebody problems being their Savior, it's not a very empowered state to be in, it's actually them relying on you to do the work in a lot of ways. We see this a lot in the consulting space where you end up overcompensating for clients, you end up having zero boundaries, because you want them to get results, you are so vested in getting the results for them, because you've promised that they're going to get these results, you also promise you're going to fix their problem. And so it ends up being a very, not very empowered for both people. But there's a lot of overcompensation that ends up happening. And again, people not getting the results because they never came into the space with you or the business they never bought from a place of like I have the power to make the change. I'm just looking for somebody to like fix all of my life's problems. And that is a very disempowered state to be in. Oftentimes, the murder marketing again is grounded in seeking the sale above anything else because it's it's formed this way and created this way. It's all about marketing and making money and making sales. We didn't ever really think about the impact that it would have with the experience side of things like are we actually attracting the right people into our space? Are we creating an experience for people that is empowered versus like Savior fix it and it's gonna end up attracting anyone who's willing to pay but also anyone who's desperate enough to make the change so to speak, but not make the change from like I said, the Empowered place but really make the change from you giving them the solution, you fixing their problems, you doing the work for them. And as I mentioned earlier, it's grounded in this what I call brain based approaches the analytical, the logical the psychological, because a lot of marketing is not taught any other way. It really is taught how to sort of manipulate the mind to buy, right? The hypnotic words psychology of selling, all of those things are mind based brain based where I believe, again, a lot of what we feel is in our body, and that our minds should be the passenger, not the driver, that our bodies should be the thing that drives our decision making. And that is what I'm hoping to change in the marketing and sales space that we start to create really powerful marketing for our business that speaks to people's hearts speaks to people's gut and intuition. And they're like, yes, I want to work with this person. And, and the murder murketing also creates what I call that follow the leader community where people are looking up to you for all of the answers. They're looking up to you to make decisions for them. They're not in an empowered state at all. They're just like, give me the answers. Show me the way, I trust that you have all of the answers. And what that does is it moves people out of their body, it moves people out of trusting themselves above everybody else. And it does create can create a lot of friction in business, because it you're going to get clients that are like you told me to do this, you said to do this, I followed exactly what you said, and I still not where I want to be. And it creates that hierarchy within business, when at the end of the day, all business owners, if you're an entrepreneur, and you're listening to this, like you're the driver of your business, nobody else is the driver. And the only way to really be in control of driving this, your business and everything else is going inward and really trusting your own decision making skills, trusting your intuition, leaning into and grounding yourself in your own sort of energy. Not saying that you can't look to other people for guidance, because I do believe in guidance is a very important thing. But also being able to take the guidance and go Yeah, I hear what you're saying. And I'm going to see if I can apply it differently or do things differently, or, you know, some of that works for me, but it doesn't 100% work for me. That is what you're going to get when you use attraction marketing


because they're not looking for the quick fix. They're not looking for this hierarchy. This follow the leader, I'm going to just listen to everything you say and what you say is 100% gospel, they can discern for themselves, what works and what doesn't work for their business. And they end up getting way better results as a as a result, because they have relied on their own inner intuition. And we know best our own inner guidance is the best guidance. Right? And so that is what essentially the murder marketing world is. Martyr marketing, in essence is built upon is really like I said, the hierarchy, the fixing people's problems, whereas what I teach is attraction, marketing, and very much infused with what I call conscious language, integrity, intention behind everything that we do, and really cultivating a space where people feel empowered to make decisions on their own. Not from a place of just tell me what to do show me the way I'm you're the leader, and I trust everything that you say is actually bringing people back to trusting themselves. Above all, the attraction marketing, like I said, really does use high vibrational words to speak to what I call the growth mindset such as Empower, expand and stretch. It doesn't mean that the people, when we're speaking to the growth mindset that people don't have limiting beliefs or things that are holding them back. We all do. But we're speaking to a very empowered way we're using what I call the high vibrational words to speak to that growth mindset. People with a growth mindset that are looking for possibility, change and action are willing to do that are far easier to empower to make it one decision or another whether they want to invest in what you're selling or not, they're less likely, you're not going to have to spend so much time convincing them. But then they're also going into your containers or your space or buying from you in an empowered way. And so they're going to be a lot easier to work with. They're going to you know, really take, like I said control of their own destiny, so to speak. And the way in which attraction marketing works is it really does focus on shifting beliefs that invite you to rethink things, because as I mentioned, anyone with a growth mindset, someone like me or anybody else who has that growth mindset doesn't isn't saying that they don't have beliefs that need to be shifted, or they might be holding on to things that aren't serving them anymore. Right. It really is just focusing on shifting people's beliefs and inviting them to rethink or ponder or discern that thing and go hmm, yeah, there is a better way to do it. It's it's basically presenting them with another option or another way of doing things that is likely, you know, showing them that what they've been doing is holding them back it uses what I call awareness to present a solution versus psychological trickery. So it's painting a picture and positioning what you have to offer from an awareness perspective, where you're showing them that they have the problem. Again, a lot of people, either the majority of people don't even know that they have a problem. So it's creating awareness that there is a problem. And then there's another small portion of people that are aware they have a problem, but they don't know what their solution is. And then there's people that have,


they know, they know exactly, that they have the problem. And this is the solution that they need to make that sort of like the buyers journey, so to speak. So you're having to speak to all of those different types of people in your content. But it's really a very awareness driven thing where it's like, this is the problem, this is the solution that you need, or I have the solution to solve X problem. And that really does speak like I said, more to that empowered mindset. The attraction marketing is it also showcases like I said, what is possible, but invites you to make the choice that's best for you. So again, we build off that awareness piece where you're you're presenting in your content and your marketing, be aware, you're creating awareness amongst your audience at the various stages that they might be at. But then you're inviting them to make the choice that's best for them versus using like I said, you know, any of this scarcity, taxes, false scarcity, urgency exclusivity, but also not promising that this is the only solution, which is what the murder marketing does, right? It promises to fix your problem, because you're this is the missing link to all of your problems, whereas attraction marketing is, is actually just showcasing the solution, and inviting you to make the one that's best for you. Because in business, and in life, there's not just one critical sure path to your success, right, everybody's path looks different, everybody's business is gonna look different and what works for some one person might not work for somebody else. And that's what attraction marketing really does. It creates demand by creating awareness. But then it it does invitation, right, it's calling people in that are ready to buy through your content, but then it's also inviting them to make the decision that's best for them, you're not having to convince, or force or use tactics or discount your prices or offer 1000 bonuses, like you don't have to do any of that, because they know this is the solution they want, or it's not the solution that they want. Client Experience. And results are at the utmost priority. And I say that because the murder marketing pieces, right, it's trust anyone who will pay or who feels like the fear of missing out, I


need to do this, whereas the client experience and results are at the utmost priority. And that if you're not attracting the right people into your space, like I said, if they're coming in from a place of fear, and they're not very, they're not empowered, they're gonna have that experience throughout, you've likely attracted the wrong type of people, not everybody that is a good fit for what you're doing. And what ends up happening is you sacrifice client experience and the results that they get, whereas attraction marketing will turn people away, or redirect them to something that's better suited for where they're at, in business in life, what their desires are, so to speak. And that enables you to then maintain or uphold client experience and results, and therefore can leverage client results to sell what I call from the back end. So you're feeding your marketing engine, from the front end with new clients, new potential clients coming in, but then you're also feeding the back end of your business with referrals, word of mouth and, and leveraging those client results. So that people are like, oh, man, yeah, she's getting amazing results. We've seen a lot of programs and courses out there that promise results. But you know, the success rate of their program, per se, isn't that great. This really does allow you to leverage those results to then create more sales in your business, which becomes effortless, right? Because when you people are referring you or they want to be an affiliate with your business, or, you know, they're out there talking about your business to friends and family, because they just can't get enough of how you've helped them or what you have to offer. I mean, that feeds, like I said, the back end of your business, it's how we built a lot of our brick and mortar and is how I've built my online business now because I operate from this place where I'm attracting the right people into my space. And I uphold that client experience and the client results. At the most priority. It's not about the sale. It's not about making money. It's not about just selling to anybody for the sake of selling. It's not about over promising things that I can't deliver on it staying in the most and highest integrity so that I attract the most aligned clients as well. And that's again, attraction marketing really is about attracting the right and most aligned clients. And it's grounded in what I call conscious approaches such as intuitive, self guided and limitless. So really helping people trust their own intuition. Helping people guide themselves in this process, and really showing people that anything is possible and that there is limitless potential when we get out of our brains, so to speak, and move out of what I call the brain based approaches and we move into our body that we can start to see that we are limitless and that's our minds are usually the thing that's holding us back and creating the limits that we have. And finally, attraction marketing is really grounded in creating an empowered leadership community. So I always look at and I felt this in a lot of containers that I've been in and salt and lived in what I call the create the Follow the Leader community, I've been in communities where it was like, follow the leader, there's this their preaching gospel and all of that, this is the way and do it my way and you'll get the results so to speak, what attraction marketing does is it creates an empowered leadership community so that the people that you are attracting into your space are leaders in their business, they're badass at what they do. It's not about creating hierarchy it's about showing them and encouraging them and empowering them to step further into their own leadership, but do it from like a self guided perspective and intuition really trusting who they are. So, guidance really is from an attraction marketing perspective is holding space for these people to make empowered decisions for themselves less force less push less convincing, right because they are now coming from a place of leadership for themselves and not seeking outside leadership to tell them what to do and how to do it. So that is the difference between what I call murder marketing and attraction marketing and as I said, I will be diving into more around like conscious language and how murder marketing looks and how attraction marketing looks so to speak and tactics in which ways you can you can start to employ this into your business now. I will be hosting that free live masterclass on January 9 Super stoked about that to jump in like I said, this piece of content that I introduced blew people's minds and it's why I wanted to do this podcast episode today because and record and give you kind of a sneak peek or a glimpse into it because like I said, I got the most feedback but I am diving more into this and breaking it out more into really how to position yourself as the go to expert in your industry


without chasing clients without the push style tactics and really how to do this using attraction marketing it's how I've sold over a million dollars in sales in my lifetime because I've employed and I'm grounded in this attraction marketing and is what I what I teach. So if you are interested in attending that live masterclass, click the link in the show notes because to sign up, there will be a replay available cheers