March 14, 2023

Why Agitating Pain Points or Using FOMO Doesn’t Resonate with Some Entrepreneurs

Why Agitating Pain Points or Using FOMO Doesn’t Resonate with Some Entrepreneurs

If agitating pain points, or using FOMO never resonated with you, turn in as Kathryn shares why and a practical way to assess the energetics of your content and copy.


  • How traditional marketing uses one level of energy and why it doesn’t resonate for most soulful coaches.
  • A practical way to assess the energetics of your marketing and sales content and copy to ensure you’re attracting the right clients.
  • Why your language plays a massive role in attracting aligned audiences and how to ensure it’s congruent with you and your marketing and sales strategies. 

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[00:00:00] Kathryn Thompson: After generating over a million dollars in sales and selling one of her businesses with a single email, your host Katherine Thompson, takes an unconventional approach to marketing and sales. So if you are ready to tap into a more powerful way to be seen, heard, and a sought after entrepreneur in your industry without having to spend endless hours marketing your business and chasing clients, you are in the right place.

[00:00:26] Be The Sought After Entrepreneur podcast is here to help you ditch the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to marketing, and use your unique energy to effortlessly attract the most aligned clients. When you do this, you can. Time marketing your business and more time doing your soul work and enjoying the richness of your life.

[00:00:46] Welcome to Be the Sought After Entrepreneur podcast, and here's your host, Katherine Thompson. Welcome back, super stoked that you're tuning into this week's episode, and I cannot wait to dive in today's [00:01:00] topic because I'm gonna be giving you a practical way that you can use within your own body. To test the energetics of the language that you're using, specifically when it comes to marketing and sales content, and.

[00:01:15] Why is this important? Because if you've never really resonated with agitating people's pain points, you know, using FOMO to get people to buy, infusing your sales cycle with a ton of urgency or false urgency, again, to create pressure to buy, then you're gonna wanna listen up. And there's a reason why you don't resonate with that.

[00:01:38] And yet it's probably feels like the only thing out there in order to sell. . It's because traditional marketing and sales is taught from that mass media perspective of keeping people consuming, keeping people believing that something is missing and that they need to fill this void within them [00:02:00] with this product or service.

[00:02:02] It's having this agitating of the pain. To even create the problem. Some people might not even think they have a problem until this pain point is agitated to a point that they're like, man, maybe I have a problem. It's this vicious cycle that Mass media wants to create because it's a billion dollar, multi-billion dollar industry, right?

[00:02:26] If people have a problem, they're constantly going to be seeking a solution. Versus what I call this new paradigm marketing that's designed to really speak to empowered buyers, to show people that nothing's missing. They've got everything that they need within them. They just might wanna seek counsel, have an advisor buy a product that can support them on achieving the things that they want in their life, versus needing to invest as a savior mechanism or [00:03:00] seeking advice from somebody that's gonna save them of all of their woves and problems.

[00:03:06] Two very different energies. . The problem is nobody teaches the energetics of language, or at least not the way that I do. That really does decipher the two very different energies and how to use the, your body to sort of feel into the language that's being said because language creates that biochemical response and the person receiving it.

[00:03:32] Which means it could be somebody like a client or somebody within your audience, or it can be you if you're talking smack to yourself all the time, that's gonna create a biochemical response in your body and that's gonna seep out. In your non-verbal, right, where I say your non-verbal speaks before your words ever do.

[00:03:53] If you're constantly doubting yourself, if you're second guessing yourself, if you've got self-worth or not enoughness coming [00:04:00] out, that's gonna come out in the way you act, in the way you show up, in the way you deliver what it is that you deliver. And your audience is gonna feel that. We'll couple that now with language and that creates.

[00:04:14] A whole system of who you're ultimately attracting into your world. So I wanna give you a practical way that you can test this with your content before you put it out into the world. But I also wanna give this to you so that you can start to create awareness around how this feels ultimately in your body.

[00:04:34] And therefore likely gonna feel in the body of the ideal person you want in your world or the audience that you want to cultivate. So as I mentioned, the majority of mass media marketing and sales is taught in that low vibrational energy of wanting to keep people. Seeking something outside of themselves to fill the void.

[00:04:56] Often use the dating analogy where you're seeking this [00:05:00] partner to be your better half to fill the void to complete your life, right? That's the energy of that low vibrational energy and low vibrational marketing and sales. So I just want you to take a moment. Wherever you are and take a couple deep, big breaths in and out.

[00:05:20] If you're sitting in a chair, maybe ground your feet, plant them. If you're out for a walk or cooking or distracted with people around you, there's somewhere that you can go and find a place where you're not distracted, because I'm gonna be reading to you some of the marketing headlines or hooks that I see a lot.

[00:05:41] So that you can feel them in your body. And then I want to give you other examples that you can also feel in your body so you can feel the difference, so you can start to assess for yourself. What it does to your body and what it, what it creates within your body and where you [00:06:00] actually feel it and how you feel it.

[00:06:02] Because if you're wanting to attract people stuck in victim, sort of in that low vibrational energy, which some of you might be wanting to do, and that's fine. It works. , then you can speak to them in this language. But if you're wanting to attract more empowered buyers and you're wanting to attract people that you know, you want to do it in an expansive way, in a way that's grounded in possibility, in, in a way that's reminding people that they don't actually need you to solve their problems.

[00:06:33] That they have everything that they need within themselves, which is one of my biggest messages to everybody I work with. You know, I'm not here to save your business. I'm not here to save you. I'm not the missing piece to your success. Your success is already within you. I'm just here to be a thought partner, right?

[00:06:52] And that's what empowered buyers want. They want thought partners. They want people that will help co-create with them. That will help. They want [00:07:00] people that will help amplify what they already do really, really well. They're not looking for a savior, very, very different energy, which means very different communication styles and language needed.

[00:07:11] Otherwise it's not gonna resonate within their body. So, Take a few minutes, take a few deep breaths, ground your feet, and I want you to just feel maybe close your eyes. I want you to feel into your body when I read this sentence to you, and I want you to think about where you feel it in your body and what you actually feel.

[00:07:35] Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night and it's causing you to be not present? Overreactive short tempered, and you're yelling at your other kids and you're yelling at your spouse and you just want it to stop.

[00:07:53] Where do you feel that in your body and how does that feel in your body? For [00:08:00] me, it feels like this very dense energy, this very heavy, this very hopeless energy of like, huh, I'm tired, I'm exhausted. I'm short tempered. All I'm doing is yelling. I just want it to stop. Somebody just saved me. Tell me what to do.

[00:08:19] Very different energy than. Are you a new mom who has a baby who's not sleeping through the night and you're wanting to find a routine that works for both of you so that you can be super present with them and be there for them when they, when they need you and your spouse and the rest of your family?

[00:08:38] there's a very different energy in that sentence. It's like, I'm a new mom. My baby isn't sleeping through the night, but I wanna find a routine that's good for both of us so that I can be super present versus the the circumstantial one that's like, I'm not present, I'm yelling tell, like I just want somebody to tell me what to [00:09:00] do.

[00:09:00] Versus like, I'm this new mom. I'm really excited. But my baby's not sleeping through the night. So you're naming it. There's awareness there, you're naming it. It's very empowered. You're not, but you're not naming it in sort of a negative energetic way. And you're saying, I wanna find a routine that works for both of us, like very empowered.

[00:09:16] I'm seeking like a solution to this and I'm looking for something that works for both of us. You know, it might not, I'm not looking for a savior. I'm looking for something that fits within our lifestyle, which might not be guru one. Putting an urgency down my throat, telling me if I don't have this, my baby's never gonna sleep through the night.

[00:09:35] It's just a very different energy and I feel it so differently in my body. One to me is, like I said, very dense energy and the other is like very expansive. Like, yes, this is where we're at, but I know there's an opportunity out there for me to create some type of balance or find a routine that works for the both of us, and I'm excited to, to do that at the prospect of that.

[00:09:58] I just want you [00:10:00] to again, take a moment and just think about again where in your body you sort of felt that. I'll read a couple more. Um, are you exhausted and burnt out and just at your wit's end? That's more generic, but again, very dense, very like circumstantial, very stuck in sort of, in my opinion, sort of victim versus are you ready to find ease and balance in your life?

[00:10:26] Like, are you ready? Right. One is speaking again to the circumstance, more of the victim, and the other is speaking to, I'm ready to find ease and balance in my life. I'm ready to find a solution to, to the burnout and exhaustion, let's just say, right? There's an, there's an opening to the second one, and there's more of a constricting feeling in your body of like, Ugh, this dense weighted energy.

[00:10:53] one that I hear often, uh, in the content creator world and marketing world, do you constantly struggle to come up with content [00:11:00] for your business, right? Is this like, oh, it's this, this restricting of the creativity versus do you want an easy way to open your channel so content ideas flow to you daily?

[00:11:12] Like, yes, you might be, you know, feeling like you have creator's block or writer's block, and, and we constantly speak to that, that, that creative block versus like speaking to the opportunity that like you have a channel within you. There's tons of ins, inspiration probably. That wants to flow through you, but there's probably maybe things in your life distraction over, you know, busy, maybe too much to do, maybe not enough nature time.

[00:11:40] Like there, there's a variety of reasons, maybe why that that channel is closed or the creativity isn't flowing. We're also rhythmic beings, right? So sometimes we're not, we're not designed to continually produce. And so maybe this is just one of those like you. Ebbs and flows of, of content creation, which is [00:12:00] why I'm such a proponent in, you know, everybody that I mentor and I coach, creating a real custom plan for them and, and their energetics.

[00:12:09] That's what we do inside of Spellbound is like, I don't want you to be a content factory if that's not what you're here to do. And the majority of us are not here to be content factory. So rather than tell, you know, get, you know, shame you for not having content ideas all the time, or constantly struggling to come up with things, is maybe understanding first where people are at and what their energetics are and maybe, you know, they're not actually not struggling at.

[00:12:35] Maybe it's just a moment of rest and pause based on their energetics. Especially if you're a manifestor. If you manifester and you're listening to this and you're into human design in any way, there's rest cycles for sure. Projectors, same thing. Reflectors, same thing. US generators, Manny gens and generators.

[00:12:52] We love to be Little Motors. But we still have pulses within us. That's like it's go time, it's rest time. We need to [00:13:00] have that built into our schedule, but for so many of us, it's not an option. So again, coming back to the language and the words that we use in the energetics behind them. . This is a real practical way that you can feel into your body when you're reading your content, which is something I will do with my clients.

[00:13:21] Like I can feel the energy behind the words when I read it. I'm like, Where were you when you wrote that and what energy were you in? Because I can feel it. I am like, that's you trying to force something out. That's you trying to force a post because you want to post five days a week. That's you trying to force an email because you said you would email your list once a week and you don't want to break that consistency cycle, which to me is all just an illusion anyways.

[00:13:48] Right. Forcing content out just to meet some consistency schedule, to me, I is, does more damage than it does good because it's like your [00:14:00] audience is gonna feel that energetically they're gonna go, what's the point of that? Or like, that sort of felt rushed or, you know, not really well thought out or the, what's the intention behind that?

[00:14:08] Or, I feel it energetically. Um, and more specifically, again, with the language, right? It's like, When you read your content before you press publish, which is why I love putting. , like creating space in between content creation and creating space in between when you post and when you send emails, right? So that you can give yourself the space to go, huh, how does this make me feel?

[00:14:34] Is this really expansive or is this like constricting to my body? Am I constantly talking about the circumstance that they're in and experiencing it from a victim mindset or am I talking about where they're. Acknowledging that, putting words to it, validating it, but then showing that there's this possibility on the other side that they're ready.

[00:14:56] Right? Empowered buyers are ready usually to [00:15:00] take action in some way, shape, or form. They might not be aware of the solution available to them, but they're likely out there seeking to some degree a solution. , whether it be they wanna hire, you know, an energetics coach, or they wanna hire a sleep training coach, or they wanna hire a doula cuz they're gonna give birth.

[00:15:20] Like again, as humans, depending on what we're we're buying and what we're seeking, empowered buyers we're seeking that solution. and we don't stay stuck in in the shit for too long. And so these low vibrational words, this low vibrational energy, are you struggling? You know, are you rock bottom? Like that does not speak to a go-getter, an ambitious person, cuz they're like, I haven't stopped long enough to hit that.

[00:15:47] You know, um, I'm not saying that we don't have moments and periods of time in our life where we were victim or we were stuck in rock bottom, quote unquote, whatever you want to say, rock bottom is. I'm not saying [00:16:00] that there were many times in my life where I was in a stuck in a victim mindset, and I can tell you straight away that every investment I made in that energy never, ever worked out to be an aligned decision for me.

[00:16:14] Which is why I love working with empowered buyers, which is why I want to use marketing and sales language that is transparent, is ethical, doesn't create this overstimulating in the nervous system, fight or flight, or FA or freeze. It's like, oh my God, I'm doing everything wrong. I need to fix everything.

[00:16:32] Right. Which brings me to my next piece of urgency, which. Something that I feel like is hidden a lot in the business space and the entrepreneurial space. So if you're not selling people on how to grow their businesses, this might not resonate with you, but it will, if you're in, you know, health and wellness.

[00:16:52] There's a, I have a good example for how urgency is usually laced into the messaging. Um, and then [00:17:00] we as humans create. , this undue pressure within ourselves, but we also never feel like we're measuring up to be good enough because we're not meeting this ridiculous standard of what society's telling us.

[00:17:14] We're supposed to complete X, Y, and Z by. For example, you know how, how I made, you know, a hundred thousand dollars sitting in my bathtub in an hour that is laced so heavily with urgency. because it's creating pressure and this really crazy expectation that I can sit in my bathtub and create a hundred thousand dollars in an hour.

[00:17:43] The reason why that message is so creates such havoc in people's nervous systems is because number one is it misses the whole story of how that person even got there. I'm not saying it's not possible. I'm not saying you can't make a hundred thousand dollars in an hour in your bathtub. I'm not saying that's not [00:18:00] possible, but that message, that tagline, that hook, that hooks people in, which is done very strategically, is not done in a transparent way.

[00:18:12] because that person that created that success had to create the infrastructure and the systems and do the work to build the foundation of the business in order to be able to do that. That didn't happen overnight. That didn't happen in 3.2 seconds. That didn't happen. You know it that quickly. They built an offer and a product suite and all those sorts of things that required.

[00:18:38] Required team, required infrastructure, foundation, marketing, sales, all of that investment time, money, all of it. And that's never shown usually in a social media post, right? Because it's only scratching the surface. But if you feel that in your body, again, how I made a hundred K in my bathtub in an hour. [00:19:00] I mean, there's a lot that can go on in people's bodies, depending on their experience, their lived experience, everything, right?

[00:19:06] That can trigger a lot. But it's also this undue urgency that if I don't do this in an hour, if I'm not creating a hundred K in an hour in my bathtub drinking champagne full of money, then I must be doing something wrong, right? And that person and those messages. Are, are used to sell their services, right?

[00:19:27] So they're, they're creating this message of something's missing. You're doing something wrong because I'm creating this in an hour in my bathtub. Do you wanna learn how the same goals for the, we see this in the fitness industry, right? It's like, how to lose 50 pounds in the 30 days with my new special keto diet?

[00:19:46] It's like, you know, again, there's a lot of underlying things that happen. Anytime with sustainable weight loss, let's just talk about sustainable, sustainable business growth, sustainable weight [00:20:00] loss, right? Doesn't happen overnight. It takes identity shifts, it takes mindset shifts, it takes behavioral shifts.

[00:20:07] It takes creating new habits. Like again, go back to sort of. The transparency, but how that makes you feel in your body, this type of language, right, is like it's creating this false urgency that I'm doing something wrong because I have never been able to lose 50 pounds in 30 days. I've never been able to create a hundred thousand dollars in my business in one hour in my bathtub.

[00:20:31] Therefore, I must be doing something wrong. Therefore, I need to invest in so-and-so's services. When you can create this really expansive experience for your clients that don't point out everything that they're doing wrong, but instead play into. All of the things that they're doing right, and how you can amplify that, or how you can help improve or [00:21:00] optimize maybe what they're already doing, or how you can pull out the best parts of who they already are, that they might maybe be hiding or something.

[00:21:08] You know what I mean? It's like there's not something that's missing. There's not something wrong with you. Which again, which is what most marketing and sales wants you to believe, is that something is wrong with you and you can see it. So, In the language, which is why I wanted to record this episode. One, to give you a practical way to feel it, and this goes both ways.

[00:21:30] This goes as a consumer as well. If you are looking for a coach or a mentor, I want you to feel in your body, like how does that person's message make me feel? Do I feel this urgency to need be, need to buy the thing they're selling. Did I even know I had that problem? And all of a sudden now I feel like I have this problem and I'm creating this mind drama in my brain that something's wrong with me and my business and the weights maybe not growing.

[00:21:56] So even as a consumer, somebody's seeking council or [00:22:00] advice or mentorship, or as a business owner, right? How am I ultimately making my people feel when they walk away from my brand? Are they feeling like their life is falling apart and everything's gonna come crashing down? If they don't get the support by the product or the service, do they feel like, huh, this big weight, this dense energy, every time they read what I put out or the emails that I.

[00:22:26] or are they feeling like, like on top of the world and like they've, you know, they've just had somebody say something to them and it's like a breath of fresh air. They finally feel like they have the permission to go and do and conquer and whatever they wanna do, they could achieve anything. You know, again, it's this uplifting message.

[00:22:46] This, you're unstoppable, you can do what you. You don't need my permission or anybody else's permission, right? Is like, how do you ultimately want people to feel when they read, hear, [00:23:00] listen, watch, and come into your world. And that is gonna dictate the language and that's ultimately gonna dictate the type of people that you attract into your world.

[00:23:09] Cause as I mentioned, empowered buyers, expanders, thought leaders, change makers, boundary pushers, rebels. , they ain't sitting in the agitating of the pain. They're not chasing the fo they, they're not feeling fomo. And if they do feel fomo, then it's like, oh, I'm feeling fomo. And they're naming it. And there's a self-awareness piece there.

[00:23:29] Um, you know, the, the, the false sense of urgency, sustainability is something that they crave. Simplicity is something that they crave, not. You know, overnight success or you know, the one hit wonders, or I'm gonna be a millionaire in 20.2 seconds because I'm just gonna apply this person's method and be super successful.

[00:23:51] That's, that's not what the empowered buyer is after they're after sustainability in a lot of ways. Sure, they might want to create wealth and success in their life, [00:24:00] but they want to do it in a sustainable way and in a way that ultimately helps them. You know, navigate this world that they're in. So again, getting really clear on the type of buyer that you want to attract, but also how you want to make them feel when they come into your world.

[00:24:21] Because the language that you use has energy and it creates that biochemical response and therefore creates, can create this restriction. Or do you want them to have this expansion feel, this expansion, expansive energy when they come into your world as a mangen? That's what I know energetically. What I'm here to do, right, is create expansion in everything that I do.

[00:24:46] It's this expense expansive energy. So that's why I, when I look at language and content and strategies, I often will say, what will that do to my people? , [00:25:00] is that going to create more expansion, more opportunity, more possibility, more insight, or is it gonna keep them stuck in their current circumstance unless they buy from me, which is what Mass media marketing is about.

[00:25:18] Again, I want you to think about this message cuz you hear this a lot. Don't give too much away or they won't buy. Which is such a weird concept because as somebody who's been in marketing for 20 plus years and has mastered and it's tons of mastery around it, I'm like, there's nothing I could say. It would take me a very long time on social media to create content.

[00:25:51] That would even remotely scratch the surface on the mastery that I've created in my life and business, right? Like you've gotta come into my world one way or another, [00:26:00] paid through mentorship or done for you, for me to really unleash my mastery because I can't do that in snippets of social media. I can do it a bit in podcasts, which I'm doing now, but even that, it's just.

[00:26:15] As, uh, I'm just scratching the surface in a lot of ways, right? Um, and it would take me decades and decades and decades to really unleash all of what I've learned, the knowledge, the knowing, and that evolves and changes over time as I grow and evolve, right? Like with all of us. So I really hope that this practical tip, this feeling coming back into your body, feeling.

[00:26:40] How that makes you feel in your body, the language you're putting out. And a, another really great test is, is actually, which I often will say not to do, tune off and tune in, but. Really start to pay attention how things make you feel in your body, certain messages, and not from like a, I don't want you to go down a rabbit hole of like getting on your high horse [00:27:00] and, and you know, calling people out on the internet because they are saying this and that, and yada yada.

[00:27:04] That's not about that. It's about being able to raise awareness of like, huh, how does that make me feel, my body? And why does that make me feel that way? Is that a restricting thing? Is. Do I feel like something's missing within me? Do I feel like I now need what they have? Even though two minutes ago I didn't think I needed that, like start to become really aware, and this is where like discernment and informed decision making and buying, which.

[00:27:29] Again, most marketing people would never talk about this because they'd go, oh God, people like if, if they learned how to discern and, and make a decision for themselves and be informed, like these tactics wouldn't work on them anymore and therefore I would be out of business. Which again, is comes from a lack mindset, comes from this like, I'm gonna manipulate you to buy, which, which is why I don't care about talking about it because I'd rather you be an informed decision maker.

[00:27:55] And if you decided that you wanted to work with me, that it was done out of transparency and integrity and [00:28:00] an informed decision making, not because I used some manipulative tactic that got you to buy. Like that's gross. Right? So it's like, Let's shine the light on the tactics and the ways in which we do things and the language that we use, and let's create awareness and then let's start putting that out into the world so that it f so that we're operating in integrity in our marketing and sales, and we're doing it with this level of awareness of what it's ultimately going to, how it's gonna impact.

[00:28:29] People and the way in which it's going to, what it's gonna create within their body, right? Does it create this fight or flight? Does it create this, uh, uh, you know, nervous system that's outta whack, that fuels this pressure to buy? You know, does it create this constricting, this heavy weight, this dense energy, this low vibrational energy, this vi speaking to the victim mindset and really hitting home the circumstance that they're in to agitate that pain, to get them to move, which is reactive energy.[00:29:00] 

[00:29:00] And again, you know, I personally don't want people reacting, being like, oh, I better buy from her . Like, what? That, that does not feel good to me at all. Like again, the empowered buyer, it's like you made this decision because you ultimately want to be in my world and work with me. And I would hope the same for you.

[00:29:19] Right. But again, you get to create your own marketing and sales. System and ecosystem and how that works and the people that you want into your world. But for me, it's like I don't want people being in reactive mode. Because again, the energy that you set on the front end, the language that you use and the energetics of that language and what it creates in someone's body is the energy in which they'll purchase from you and therefore, Carrie, throughout the whole experience with you, and this is really specific for.

[00:29:47] Like coaches, consultants, you know, service providers, right? If they're coming in at this heightened level of, this has to work, or my life is gonna fall apart, or I, this is my last [00:30:00] ditch effort to X, Y, and Z, they're gonna carry that. And so there's gonna be this, you're gonna have to navigate that. Very delicately throughout your experience, cuz they're always gonna be in reactive state.

[00:30:12] They're always going to be on the verge of reacting to something, right? And so you could say something that triggers them and they react and flip out. You know, they could go through a whole experience with you and at the end of it tell you you're the worst person ever because it didn't turn out the way that they expected it to turn out.

[00:30:31] And therefore blame you for it. You know, there's all of this. Or it could just be. Really difficult conversations, every conversation because they're at this heightened, heightened state of fear and lack. . And so again, it's getting really clear about that and I talk about that in selling the invisible, the four levels of consciousness where most people are operating in the void or the I will work hard and sacrifice every part of me to make this work.

[00:30:58] Those are like level one and [00:31:00] level two. . And so that to me is like if you're speaking to agitating the pain and you're speaking to like working really hard and creating all this, you know, tons of effort and all this sort of stuff, then that will really resonate with those people. But if you're wanting more of that sort of intellectual, the thinker and the feeler, the intuitive, those elevated states of consciousness, then you know, this low vibrational language will not work.

[00:31:25] Cuz they'll just feel constricted in their body and when they hear it, it'll feel. Even if it resonates a bit, and maybe they are running by a to-do list, or maybe they are feeling a bit burnt out in the moment. A lot of this for empowered buyers is momentary. Like it is just like a moment, oh man, this was a tough day.

[00:31:44] Like, I'm burnt out today. But it's not something they sit in for extended periods of time. Like they, they know how to shift out of that. Um, again, high levels of emotional intelligence. Um, In tuned with their body. Intuitive buyers for sure, like they [00:32:00] can feel it in their body, which is why, again, so many soulful coaches and entrepreneurs are like, none of this marketing has ever felt great for me because it's, it's asking me to lower my vibrational energy to speak to people, and I know that there are people that aren't gonna vibe with that because I don't vibe with it.

[00:32:21] That's a practical way that you can really tune into your body and really feel, one, the words that you're using to put out, but also start to gain awareness of the different messages out there and how they make you feel in your body, and really trust that, you know, really trust that. Now, I'm really excited for next week's episode because I'm gonna be sharing with you.

[00:32:44] A variety of different ways in which you can grow and scale your business tactics more specifically. Again, aligning those tactics with the energetics, with the type of people you wanna attract, but also with your own energetics, like matching it [00:33:00] with who you are and what you crave and what you desire.

[00:33:03] And I'm gonna share a bit about my story because I've tried them. Total mangen thing. I've tried so many strategies and I finally landed on one that really works well for me, and I'm gonna share with you why, but I'm gonna also share with you why the other ones didn't and how to decipher for yourself whether or not there are points within your business, whether it be marketing, sales.

[00:33:26] Team whatnot, that might not feel a hundred percent aligned for you and why that might be the case. So be sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss when that episode drops. Cheers. Thanks for listening. We'll see you right back here next time. You can also find us on social media at creatively owned and

[00:33:47] Until next time, keep showing up as your authentic self.[00:34:00]