July 6, 2021

Your Aura is the Most Powerful Force Before You Even Say a Word

Your Aura is the Most Powerful Force Before You Even Say a Word

In today's episode, Kathryn Thompson shares why non verbal communication is more potent before you even say a word. It starts with embodiment to show up as an authentic leader.

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Do you feel like you've tried all the marketing and sales strategies, but they aren't working that well?

In today's episode, Kathryn Thompson shares why non-verbal communication is more potent before you even say a word. It starts with embodiment and authentic leadership.

So if you’re following all the scripts, templates, and proven processes but not seeing the quantum leaps you see other entrepreneurs experience, tune into this episode. 


  • Why your aura or energy is the most powerful force to attract what you desire in your business before you even say a word.
  • How operating on burnout or looking outside yourself for the answers is why the strategy doesn’t work.
  • Why embodiment is the key to authentic leadership so that you can amplify your voice and speak your truth.

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Welcome back to Be the Sought-After Entrepreneur Podcast, I’m your host Kathryn Thompson, and I’m excited as always to have you here with me. 

You know I am not solely profit-driven, in fact, I am more passionate about helping entrepreneurs cultivate authentic leadership, and create a sustainable business so that they can experience massive quantum leaps in their business.

In today's episode, I’m sharing why non-verbal communication is the most potent force before you even say a word. And it starts with an embodiment, which is what allows you to step up into authentic leadership.

And I can’t say I got it right the first go-around–meaning the first business, I owned and operated (my brick-and-mortar) wasn’t sustainable by a long shot. And I certainly wasn’t modeling authentic leadership. Not because I was lying or anything, I just wasn’t living in alignment. So, I’ve lived and learned and want to help you avoid the mistakes I made.

After a lot of pausing, embodiment, contemplation, cultivating more profound resiliency, and mastering my energy, I’ve changed the way I run my online business and stepped into the authentic leadership role my business needs.

I’ve also changed the way I show up online and what I buy into. And I’m a firm believer that if we don’t embody our truth and ground ourselves in the unwavering trust we have in ourselves it will make everything we create, launch, or sell feel forced or difficult. And we won’t experience the quantum leaps we see others raving about.

Because our energy or AURA (that non-verbal communication) is far more powerful than sales copy you’ve crafted from a template or online course, way more powerful than a caption framework you downloaded, or following the 5 key ingredients someone gave you to create an irresistible offer. It's the non-verbal communication that makes up the majority of what your audience feels and senses.

It’s your AURA that’s radiating and attracting the things that are an energetic match for you. That is why embodiment and role modeling authentic leadership is so important because it's this energy that makes you magnetic.

So if you’re coming from a needy place or I need to make money now in my business, or this is my last-ditch effort it won’t matter what type of content you create, your audience is going to feel it. This energy doesn't just permeate externally, it also permeates internally and your team will feel it.

And it all starts with embodiment as the driving force for authentic leadership– meaning how you’re embodying your truth, and how connected you are to your purpose. So the question is are you in alignment with your truth? OR...do you constantly feel like you’re seeking, searching, or chasing some hack, tip, trick, outside of yourself? 

Just hoping it will give you the answers or solution you desire. 

It’s a deep question I know. And it’s not a quick fix or funnel hack that most marketing and salespeople sell. Most marketing professionals focus on the brain-based approaches that the logical mind loves. 

Give me the steps, processes, and let me apply them. And I get it. We have been hardwired from an early age to function from our brains. So tune out our emotions (or at least the ones we classify as bad), and forget intuition altogether. I mean, think of how polarizing the idea of spirituality and religion is...many people believe in what they can’t prove or see, but many people don’t.

So we teach people how to market their business from this perspective–meaning that I’ve got a proven method, approach, system that you too can experience success like me if you just follow. What's off about this is, if you're truly stepping into the role of authentic leadership then you'd trust yourself with what direction is right for you.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The seven steps to writing better copy, 365 Instagram caption templates, 55 subject line templates. You’ve seen all of it online, I’m sure. And you’ve probably downloaded them too. I mean who wouldn’t if they thought it would make their business easier, and give them what they want more money, more clients, and have those quantum leaps. None of that teaches you embodiment, non-verbal communication, or authentic leadership. And I believe it’s capitalizing on people wanting a quick fix. But even more importantly, I think it doesn’t help people trust in themselves to make decisions for their business aligned with them. It’s not authentic leadership in the slightest. It also creates an environment where people just want to be given the answers versus getting creative and resourceful to find them. 

I believe this leads to people quitting after one rejection or failed attempt. It’s people complaining about not having enough engagement or people attending their lives, instead of cultivating an environment where people get creative and see the possibilities available to them. It's in the possibilities that quantum leaps happen!

Again, this is far bigger than business. What I’m sharing will have a ripple effect in your life and how you show up today (or at least that is my hope). Embodiment work, and cultivating that unwavering trust will help you stay in alignment with your core purpose.

So you might be wondering why? Why don’t the brain-based approaches work that well? OR… Why do they work sometimes and then flop? 

The reason is that non-verbal communication makes up 93% of what your audience senses and feels. Meaning, the logical, brain-based approaches really only cover 7% of what actually attracts people, which is your AURA, your energy. Your authentic leadership style. And this can't be thought of by someone else, because that someone else isn't you.

It's the embodiment of your truth that reflects your authentic leadership! 

People don’t teach this because it’s not the quick fix, which people want and buy into. It’s not what the logical mind likes because it doesn’t offer certainty. The certainty that IF you buy into my proven strategy, approach, or method you’ll experience quantum leaps. For entrepreneurs, it’s more clients, consistent cash flow, more sales, more eyeballs on my stuff. Embodiment and authentic leadership aren't sexy or the quick fix.

The only problem is that it ends up costing people a lot of money because they keep plugging the holes with another strategy, template, or script. If you’re the lucky ones it works for a bit but if you’re like most people it never quite gets off the ground and they wonder why they can't experience the quantum leaps they want.

Here’s the thing: ALL successful entrepreneurs who’ve experienced quantum leaps in their business happened because they aligned energetically with their truth and they started embodying it. They stepped into authentic leadership and started showing up in that way.

It’s not MINDSET work, again that’s focusing on fixing your brain. Taking some type of action like meditating, journaling, hypnosis, or some other technique that you will try to fix your mind. 

What I’m talking about is tuning into your body, everything below your neck basically. It’s there in your body that emotions, intuition, heart-centered energy (i.e., love), and your core purpose resides. It’s here that calibrates your energetic frequency and allows you to step into authentic leadership. And it’s here that is neglected by most entrepreneurs. 

Because we spend so much time trying to make sense of things, trying to figure things out in our brain. We seek certainty and brain clarity. When in reality it’s the awareness in our body that actually has the answers. It’s this inner guidance and alignment that speaks volumes and creates quantum leaps. And this is only achieved through the embodiment of your truth.

And it’s this energy that infuses each and every word you speak or write. It’s this energy that is felt by your audience. It’s this authentic leadership that magnetically attracts what’s an energetic match for you. Have you ever met someone or chatted with someone and while they were saying all the RIGHT words, something felt off or not quite in resonance with you? 

You don’t feel that in your brain. It starts usually in your gut, or tension across your chest. This triggers your brain to question it. And for most people, our brain talks us out of whatever we are feeling because we might come across as crazy, or weird. It’s that inner knowing or body response that knows best.

So how does this appear in business? 

For me, it’s happened when I’ve had mentors tell me I need to do all this outreach on social media like searching commonly used hashtags in my niche and then engaging on people's profiles that use them as a way to get visible by prospective clients, or DMing my ideal audience and starting a conversation with them to form connections. 

None of these feel good in my body because it’s initiating energy, which is out of alignment for me. My energy isn’t aligned with seeking, initiating, chasing clients. In fact, the majority of people aren’t designed to operate their business (or life) this way. And yet it’s all we teach when it comes to marketing, sales, and business. 

But it also goes against everything we teach about authentic leadership, and why it’s important to show up and do things that are in resonance with us and our energy.

I feel it in the pit of my stomach, or sacral. It can be a loud no way, almost visceral, or a subtle meh. But I wasn’t always this tuned in. It took me pausing, doing embodiment work, and getting silent for me to start hearing that inner knowing that started nudging and guiding me more to my truth. And by no means is this a linear process. There are days like...I knew better than to take on that project or launch this offer. And authentic leadership doesn’t mean you can’t go off the path from time to time. What it means is, you acknowledge it when it happens and make the shift again. 

The most recent example was last fall when I went to re-launch Messaging that Sells, my signature program. A program I am tweaking and getting ready to launch this fall. Long story short, I was in the midst of selling our brick-and-mortar, I had launched the program twice before with great success (sold out both times), but something felt different going into this third launch. I was tired and really craving a break. So I booked a trip to the west coast right after the transition of the store to the new owners. And I felt this pressure to relaunch the program. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a backup plan that involved consistent income. So I thought in my brain...I needed to create that consistent income. I needed to experience a quantum leap to reassure myself that I was making the right decision. But something kept telling me, this isn’t the right time. And I went against it anyway because my brain told me I needed to. Long story short, I landed two high-ticket clients from that launch but didn’t sell one spot in the group coaching program. 

So if you’ve tried ALL the things, or what seems like it anyway and still things feel forced, you aren’t attracting consistent clients, you lay awake at night thinking about where your next client is coming from, you wonder how you’ll pay rent, or maybe you’re just so tired of putting your heart and soul into your work, work you know has the potential to change lives. 

If this sounds like you, I’m almost guaranteed there is something off energetically. That you’ve stepped off the path of authentic leadership and embodiment work is needed. I know this because I’ve experienced it. Not just in the story, I shared above, but my gut was also screaming not to open my brick-and-mortar, and I didn’t listen then.

That was probably the most misaligned decision I've ever made. And for four years I paid for it. For four years everything felt hard and forced. We sold a lot of products but as I mentioned before, ‘sales’ isn’t the indicator of inner success, fulfillment, freedom, and peace. All things that reflect and attract what you want. And until we achieve that we will continue to struggle with all elements of our business. 

So, if you’re tired of chasing, seeking, forcing sales, or you seem to keep attracting the same clients that aren’t aligned with you, it starts with tuning into your truth, embodiment at the core level, because your AURA speaks, and it speaks loudly. Non-verbal communication is what is felt first. And when you master this you can truly start embodying authentic leadership!

And in the next episode, I’m going to share WHY when our AURA isn’t attuned to what we want, our messaging ends up becoming a magnetic match for it. And it might not be what you want.